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Nestle Club

Latest review: Ive loved Nestle Club dark chocolate since the 80s. Smalls dark chocolate was the best Ive ever tasted. Smalls also had a block of chocolate that looked like a Checker board with three flavours,

Nestle Kit Kat Original

Latest review: Hi i bought one of your chocolate bars when i went to eat it it was just a stick of chocolate i was extremely

Ferrero Rocher

Latest review: It happened with Lindor and now with Rocher. Don't know if product is manufactured in the U.S. (like Lindor is now) but the ingredients don't have the same feel and experience on my tongue like it

Cadbury Black Forest

Latest review: True beauty and taste. Feels like angels are playing harps in your mouth. The chewy boys are fanfairytastic and the crunch of the cookie is to die for Unfortunately I've put on about 7 kilos since

Pascall Clinkers

Latest review: The center taste very artificial all of a sudden - especially the green ones. Considering they only sell 300g for $5 "on sale" these days, I will not be buying them

M&M's Peanut

Latest review: I know children may need a nut free zone but these are the best taste best peanut and easy to chew. Please keep these ones I enjoy these the best. fresh and

Lindt Gold Bunny

Latest review: You know it's Easter when the bunnies start appearing :) The ring of the bell, the taste of the chocolate, and the smile on my family's faces are just some of the memories I owe to Lindt. Lindt

Toblerone Milk

Latest review: Toblerone bars are one of my favourite treats. The large size of the pieces are a real one-up on the goons over at Cadbury ;] love the nougat and the festive packaging this time of the year.

Cadbury Caramello Koala

Latest review: Please keep making these I really enjoy them YUM buy them nearly every week they are delirious, I remember them as a child and still enjoy the

Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk & Dark Ball

Latest review: Orange & chocolate would have to be favourite combination of all times and I never use to mind paying $8 for a Terry’s orange ball as I don’t care about paying for quality but this has changed and it’

Cadbury Flake

Latest review: Ok so first off I’d like to just say HELL YEA CHOCOLATE! But I just took a poo and I’m sick at the moment and it literally looks like a sunken pile of crushed up flake and I’m scared. But it got me th

Cadbury Picnic Bar

Latest review: As with all Cadbury chocolates, they're absolute failures in taste and price. However, with Woolworths discounting Picnic to $0.85, that's ok, because that's all they are worth. 1990 = 100g, 2000 =

Coles Belgian Milk

Latest review: I haven't tried this product since they changed the size/packaging, so I'm wondering if the taste has changed too, because there's something about the taste of it now that I really don't enjoy: an

Lindt Lindor Assorted

Latest review: Sugar, vegetable fat are the main ingredients in this. Add emulsifier and artificial flavouring. Remnants of milk and cocoa detivatives cannot disguise that this is a wholly inferior product far

Cadbury Caramello

Latest review: I remember eating Cadbury during my childhood in Sydney, so I was very excited to see it on a shelf in an import store here in Europe. The taste is not at all what I remember. This bar tastes like

Whittakers 72% Dark Ghana

Latest review: We have eaten this for years and nothing else on the market compares. We even use it in cooking and it is superb. We buy it from

M&M's Milk

Latest review: I love chocolate but was never a big fan of m&m's so haven't had any in years. Got a packet of holiday-themed red and green m&ms for Christmas. I got a bad skin rash on the back of my hands within

Cadbury Fruit and Nut

Latest review: So disappointed to see that very little nuts are in this. I can remember holes in the square where the the nut was. Now it’s just bits or shavings. Tut tut Mr C

Cadbury Top Deck

Latest review: The blend of milk and white chocolate leaves me wanting more each time! Always a hit at home and we make sure we share

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars

Latest review: The taste is smooth and cocoa-y. Very pleasant and not too sweet. There’s no bitterness and it’s a perfect consistency - not too soft or hard. I have tried all the Lindt dark flavours and I’m very pic

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