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Commonwealth Bank Awards

Commonwealth Bank Awards

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USELESS CBA credit card Purchase Security Insurance!

I have my CBA Gold Master Card for more than 15 years. Always paying for the annual fees and never entitled for any benefit.
Recently, I bought a LG 55'TV. In less than a month, I accidentally damaged the TV and thought I can claim the Purchase Security Insurance. I called the customer service and then submitted the claim online. After the review, they asked me to provide more documents and further explanations. At the end, after waited for about 20 days, they email me and said the product that I claim is NOT on the cover list. They said there are exceptions to the insurance policy. The exceptions list is very lengthy. I only found out that majority of the production that I bought is NOT BEING COVERED!
This insurance policy is free and is also USELESS. It is wasting my time. The customer service and the review personnel don't even know the policy at the first place! :(
I will definitely look for a new credit card in other banks!!

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateFebruary 2003
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses, Online Shopping, Overseas/Travel and Special Purchases

Commonwealth Awards - Village gift cards

Just purchased a book of 6 village gift cards for my son for Christmas and they only last 6 months. Just crap, I would have thought to have an expiration date of at the very least 1 years worth. When I called them about it, they just didn’t care, nothing they could do about it.

Hotline 132221 - impossible to get through

On all occasions, been on hold for 20 minutes or more. Hang up in vain! and to top it off, online inquiry send me off to their phone hotline.

worst customer service

please be carful with commbank credit cards showed me different due date and minumum payment amount and the charged me 3 late payment fee.Rang to customer care to get refund and said they can only do one refund because of system .

There system is ripping you off.please be careful.

Terrible customer service

Redeemed a Coles and a Myer voucher for $250 each back in September. Received 2 cards with $0 on them. After calling their Awards Customer Service department, I was told that I would receive replacement cards quite quickly. Weeks and then months went by, and each time I called or emailed to chase up the status of the cards I was told they were coming and would be there by tomorrow.

After spending almost 3 months, 5 phone calls and 8 emails to their customer service department, I finally got my points returned.

Don't bother becoming an Awards member at the Commonwealth Bank, you are just a number to them and won't feel like the valued customer they want to portray.

CBA Matercard Diamond Awards fails basic levels of customer service and communication

Ordered an awards fuel card with Mastercard points - website says allow up to 10 business days. After 12 business days it hasn't arrived and so I call, go through menu system, wait on hold and am then told that an investigation can only be launched after 15 business days - no sensible answer to my question as to why this is not on the website.
After 18 business days, call back, phone menu on hold, to be told that an investigation will now be started and I'll receive a phone call midweek. No phone call by the end of the week, so I call back - phone menu, on hold etc. to be told that it takes minimum another 3 working days for an investigation and so someone will call me middle of next week. Not expecting that to happen.
Poor value points awards system backed up by unprofessional excuse for customer support. Time to change card and banks.

Great for earning back some cash from your spending but there is a limit.....

If you spend less than 25 grand a year on this card, it would be excellent, however, should you have larger spendings, say paying off something or buying something, then, upgrade to the gold or platinum card asap as this particular card will only give you 50000 points, ie. 25 grand spendings.

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Now that CBA has restricted the AMEX earnings as well as reduce the value for the rewards points, it may no longer be worth it... Find better alternative, go to AMEX directly, their base tier offers far greater rewards and other benefits without annual fees.... Damn you CBA

Most ridiculous credit card I had to deal with

Have applied for a reward card and an additional card as well (held an everyday account with commbank for 20 years), was told to go to the branch for identification, took 4 weeks to receive cards, then for an additional card pin they sent me back to the branch for identification (again) and pin set up. When contacted Commbank on the phone they said there is no master card account under my name. Cancelling account without even using it, can only imagine the hassle with the rewards and other.
Citibank, ANZ banks send cards in the mail within 7 days following by pin, don't know why Commbank makes it so difficult.

Rewards Program Downgrade

Once again CommBank is changing its rewards program to the detriment of its customers. The conversion rate for Qantas points is getting to the point it is not worth having.The Woolworths experience has taught them nothing.

They changed the rules - It must have been in the fine print!

They changed the rules and now I can't transfer my points balance to qantas, only new points.
The program and the bank are very disappointing.
The person I spoke to said I can use Flight Centre but I do not want to use Flight Centre, dealing with Qantas is much easier and less costly.
I have transferred points before and had no idea that the rules had changed.
It must have been in the fine print!
I will be transferring my credit cards and bank accounts to a bank that makes changes very clear to customers.
I have had accounts with the CBA for 45 years. This week that will cease.


