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Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard

Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard

1.9 from 57 reviews

A card is a card, but low fees and excellent customer service make it a great choice.

Excellent customer service. Operators really listen and go above and beyond with assistance and problem resolution. A card has been blocked and a message sent when it was suspect transactions. Awesome.

Pathetic Telephone and Online Service

I wish I had checked reviews before submitting application. My experience is the same as everyone else. Overseas customer service centre with bad telephone lines, poor English and they keep transferring you until you end up disconnected. Submitted all required documentation and then days later a request for further documentation. Website won't allow me to upload any further documentation. Seems the website and emails are not in sinc? Even when I had submitted original documentation, I kept getting emails saying I need to submit my documentation! It has been over a week now and application has still not been approved. After reading other reviews, I decided it's not worth the effort and have withdrawn my application. I wonder how long that will take! PS: If I had of known my financial information was being processed overseas, I would not have gone ahead...


Don’t go near them. Hopeless application process. Call centre full of dummies. Don’t send this mob your private information, whatever you do!

Dealy and no communication

I have applied for coles credit card two weeks ago along with all the documents they asked for. Tried calling twice last week but was told to wait and they can’t give any deadline. Waste for time it may screw up your credit rating.

Delay and no communication

I applied two weeks ago but no communication so far. Called them twice but was told to wait. Don’t waste your time.

Mismanaged Direct debts and system bugs

I was with Coles credit card but regretfully finally leaving this company after recent changes and introduction of bugs in their system. I would not recommend this to anyone for the following reasons:
1) Their direct debt setup to make payments into the credit card is full of bugs, it takes place some time and won't take place other times. Even if you have paid everything in full the Direct debt will still take place. It costed me bad credit history and penalties due to unexpected direct debt bringing my current account to over drawn.
2) Customer service representatives are bunch of idiots and rude. They won't understand the problem first and when they understand easily.

Good grocery card

Love the card as it does not have any annual fees. Good for collecting flybuys as well. I’ve racked up more flybuys since getting this card. The app though not so good as it doesn’t tell you when your bill is due or how much your bill is foe that billing period.

App is easy to use, and making replacements is no fuss!

I’ve had no problems with this credit card, App is easy to use. Yet again I see people complaining about this card and I’ve had no problems!!!

Terrible experience from the application process

I would give a zero review if possible. I submitted the application for the card online and received no communication via text, email or phone calls. I waited for 2 weeks and called them, only to found out that my application is rejected due to "they were unable to contact me". and I had no idea that they called! There were no other forms of communications, such as email, text or voicemail.

I have to fill in the application for the second time. This time, they don't even bother sending me the application number. I called them after a week asking why I received no communications and I was told the application was rejected due to "insufficient documentation provided in the previous application".

I'm amazed by how they treat customers, with insufficient file notes in their system, very poor communication, the poor attitude of the call centre staff and their unwillingness to support customer need. As a potential customer and getting this kind of treatment, I wonder how my money and me will be treated after I become the customer.

Worst customer service and worst credit card product ever.

Applied for a coles mastercard and met all the eligibility of getting 20 000 flybuy points, but haven't receive it till now.

It was the September promo and for eligible member, I am suppose to receive 20 000 Flybuy points toward my account.

I have call them 3 times and they flick me to fly buy saying it's flybuy company issue, I ended up calling flybuy twice and again, they told me that it is Coles master card issue for not giving me the 20 000 point as promised.

As a customer, it is not acceptable to tell me that " flybuy company is at fault and they need to fix this to you", you should have contact flybuy which you are partner with to sort out my issue and not asking a customer to keep calling back and forth between the 2 companies.

I am cancelling this credit card if I didn't get an answer within 1 week.

Coles financial services one of the worst services which I have seen.

I have one card. I payed my monthly limit of $593 which is due on 11th Oct 2018 on time. But they charged me twice that amount if I ask them they are saying me to wait for 14days to get back my money I have like -$555 in my account how I need to servive now. I can't able to use my credit card as well they say my card was kept on hold and says me you can use your card on Nov 14th.
When I ask them how should I survive for next couple of weeks they won't give proper answer. They are rude one of the worst customer service.
When they say 11th of Oct is deadline they should wait till midnight and check I paid my bill on time and they charge me again without checking.

No communication

I first decided to get this card as I don't leave the house much and it was great that you get free dilevery from Coles if you spend over $100, but dealing with them and trying to access statements is a nightmare,, they could never give me a straight answer and I have pending actions from the 1st of August its now the 18 th, so I finally decided to cancel its just not worth the stress!!!!!

Unauthorised payment and fees

I have one coles master card. I keep in my wallet. One day some one stolen my wallet and they used my coles card 3 times. I have contacted coles and they reduce that amount and send me 0.00 balance statement. After one month I got another statement for the payment of 45.57 including late payment fees.

