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Coles Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance Free

Coles Thick Baby Wipes Fragrance Free

2.4 from 34 reviews

Best wipes on the market

These wipes are the best I have ever used. I have been using them for 6 years nearly with my two boys and they have caused no issues. They are really thick and wet which means you don't poke your finger through them when wiping as with some of the wipes on the market. They are really cheap too. The fragrance free pack has a slight smell of aloe vera but other than that best wipes on the market

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.80.

They sting.

Do not like these wipes sold by Coles. They stung my body upon application to my skin and they are far too wet to be practical for my use. Will not purchase again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles.

These wipes are fine to me

I have had no problems with rashes or burning etc either has my son bought them a while ago as they are my 3rd choice in wipes and they were ok then too I find the old comfy bot or the new CUB brand wipes are a lot harsher and chemical smelling than these!

Purchased in February 2019 at Taree.


These wipes cause blotchy read patches on my son's face. He screamed when I wipes his face and now I feel terrible. Put the whole packet in the bin. I was just reading the reviews and every single one of them said this also. How can this be sold for babies if it's such a common occurrence?

Dangerous!!DONT USE!

Our 10 month old has just had a contact reaction to these wipes! Now realise a previous reaction was also from these wipes. Babies skin is red and blotchy all over where used. I then proceeded to use on my own face and is also burning! Please be aware! Don’t use

Dangerous do not use

I used these on my face and bum today and the wipes burned both areas instantly, my niece wiped her face with them yesterday and started crying saying her face was burning, it makes sense now after experiencing the pain (both incidents were from different packets) I don’t know how these wipes are legal to sell, do not use them return them and boycott coles until this is rectified and until the corrupt scums who let these BABY WIPES pass inspection are caught and hung.

Children’s Skin Burning

This product needs investigating. Two of our kids started screaming after we wiped their faces after lunch. Burning eyes, painful skin rash. I tried it on myself with the same outcome. Happens within 30 seconds. Get this product off the market Coles. It’s damaging our babies and this feedback isn’t new.


As with so many others, my 6 month old daughter screamed and broke out in dark red dots all over her face where we had wiped her after eating. Seriously scary. She was in a lot of pain. No idea how or why they still have this product for sale.


After a messy breakfast, I used the baby whipe to clean my babies face and almost immediately he broke out in a red rash on the area I had used the whipe. The packadging says it is fragrance free for sensitive skin but there is certainly a chemical in this whipe that is causing a terrible reaction. It is a scary thought that they could potentially be using a dangerous chemical. Certainly not worth the risk and would NOT recommend this brand to anyone!

Why are these still on the market?

I don't have a baby. Bought these to help care for my mother. It's a hot day so my husband and I used a couple to wipe and cool our faces. Our faces are now red and with a burning sensation. I'm now worried about using them on my mother.

Burnt & blistered face

Used these on my face & I have a horrible burning sore rash all over my face, I'm getting married next month & very upset & distressed by this. It's like massive blisters. My son also has a red sore rash but his didn't go into blisters.
Do not buy these wipes.


I buy these wipes all of the time for my daughter. I wiped my face with one and broke out in a horrible burning rash. It felt like a layer of my skin had be burnt off! I read all of the reviews and nearly everyone Has had similar reactions. They are meant to be hypo allergenic, for sensitive skin!

Red face rash

These wipes were at my mothers house so i only used one and my 12 month old broke out in a big red rash. Even after washingnwith water it didnt calm down for an hour. We havr never had any problems with huggies or big w wipes. I wish i had seen the reviews here before using the coles ones

"Fragrance free", I think not

Overall these wipes are good. Price, thickness and availability. My little one did not seem to have any reaction (in the short time I used them)
However, for a 'fragrance free wipe' their odour is horrendous! After mentioning something to hubby (to double check it wasn't just me) we put the unfinished packet in the garbage.

Nasty Red Face Rash 11 month old

I bought these to save money and regret the decision now. My poor boy had a really messy face and arms from dinner. I used a wipe and he started screaming. i thought he was just tired and being grumpy but he went red everywhere i had wiped. We had to stand under running cold water for 20 min before it calmed down. Never had this issue with any other brand. I used the fragrance free version too.

Great wipes. Terrible opening

I really like these wipes but opening them is a big hassle. The last packet ended up ripping open and I had to then seperate them into two zip lock bags to use which is very annoying. It's a shame that the don't offer the hard lid option that I can then refill like huggies.

Burning rash

These wipes gave my daughter an awful swollen red rash all over her face and neck. Initially I thought it was a food allergy, but then realised the rash happened after i would wipe her face after meals. I wiped my face with them and my skin went very tingly and felt like it was burning. Im devastated that i used these wipes on my baby's skin.

Take care when using on sensitive skin

Please be careful using these wipes on sensitive areas of skin. Our two year old broke out in a rash about 1minute after wiping her face after a messy meal of scrambled eggs.
We were initially concerned as we thought it may have been a reaction to the food. I then picked up a wipe to wipe my face and I broke out in a similar rash on my face. It felt like my face was burning.
We immediately rinsed our faces with cold water and the reaction to the wipes disapated after about 30mins. We have used these wipes on our other two girls when they were little with no reaction. They may have changed the product or it might just be our youngest and me that has a reaction to this product.
I have a photo of the reaction and will more than happily share if anyone is interested.

From good to bad.

We've used these wipes on and off for a while, but the last batch has caused our girls to break out in a rash all over their faces. Neither have sensitive skin, so this must be saying something about what is in the wipes. We will not be buying these again, which is a shame because they used to be a good product.

Good value for money!

While not as good as some others they do come close. Gentle on the skin. Don't break easily and very moist. The best part is the low price and availability. They also work really well for removing makeup! I also like that there's no scent.

They're thicker than some other brands too so are good for holding messes. The only downfall is that they don't seem to come in bulk packs.

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