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Coles Smart Buy Clumping

Coles Smart Buy Clumping

3.5 from 11 reviews

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Works really well

Great product! After my cat is done it will clump together and make it easy for me to remove it. However I will say you must fill the litter box half way otherwise you will struggle cleaning the bottom of the litter box because it will stick like concrete. Overall, great product and inexpensive.

Horrible turns to concrete

This was horrible I bought it last week as I was house sitting and took my kitten, I assumed all clay clumping litters were the same and I didn’t want to spend too much as I had litter at home Catisan however I was DEAD WRONG this was the size of Little rocks slightly larger than gravel my Kitten did use it however when he did it turned to clay/concrete and was so hard to get off the bottom of my litter tray which as we know are not cheap I’m yet to contact Coles to express how much I hated it was of money

Good for sandy soil

I use this mixed with water on my sandy soil gardens - works a treat and cheaper than clay from Bunnings!

A dirt cheap but excellent product.

Have been using this product, (Coles Smart Buy Clumping Cat Litter) for years. Well not me personally .. I mean my cat Socksey.

From my understanding the "Smart Buy" range of products sold by Coles are usually the absolute cheapest, arguably lowest quality, of any product range sold by Coles.

However, this product is fantastic!. It works!! & it works so well!

It may be cheap to buy, ($2.65 for a 4.5kg bag), but it does the job perfectly without any compromise in quality or effectiveness.

I would highly recommend this product to you ... & your cat.

It clumps very well but too dusty

This litter is a great price and does clump very well. The main issue is that it is extremely dusty. I'm concerned about all the dust we (including our kitties) are breathing in. As we have 3 indoor cats and no garage, we have limited places we can put the litters. If you can keep it in a garage or very well ventilated area, I say go ahead. But if like us you can only keep it inside, I don't recommend. Just due to the dust.

More than expect

I hv tried different bands before, like the crystal one with blue bag (forgot the name, can cover the odour, but the litter is so easy to come out), the Japanese tofu litter (it does smell like tofu and it is the best one i hv ever used, but too expensive and Australia doesn't hv it, u can only order online), the grain one from wonderful XXX (come with purple box, doesn't cover the smell as it said and too expensiveo)
till one day my home is out of litter n i forgot to order online, so i jus went to coles n grab this amazing stuff randomly, and i found it really good. I hv two cats, n i jus need to scoop oncedaily nchange the litter once a week or sometimes can last more than a week, and there are no smell at all, much better than the crystal one, and the grain one. But still, the Japanese one wins, jus too expensive becos of the shipping fee. Anyway, im gonna use this cheap but amazing coles litter till i find another better one.
Cheap, flushable, odour control, not dusty, easy to get from any coles

A good litter!

I've used a few different types of litters and so far my cats like this one. I like crystals but my kitties don't :( Anyways, I have two cats; I buy 4 bags of Coles Clumping Litter (the one with the cat on the packaging NOT the regular Homebrand cat non-clumping litter, that stuffs terrible) and pay $11 a fortnight. That's extremely reasonable in my opinion. I scoop litter daily (sometimes twice daily) and change the entire box twice weekly. This isn't a litter for lazy people. If you leave it more than a day it smells. The litter doesn't mask odors at all. But that's OK if you're on top of scooping waste daily. When cats pee in the litter it clumps up and makes scooping easy. Sometimes you get it stuck to the bottom of the box but this only happens when I don't put enough litter in the box. I'd recommend this litter to people on a budget and who aren't lazy when it comes to their pets. You cant leave it for 2 weeks and scoop every few days like expensive odor masking litters. But I'm more then willing to put a little effort in so I can save a few bucks for something my cats just sh*t in.
Clumps well, absorbent
It leaves tracks outside the litter box, will smell if not scooped daily.

Cheap and smelly

I used to buy this brand a couple of years ago, and it was excellent value for money. It would clump well, with no odour.
However, I started to notice a deterioration about 6 months ago, with a gluggy mess forming on the bottom of the tray, and not clumping.
I then switched to Coles Scented Clumping brand (read that review separately).
I recently bought again as a trial, and it was a disaster. The garage reeked of urine within a couple of days, and there were no clumps forming at all.
Doesn't perform as advertised


I have tried a whole range of cat litters and I'm pretty happy with this one. The cat doesn't resent using it like some of the other brands, the odour is contained, and best of all, it's economical: when you change it, you just tilt the tray so the clean litter falls to one side, leaving the used litter as a lump of clay-like matter in one spot. Just keep a cheap or old scraper handy and use it to lift the clump and put it in the compost. Plus it's not as bulky as some of the other types. Plus it doesn't get kicked around outside the tray as easily as the light weight ones.
Inexpensive. Clumping characteristic makes cleaning easy and economical. Heavy weight means it doesn't get spread around like the lighter ones.


Our cat doesn’t mind using it (other than scratching it all over the laundry after). It is fragrance free and most importantly it contains any smells. Cleanup is simple as all the ‘used’ areas clump completely together. I line the litter tray with newspaper before putting the kitty litter in to make cleanup easier. We have used this type for years and shall continue to do so.
Very inexpensive, clumps for easy cleaning/removal, doesn’t smell, cat doesn’t mind using it, works as well as other clumping kitty litters, fragrance free.
None, but line the tray with newspaper before putting it in.


personally, i would not recommend this product to others. whilst it is cheap and masks odour very well, the litter turns to a clay like substance when wet, which makes it very heavy and sticky, thus very hard to remove from the kitty tray. i ended up having to throw my tray away in the end. if you are going to use this product i would recommend using at least two cat tray liners to hold the products weight and help in the cleaning process.
cheap alternative product, no odour
turns to clay at the bottom of the kitty tray. hard to remove

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what is the nearest store to aldinga that stocks smart buy kitty litter Regards Peter Cameron
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Disappointed Coles brand does not have a list of ingredients on the bag Type of clay in Coles brand kitty Litter and any other additives. Kind Regards, Laurie
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Coles Smart Buy Clumping
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