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Coles Low Rate MasterCard

Coles Low Rate MasterCard

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Extremely Poor Customer Service

Don't bother calling for help, the call centre state you don't have an account or call you the wrong name n gender. All I want to do is fix my issue. Till then I won't be paying the bill.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateJanuary 2015
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses and Online Shopping

Offshore Call Centre

The call centre is abysmal. No one seems to understand anything but the most basic query. Replies to questions are seemingly read from a script. I have come to believe that they will say whatever they think you want to hear in the hope that you will go away and then give up. Calling the call centre is simply not worth the effort. Choose a different card.

Customer Service

Dealing with Coles is the pits

Whenever I have had to phone the so-called Customer Service centre, it has required more than one attempt to get through as all the menu options do not apply to general account queries. After being chanelled on one direction, you reach a dead end, so then call back and go down another chanell. The channel I have just gone down was the menu option for reporting a lost/stolen card as there are NO OPTIONS on the menu for any other issues apart from new applications and lost cards! Each time, I have complained about menu options not covering the range of customer queries and each time I've been thanked, "maam" and told Coles will take my feedback on board. Again today I expressed frustration to the overseas-based rep about having to select the option for lost/stolen card just to speak to somebody about logging in to my online account! he told me there is no "bypass" and the correct thing for me to do is to select this "wrong" option. Just too frustrating and stupid for words. I will be cancelling my card as I am completely over them.

Customer Service
Online Experience

Shockingly BAD web interface

The website for CFS customers is ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL since Coles outsourced this to an overseas "service centre". Like bigpond mail (also since it was outsourced) the web pages are very poorly designed, flaky and irritating in the extreme. I HATE having to use it. Am considering binning this mastercard I loathe it so much. Telephone support SYSTEM is also woeful. It is also very difficult to understand strong accents. Also emails advising when new statements are ready and which have the statement attached but with a DIFFERENT password from the account password arrive up to 2 days before they appear on website. POSITIVELY AWFUL process.

The worse website

It's the worst website on earth, difficult to contact customer service, unable to fix problems, difficult to understand the statement.

Impossible Service Centre

No problems up to the time that Citibank took over. Can not access my account, cannot reset via website, cannot talk to a real person. Sent an email and 3 weeks later someone rang and then wanted my personal details with no way of being able to establish if they truly were from the Service Centre or Scam artist trying to con me. Asked for a number to ring them back to verify and they gave me the automated, no real person at the end of the phone number. Seriously? Recommend taking your business elsewhere.

Biggest disaster of my life, never ever apply for this

Charged interest rate before 65 days. Can’t even calculate how much do I need to to pay. Poor mobile application. Takes 2 days to transfer money from bank account. Customer care agents are also not useful.

Worst experience of my life! Bullies and incompetent customer service!

I want to warn anybody against applying for the Coles MasterCard I am a long term Over 15 years Coles Customer and will now shop at Woolllies because of the 2 and a half months of talking to incompetent staff and senior complaints managers with conflicting information and denial of their hopeless online system. Beware of what you enter into your desired limit as, in my case,
This Defaulted to $60k credit application on my credit file which is very good and debt clear! They said they will not remove it. My next step is the AFCA Ombudsman. Shame on you Citigroup!!!!!

Terrible - don’t do it

Constant issues with the website, it just suddenly wipes your password, which needs to be reset. This process takes days and then doesn’t register any details. Call the customer service centre, can only talk to a machine. Terrible customer service. Terrible website and app. The only positive is it links to flybys

Really bad customer service

Such a really trouble service, even just stated from application processing, I missed phone call from their application term, and she did leaving voice message for me to call back, this is ok; but she does not say any name and contact number for call back; and second day she called my working place, I do not think this is appropriate; I do not know why she can not leave her contact detail and llet me to call back, or she can not sent me an email; anyway.....
Also, I think customer service is off shore - don't understand the accents.

Terrible Money grabbing

Got the card to get the $100 off shopping at coles.

Didnt receive any information how to get the $100 off and had to call to get the info, only to find that it had expiered on the day I did the purchase oof $100 off.

The charge you a late payment fee of $10 every week you havent paid off your credit card, so if you dont log on and see they have charged you $2 in interest for what you thought was a zero balance then you will get hit every week $10.

dont get this card its not worth it.

Cant give zero unfortunately

Call centre staff are hopeless and clearly based overseas, still allowing transactions on a card that was cancelled due to hacking and wont give credits, set up a new card with no request to do so, the list goes on. Absolute worst card you could get go elsewhere

Terrible Product and Customer Service!