For purchases over $1,000.00 can ring CBA and request great rate of 0.99% for three months. This was the deciding feature for us, it enabled us to throw away GE card and save money. Award points add up quickly especially with American Express card. Staff at CBA are very nice and always helpful. Accidentally left my purse in supermarket on weekend. After the manager couldn't find my number, he rang the CBA, who in turn, contacted me on the Saturday. Couldn't be happier.
Great rate, Great rate and the Great rate.
Had to request not to be allowed to over draw the credit card, after the let us by 25%. This made very hard to repay in full to avoid interest.


After taking the annual fee into consideration, this card delivers the best rewards program of nearly all credit cards as far as a return goes (my husband crunched all the numbers!)
Decent interest rate if you don't pay it off on time. Probably the best thing about the card is the rewards program. There is a number of really great awards and they accrue quite quickly. We use the card for everything and pay it off monthly so the rewards are completely free.
I wish you could get rewards for Coles Myer and not just David Jones. Card has an annual fee but most credit cards do these days.


It is a good card with some good features. It will be even better if it has lower annual fee and interest rate.
Great awards system
Amex card makes topping up points easier
Interest free days
High interest rate
High annual fee &89 for non-qualified customer


A good credit card which can be easily paid off with a phone transfer from a CBA savings account. A good rewards program , earning rewards for spending that you would do anyway.
The best thing about the Commonwealth Bank credit card is its awards program . Unlike Fly Buys , you do not have to clock up tens of thousands of points to gain a benefit. Non shoppalics like myself , can quite easily earn enough points to earn rewards such as movie tickets , shop gift cards, fee reversals or just cash back on the card.
Couldn't loyal CBA customers be rewarded with NO annual fee?


Commonwealth offers many rewards to choose from including appliances, vouchers, subscriptions, holidays and more. The rewards are so varied that I believe it would suit anyone. It has a really low yearly fee and you have 55 days to pay back the amount on your card. Redeeming rewards is easy as you can do this online and they offer the rewards catalogue online as well as in the post.
The Commonwealth Credit card is awesome as it has a decent rewards program. I love having a pin now for my card.
Like any bank Commonwealth can be difficult to deal with at times but since using the credit card we haven't had any problems.


Overall, the card has give me much pleasure and convenience. I haven't had a chance to use the PayPass™ feature that my MasterCard comes with, but the basic features of a credit card are all you really need or even expect.

The card itself is sturdy. The magnetic strip is also scratch-proof, though in some grocery stores the card readers seem to have problem with this new design, but not older cards. No fees for students an added bonus.
Good rewards system, redeem points quickly through everyday shopping and use
takes a while to increase limits (no access online), to add additional card holders


I had the Commonwealth Awards Credit Card for 3 years now, and I'm pretty satisfied with the card.
I had a special offer from them, giving me $0 annual fees but a cap of $2000 limit. This is good considering that I don't want to spend excessive amounts and go in debt. I get approximately 60 days interest free. However if you go pass the 60 day limit, they will charge a high interest rate of around 17%.
Although I have the card for three years, I still haven't claimed any rewards yet. This is being the substantial points required for nice rewards. But they do offer a variety of rewards ranging from electronics to gift vouchers.
No annual fees, a variety of awards, excellent customer service, reputable and safe bank
High interest, awards require substantial amounts of points


Its handy card to have specially for reward purpose. I really like more when they still linking with Ezy Woolworth. Because i got the woolies voucher automaticly when i have enough reward and the reward seem to accumulate faster because they have extra reward/bonus point for shopping at the Woolies group shop.
Now days we seem to accumulate the point bit slow to get.
Its great card to use anywhere, the reward system have plenty of choice to choose. Its reputable company. the card appearance quite simple
The $49 fee and i can not access my saving account with the card for withdrawing matter since they cancel the Ezy banking link.


CBA's credit card is a standard bank credit card. it's not so great compared to a number of other offers on the market.
Customer service
fees and charges


Overall, a credit card is a credit card at the end of the day. I chose the Commonwealth Bank of Australia card as it’s internet site is state of the art and I can monitor all my accounts from the 1 website, it has a Secure Internet shopping site online, good reward program, 55 days interest free and CBA is has a good reputation for security.
Commonwealth bank has a very easy internet website and it is so user friendly and easy to access and view all transactions. The points program is excellent and it has a reasonable annual fee for 55 days interest free.
It does have higher interest rates than other cards, and I know that some other cards have a $0 annual fee.

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