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Nestle Club

Nestle Club

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Smalls chocolate top of the tree.

Ive loved Nestle Club dark chocolate since the 80s. Smalls dark chocolate was the best Ive ever tasted.
Smalls also had a block of chocolate that looked like a Checker board with three flavours, Milk, Dark and White.
The fact that it was made in Gippsland Victoria probably explained why it was such great quality as Gippsland produces the worlds best dairy products.

Please sell it to another company to bring back

Smalls Club was always the best dark chocolate in Australia, so hopefully Nestles will sell their Smalls products to another company who can continue making it, as they have with Violet Crumble Bars. Come to think of it, it would be good if they did the same with their Sweetacres products such as Minties, Fantales & Milkshakes as their Allens brand have turned them into soft chews that are nothing like the originals.

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Sorry Darren, 1 The block like a chequerboard was called Nestles Checkmates, made at the Nestles factory Abbotsford NSW 2 Smalls factory was at Parramatta Rd, Stanmore NSW

Nestle Club Chocolate

The new Classic Club chocolate from Nestles is rubbish. Sickly sweet and nowhere near the beloved old Smalls. Get a grip on your recipe Nestles! Bring back the original somehow, not this garbage.

The best chocolate ever

My husband and I eat it daily and are devastated that it is no longer available. We would happily buy it by the carton straight from Nestlé if Coles and Woolworth no longer want to stock it because of the profit margin. Pleae bring back the club dark as there is nothing on the market that comes close to it for its smoothness and taste.



The best chocolate of all

Can't believe you don't still make it. All of my chocolate loving friends say the same. Have had to resort to buying Cadbury which is not in the same class

Small's Club Gone?!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, came near it for the price. I remember when it was Small's club Chocolate. I wonder what Mr Small would think about its demise!

I will soon start suffering withdrawal symptoms

Three years ago I was diagnosed at pre-diabetic. I cut out sugar as far as possible and reversed the diagnosis. My one indulgence has been one square of Nestle Club Dark Chocolate with Roast Almond, daily. I stocked up as much as possible, when I saw it disappearing off the shelves, but am running low. I have tried Lindt - too sweet, as is Cadbury. If you do not want to bring back the Roast Almond version, I will be happy with the Original.
Please reconsider your decision to stop making the above product and make a lot of people happy again.

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Two years later, I am still looking for an equal product. Has anyone found one?

Bring back club original dark chocolate

Please bring back club dark original! Nothing else compares to it!!!! It's the best and only dark chocolate... All else are horrible!

Best chocolate

On par with Lindt. Much better than even old gold please bring it back. Even if you made the blocks 120g I would be happy.

Please, pretty please with sugar on top, bring it back

This chocolate was the very best of the local products. It wasn't coarse yet it wasn't too smooth like some of the other fancier Nestle brands. The almond and peppermint varieties were delicious. When it left the major supermarkets I was miffed. I stocked up at IGA. Now it's been discontinued and I'm really disappointed. Please bring it back.

Nestle Club Peppermint Chocolate

I've been going crazy trying to find my FAVOURITE CLUB PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE!! I've tried to find it now in so many different supermarkets- I can't believe it's been discontinued! My mum, my children & myself think it's the BEST! There is no other chocolate on the market as good! Please bring it back!!!!??or tell me where I can get it from!???! PLEEEEEEEEEASE

Please bring it back

Please bring back nestle club dark mint chocolate, I've tried so many other brands and they don't compare ☹️ - I miss it soooo much, any chance you'll be bringing it back ?

Best Dark Chocolate EVER

This is the only chocolate my mum can eat she's devastated that it's been discontinued. I'm looking around in the different supermarkets to find old stock lol :(

Nestle Club

Please bring it back it was the best dark chocolate ever and now I am unable to purchase at any supermarket in the southern highlands

Don't understand why - it's the best!

I can't get it at IGA either. Why does all the good stuff get discontinued...
Please bring it back. My family all loved it.

Nestle dark club chocolate blocks - discontinued line.

Cant find my favourite chocolate anywhere. Rang Nestle Australia - they told me the line had been discontinued. Why, why, why, Nestle ???? - it was the best dark chocolate available in Australian supermarkets.

Indulge Your Taste Buds

Rich, creamy and not over sweet. This is the perfect dark chocolate.
Coles does not seem to stock the original anymore so I purchased it from IGA now and stock up.
I just love it!

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As Coles does not sell this great original Chocolate and could not find it at IGA either today. Where can I now purchase it? It's the best on the market. Please let me know.

love it

I love, love , love Club dark chocolate any flavour. I would de thrilled if you made dark chocolate with honey comb chunks!! Please :)

Great product

At last, a decent dark chocolate. It seems to be similar to the old Smalls Club. I used to buy Cadburys Old Jamaica till they changed the formula - Yuk! So then changed to Darryl Lea dark blocks but that got discontinued.
I'm now very happy with this product.

Just perfect

Love the Nestle Club chocolate cannot improve it so pefect. Wish they had the old fashion Nestles Milk chocolate that we had years ago small squares. No chocolate today can compare with that. Fair Trade chocolate is just reject chocolate

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Questions & Answers

Names of club chocolate makers/past and present
2 answers
As far as I know Nestles is the only company that made a chocolate slab called “club”. I haven’t found a shop that stocks it anymore. SHAMEThe company that first made Club was called Smalls

Cannot find club chocolate anywhere, where has it gone?
3 answers
Coles and Wollies have it. They have changed the label. Totally different to what it used to be. Checked the net and notice the difference. Sometimes they are out of it but it is back in stock.It is on IGA's stock list but you have to ask the manager to stock it.Ok thanks but why does no one else stock the product

Is it still made? - seems to be unavailavle
2 answers
My brother in law said it is still around this model. Try Harvey Norman or the Good Guys.See answer below


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