Applied for a Low rate Card a week and a half ago and received no correspondence on my application. Had called three times to see how the application was going and got the run around. "I'm sincerely sorry Sir but the person allocated to your application is still working through your application". This is C@#p! They contacted my accountant 3 days earlier who called me to see if I would authorised them to give Coles Financial my tax details, I did and they still hadn't contacted me.
Have cancelled my application and also cancelled my Full Comp Insurance with them.
Coles has lost me as a customer.
Cutting corners and having offshore people doing your work will bite you hard.
Thought you would have been smarter than that!!!!

Worst card

Poor customer service, online service centre doesn’t work, transactions inaccurate (doesn’t show payment made for ages), call centre staff useless.

Sucky sucky sucky Citibank

I used to like the use of credit card through COLES until they changed management to CitiBank. We have never experienced so many problems!!!! Your a Fool if you go with the new low card. Why? Just like some poor reviewers who have additional card holders.. Im the primary, my husband is the secondary. He has been blocked. Called in the centre when he couldn't access his card and was 'declined'. It took over 30 mins of music before I hung up. BTW, it has NO option for incidences such as mine - ie; additional holders blocked until other information is disclosed (which COLES had never needed to acquire beforehand. Anyway, Husband got over the first blockage and paid cash which luckily he had with him. Second case 3 days later he was declined for trying to use the card.. I again went through the call centre same way as the first - this time they picked up!! I gave them all the information they wanted for 'the additional cardholder' including mothers maiden name, our address, phone, etc.. I was advised and thanked from their team and said his account will be unblocked within a cpl of hours as it needed to be passed through their credit department etc. Of course, believing in human honesty, I said ok. 2 days later my husband tried to pay for fuel.. DECLINED. I as the primary holder had a notification that an attempt was made but is blocked. I called, 15 mins later with music - disconnected, I called again 17 mins music again - disconnected!!!
Damn Piece of deadbeat - Arghhhhhh! Enough is enough!! We tried to go with another credit card lender today... - GUESS WHAT??? DECLINED!!!!!!!!!!! WTH??? You know the funny (and disturbing thing about it) We have been in CREDIT!! By about $500..! WHAT!!?


Received the card and cancelled on the same day as the website wasn't working to set up a pin in order to be able to use the card and was planning on using to purchase for travel. Whats the point when you can't use it because the only way to fix anything is online. Still received a statement saying I owed the $58 annual card fee so called and got it removed. The next day received another statement saying that I still owe the fee!! Have called them about 6 times between getting the card and having to cancel it - never again. The 15 months interest free isn't worth the time and hassle.

No customer service incompetent staff

I didn’t receive any statements for 3 months when I spoke with them they said they made a mistake. Then I got a statement for the balance to be paid in 2 days. I closed the account paid the balance but I am still getting a bill from a closed account. I have never experienced such dodgy unfriendly unhelpful staff.

Terrible customer service

I just cancelled my Coles MC and what a terrible experience. I was subjected to a 5 minute inquisition for the specific reasons I wanted to close the account. I realize the O/S centre operator was just following a script but as the customer, my decision should be respected and I should not have to go in to any specifics for cancelling the card. Eventually I was able to close the account but it certainly wasn't easy.

Disgraceful Service

Very Poor Customer Service!!!! Have your call centres's in Australia!!! ls'nt Coles 100% Australian?? Why do we have to put up with poor customer service!!

Application Process

I just applied for this card today as the promotion states qualifying purchases are 15 months interest free. The ad states "get a response in 60 seconds", WRONG! I've been told that l now have to wait 5 to 10 business days. Very deceptive marketing. And from all the other reviews about this product l've read l starting to hope I don't get the card now.

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Questions & Answers

Can I use my Coles MasterCard anywhere?
1 answer
You can use your Coles Mastercard at anyplace that accepts Mastercard. It doesnt have to specifically say "Coles Mastercard" and you can use it overseas as well, not just in Australia

Can I pay cash off my Coles card? Coles won't take it so where do I go?
1 answer
I can answer this question. I have paid mine with cash at Australia Post before.

Where can I make payments in Brisbane ??
1 answer
No idea! That’s the problem I can’t physically speak or find anyone to answer questions. The automatic answering machine sent me ‘round the twist’ to be honest.


Low Rate MasterCard
Card TypeMastercard
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000.00
Maximum Credit Limit$60,000.00
Minimum Income $25,000.00
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $10.00 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate12.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3%
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Annual Fee$58.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$5.00
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate19.99% p.a.
Release dateFeb 2012

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