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Colgate Pro Clinical 150

Colgate Pro Clinical 150

3.8 from 11 reviews

Handy for travel

This is a good, battery-powered cheapie for travel.

It is light, compact because it’s battery-powered and perfect for when you don’t want to have to lug along a charger, travel plugs etc.

We bought 3 when Chemist Warehouse had a half-price special on and used them when we were away for 3 weeks. On returning home, the toothbrushes were still operating at full capacity with the original batteries. Very impressive.

It’s much better at cleaning than a manual toothbrush. But when at home, we still prefer the mechanical action of the competitive electric toothbrush over the sonic action of the Colgate toothbrush, as the mechanical action gives a “cleaner” mouth feel in our opinion. Or perhaps it’s just what we’re more used to the mechanical action having used the competitive electric toothbrush over 2 decades.

Purchased in December 2018 at Chemist Warehouse.

Great job good value

I love this electric toothbrush. It’s nice and compact with good battery life. I can easily take it away fully charged for overnight stays without the charger. Both my husband I using it. Really good value.

Purchased in January 2018 at Woolworths.

Pretty good toothbrush

Keeps my teeth clean. Much better than other brands, cheaper too! You don’t need to charge it often or for too long. Lasts a very long time. I think the design is too simple.. put some colour into it! Easy to store.. you just chuck it on the charger (if you want) or leave it on your bench until your next clean.

Cleaning is very easy. Just detach the head and wash.

Very safe and kid friendly.

A basic toothbrush

A good value for money electric toothbrush that won't break the bank. This is the firatvelectric toothbrush I have used and I found it brushes better than a standard toothbrush. It charges relatively quickly and lasts a few days between charges. I now use the electric tootbrush in the mornings and normal brush in the evenings.

Handy container to travel

I love this toothbrush because it is chargeable using a micro USB cable. I have hundreds of them. And it comes in a container perfect to travel (and it charges it also) Highly recommended. And it brushes teeth, what more can you ask for :)

Best sonic toothbrush I've used

After a dentist suggested large rotating/oscillating electric brushes can be hard on some softer tooth enamel, I swapped to AAA powered 'vibrating' brushes - the cheap ones that look like a 'fat' regular toothbrush - however the electrics used to fail way before the bristles.

Pharmacy-owning friends use Colgate Pro Clinicals, so after discovering them on special for $15 - $20, I bought one. It's much better than the cheaper AAA powered vibrating brushes Colgate have sold in the past. This Pro Clinical 150 really hums, which is the intent of these proper sonic brushes.

Anyone who bought one of these and was expecting it to oscillate like the heads on their old rechargeable Oral B brush doesn't understand the principle used in this toothbrush. The same principle is used in sonic baths for cleaning watch parts and jewellery - instead of abrasively scrubbing with rotating bristles, food and plaque is vibrated loose without harming the tooth enamel.

I found this brush works so well, looks and feels like a quality product, and is so compact, that I bought a second one to put in my travel toiletry bag. Two AAA batteries suggest it should run for several weeks before these need replacing, so there's no need to carry a charger.

The only downside I'm anticipating is the availability and cost of replacement heads - they're affordable, although ostensibly overpriced (as most replacement electric toothbrush heads seem to be), but rarely seen on supermarket displays and can be very expensive on-line.

Best toothbrush!

My all time favourite toothbrush!
The handle is lightweight, easy to use and the charge lasts so long. It comes with a charger, and a storage lid.
The bristles are soft and do an excellent job and cleaning my teeth.

Nothing special

I bought this as an impulse by at Priceline it was $20. The head was soft and cleaned my teeth well. It like all electric toothbrushes finding the replacement heads is a horror situation, you can spend 5 minutes looking for the correct head only to find an empty space on the rack saying out of stock.
Every decade I give electric toothbrushes a go, but I always go back to a non fancy medium plain toothbrush. Also they need to have Color delineation so you can tell which tooth brush belongs to who.
My pro 150 is now in the trash.
Pro: takes normal batteries. Long run time, automatic 2 minute timer.
Cons: can’t find replacement heads, heads are soft and wear down quickly, couldn’t notice any benefit over manual tooth brush.

i like the sonic

i don't like the rotating heads so this was exactly what i wanted. teeth always feel super fresh!
battery will last almost a week before charging which is great. handy for it to be microusb charged, perfect for the road!

Average for $15

Again, after my great Oral-B electric toothbrush, broke I looked for again another cheap replacement. My Oral-B had lasted me 5 years!! So, I went to Coles for a cheap replacement, and found this Colgate Pro Clinical 150, which looked good, so I bought it for only $15. It only lasted me a year, but it was only $15 so it didn't meet my expectations, but I managed to keep my oral health good. Overall this product is AVERAGE!

Absolutely USELESS

When my brilliant Philips sonicare toothbrush stopped working,I looked for a cheap replacement at the local supermarket and found this. It seemed to be a similar thing,with a vibrating oscillation of 20,000 strokes/min so I bought it. Wow,was that ever a stupid decision! This thing is a toy compared to the Philips. I still had to clean my teeth in the traditional manner in order to achieve even close to similar results, while the brush made this pathetic little noise with a vibration I could hardly even feel. It's PATHETIC.
I used it twice, because I thought maybe I mistook the on button for just that...maybe I need to push it several times for a stronger setting...nope ON/OFF That's it!

Maybe I could get a refund from Foodland,I thought,because I paid $30 for a product that doesn't do what it claims. No such luck , as I'd used it but I was advised to contact Colgate,which I did via their website. They called me back the next day,only to advise me that they DON'T have a money back guarantee on their products!!!

I know it's just $30 but it's the principal. Bring out a totally crap product and you have absolutely no rights to return it. HOW am I going to know if it works properly without USING it???
I will contact Consumer Affairs just to see where I stand.

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