Give me a reason to stay with it

this card used to be good to use, but now it became nightmare, no need to mention it's terrible web-portal, come on we live in 2018 not 1998, re-register your credential? Why? Statement lack information, Why? Statement asking for password? why security? maybe but by your state-art login system, not only hackers, but genuine customer are also lock out, we need a AI navigator for your website and Harvard Uni Professor to create 4 year degree teach you how to use it plus a chamberlaine to remind you how to access and translate your statement.
bye terriable

No Problems Like Others.

Reading the below reviews, most people are unhappy about the recent changes... yes, the layout is different and yes, I had to re-register my account... but It's FREE, adds to flybuys effectively, has a decent credit limit (should I need it) and provides free delivery for Coles online orders over $100... if any of THESE things ever change then I will drop my rating immediately.


What more can I say than the title I have given this review? I had a Coles Myer card for a few years, and then was invited to apply for the "No Annual Fee" MasterCard, when the Coles Myer card was phased out due to takeover. I have held a number of telephone conversations with customer service representatives, who do not appear to have a record of any previous conversations, who repeat ad nauseum what I am already aware of and maybe finally "get" what I am saying. I can be succinct and to the point. I do not "waffle", but anyone would think I was with the reaction I get !!
The way the statements are managed is totally weird and hard to understand. A review needs to be done from their end of the total management of Coles credit cards.

Dreadful service since citibank took over

Since citibank took over nothing but incorrect charges, extra fees and website a failure. Customer support on phone disgraceful, rude and you get nowhere. Coles is seriously getting a bad name due to citibank. Was a long term coles shopper but never again. Hello WOOLWORTHS!

Change from Westfarmers to Citi has been problematic

Firstly, having to re-register for online services was a hassle, and still no ability to download transactions.
My statement used to finish on the 27th, now it seems to be different every month. You get a one time SMS code to access your statements, which you can then download OK. When they email your statement it is a password protected SMS. Bizarre. Statement does not highlight the actual due date.
I am the main account holder, wife has a secondary card. First week there was some fraud from Canada on her card. Got a new one, Paypass would not work, PIN did not work. New replacement card, Paypass OK but PIN no good. I Can't change the PIN online for a secondary card, but can arbitrarily disable it if I want. Just bizarre.
They said that wife has to register the secondary card online separately before she can change her PIN, but it turns out that Citi did not transfer all her information, e.g. DOB correctly. Says she will have to send in certified copies of all her information in order to correct her DOB.
In the meantime they did send out a new PIN, but it can never be changed because the card can never be registered without sending in certified copies of everything to change her DOB.
Will still keep the card because of flybuys, and lack of no annual fee card alternatives.

I would give 4 stars befor 4 March 2018

The credit card itself is quite good since I applied. The flybuy program did give us some rewards although the exchange rate for a reward is not really friendly. I can bear that~

What I can't bear is after the change to citi bank, the online services is really not satisfied. first of all, losing the previous login details, find it hard to register again. Secondly, the layout of the website becomes confusing. Worst, the statement I get now is far less information than it was before. I could not see how much money I spent for last months!!!! The statement only how many flybuy points you earn. In other words, you need to do the maths by yourself. How ridiculous is that!

I am planning to change to another credit card now.

Citibank has ruined Coles Mastercard

The Citibank takeover of Coles Mastercard has been a complete and utter failure.
The new website is poorly laid out and lacking in sufficient detail. The Phone application does not work at all.
They have replaced a simple and easy to use system with the worst online credit card application that I have ever used. I am currently looking at other credit card options and could not recommend the Coles Mastercard to anyone.

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Questions & Answers

how do i apply?
3 answers
If you are a Flybuys member you should have received an email inviting you to apply via an online form. I stand to be corrected but I think you need to join Flybuys first before you can apply for the card. You can pick up a Flybuys application at Coles, Kmart or other FB partners. Or you can do it online.Don't.I agree.... don't apply!!!!!

what stores can you use this card at? can you get money out? and how does the repayment work?
2 answers
As far as I am aware it can be used in any store as the thief who stole my new card proved. However since my card was stolen before I even received it all I can tell you is the security on it was very poor and the thief was able to steal $18,000 before the fraud was stopped. We only found out when we checked our account to find that the details had been accessed and personal information changed. I wouldn't get one of these cards until Coles MasterCard improves their security on your account.You can get money/cash out at "almost affordable" prices. Unless you're completely despite like need to make a phone call from a foreign jail, I'd never take a cash advance out of this credit card. Repayments are the usual minimum % of balance. But more importantly if you don't pay your balance off in full each month, expect a huge interest bill. $140 per month for a $2,000 balance. This is not the card for you if you can't pay your balance off in full each month, and or need cash advances. Much better credit cards out there for those things.

Does this no annual fee credit card will still earn flybuy points if you buy from other stores which are not flybuys partners?
1 answer
Yes it does. It earns 1 FB point for every $2 spent everywhere on this card. Flybuys Partners or not that info is on there website. I call also confirm that the case.


No Annual Fee MasterCard
Card TypeMastercard
Minimum Credit Limit$2,000
Maximum Credit Limit$60,000
Minimum Income $25,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $0.00 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate19.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3%
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Annual Fee$0.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$5.00
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate19.99% p.a.

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