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Colgate NeutraFluor 5000

Colgate NeutraFluor 5000

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    In 2002, at 49 years, I had to have my salivary glands removed from one side due to cancer (natural way of fighting tooth cavities). I was advised by my Dental Professor to use Colgate Gelcam 1 x daily. A few years ago Colgate ceased production of Gelcam, so I went to using their NeutraFluor 5000. I use it once nightly before bed, just spit it out and don't rinse.

    Having used both these similar products over all these years, I've found no fault with them, and my local dentist is very happy with my lack of cavities. Apparently, one side affect is your teeth may stain? I don't seem to have that problem (not that my Dentist has mentioned it), but I also use Colgate Total with Whitner 2 x daily just to be on the safe side.

    Neutrafluor 5000


    Neutrafluor is NOT expensive when you consider you need
    far less on your toothbrush than regular toothpaste. I have been using it for 3 years with no side affects.



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    Careful not to use it too often and always rinse really well


    My mother got very sick when she packed this product as her only toothpaste on holidays. She had ulcers all through her mouth. This is toxic use sparingly and rinse four or five times after use. It's not like normal toothpaste.


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    Solved my problem


    At first when I started using neutrafluor I used it on a tooth brush as instructed. After a while I started to notice my teeth started to hurt badly and became tender. I then put a dab on my finger and ran it over an infected area of a sore tooth. Amazingly after about 6 hours the infection with the pain went away. I kept it up for a couple of days to make sure it did not come back. So far, because of this product I have saved the tooth from the destruction by a dentist as when you get to my age you you appreciate what you have left of you teeth. Thank you Colgate for a wonderful product that fight decay. AAA111+



    I have been using it for about 5 years successfully, after my dentist reccomended it.
    some complain about the price: but it lasts 3 times as long because you only use a little & do not rinse afterwards



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    Colgate NeutraFluor 5000


    Is very expensive, and you need to ask the pharmacist for it as is kept behind the counter and not on the shelf, don't need any papers just say recommended by dentist. Chemist Warehouse seems to have cheaper than many places for just under $10. The nozzle is much smaller than normal which helps to use it sparingly.



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    Love the Product - BUT THE PRICE!!!!


    NeutraFluor 5000 Fantastic product - works exceptionally well. BUT $15 a tube. Outrageous!!!
    Colgate - not everyone in Australia is a millionaire!!! How about a much lower, socially responsible price.This must be one of the worlds most expensive toothpaste??? Fluoride is NOT that expensive to produce.

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    Lani lee

    Lani leeasked

    I have radiating pain receding gums
    I saw a dentist and he recommended this how long does it take to work
    I’m smearing it on

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    I see it is recommended to use a small, soft toothbrush, presumably {IMO} so the paste is smeared onto the teeth, which makes sense to me. Am I right or wrong. Should I stop using my electric Toothbrush when using this product?? as it appears to be flinging the paste willy nilly.

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    How much is it?

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    Cant find the actual receipt for it, but think it retails at around $14 to $15 at Chemist Warehouse. Hope this helps


    $15 from a dentist but Chemist warehouse $10

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