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Coles Belgian Milk

Coles Belgian Milk

4.4 from 12 reviews

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I remember it tasting better ...

I haven't tried this product since they changed the size/packaging, so I'm wondering if the taste has changed too, because there's something about the taste of it now that I really don't enjoy: an after taste that does not leave me going back for more. I'm a chocoholic: this means it's decidedly not delicious!!
It's a shame: I really enjoyed their original Belgian chocolate product; I'm sure the recipe used to be different!! (If not, I stand corrected on that - but I still do not like it).

Please bring it back Coles!

I loved this chocolate more than cadbury and even Choceur an Aldi brand. It was so creamy and the texture was incredible. Obviously Coles got rid of it because sales were down but I feel like I probably bought enough to sustain the market! My tight pants and clothes that no longer fit certainly agree.

Bring it back x2

Coles Belgian chocolate was far superior to Cadburys or any other 'block' of chocolate. Lindt is very good but you can't just buy a plain block of it.

I'd be happy to pay more for Coles Belgian - please bring it back!

You will be missed

Sadly Coles decided to replace this awesome chocolate with a much inferior chocolate.
Gone is the rich flavour and divine texture replaced by an American style gritty super sweet bar of rubbish.

Bring it Back

Coles Belgian Chocolate was loved by all the family. It is far superior to Cabury or Whittakers. Please bring it back into production...

Not for me

I love chocolate so have tried pretty much all there is by way of chocolates. I tried this one when it was on special and I'm still not convinced. Not particularly creamy and didn't give me that feeling that I'd had chocolate - so didn't satisfy a chocolate craving. Still it would probably be alright to use in cooking etc, just not the kind of chocolate I like to eat for a treat.
Good price on special
Not as creamy and didn't satisfy chocolate craving

This chocolate is awesome

I tried this chocolate because it was on sale... Wow it tasted fantastic... Dont waste money on Lint chocolate.. This is the best!... Ive never liked Cadbury but enjoyed Nestle.. But this tops the chocolate list... It kinda also tasted like that creamy easter egg chocolate which only comes out once a year... Its the best.
The taste is smooth and creamy and the price you cant beat

Better than Cadbury's!

I've bought Cadbury's chocolate faithfully for as long as I can remember and since being given a piece of the Coles Chocolate I've given up on Cadbury's gritty, pale and no real honest enjoyment taste of their chocolate. Since Cadbury went to their "fair trade" style chocolate it's gone to the proverbial dog's!

The Coles branded chocolate is smooth and tastes so so so so so so so much better, and the girl I spoke to yesterday at Coles gave me a tip on how to use this chocolate for a 'hot chocolate' option, which turned out fantastic!

I dont store the chocolate in the fridge as it turns it really hard and is tooth breaking and near breaks the bench your trying to break a piece on it. I just store it in a air tight box and keep it in the dark part of the pantry and it keeps good.

For a product that costs near half the Casdbury price, I know I'll continue to buy Coles brand chocolate rather than the branded products!
Smooth texture, cheaper than branded chocolate and far far better quality!
None. Absolutely love it!

Best Chocolate on the Market!

We absolutely love this chocolate. It is creamier than Cadbury's and just melts in your mouth. It is similar to Lindt chocolate (both being Belgian) We found Cadbury's to be quite grainy however has great variety. Coles chocolate doesn't have the variety but definitely has the flavour.
Inexpensive, creamy

Smooth creamy taste

Coles Belgian milk chocolate is semi new on the market. The chocolate feels more solid than most other chocolate blocks but the texture once you taste it is so incredibly smooth and creamy. The chocolate is sweet but not overly sweet and the creamy texture has you forever wanting more. The packaging is very standard and plain amongst all the other chocolate blocks on the supermarket shelf but at such a low price it doesn't matter as it always comes down to taste and this is clearly a winner. It is a nice flavour to eat on its own and a great chocolate to bake with also. Available from Coles supermarkets. One sized block only. Fantastically priced.
Smooth creamy sweet chocolate


Tried this first time as it was on special and was pleasantly surprised. We usually only buy cadbury but this is a great tasting chocolate that is consistantly cheaper!
Great tasting cramy product. price
only 1 size block


These are really tasty chocolates with a melt in your mouth taste. They are Coles' branded, and taste just as good as fine Belgian chocolate that you can buy. I liked the smooth creamy texture and would buy them again. They are great budget wise because you still get a great tasting chocolate without having to pay the high price. They are excellent value for money!
We bought these because my husband saw them and picked them up for trying. They are delicious and a treat to eat. They are delicious and lightly sweet, not sickening or too dark or too milky.
Just the fact that they are chocolates, so not a regular treat.

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