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Compare The Market

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Health insurance pests

There is no need to call me immediately after I check a quote.
If I need your help, I’ll call you.
Price was ordinary.
These oxygen thieves are the vermin of society.
Shame I can’t give zero stars.


Fantastic service, saved me $60 a month and saved my time researching also.

Saved $60 a month on my private health, the guy who helped me was very friendly and easy going. I am going to call them and see if they can save me some money on all my other insurance policies.


Four phone calls in one day

Car insurance quote was nothing special and similar to what I'm currently paying. I then receaved phone call after phone call. Would not use this company on principle due to the harassment I receaved.


Very annoying after you do a comparison online just to make sure your getting the best deal and you receive a call at 8am the next morning and then a second call 20 mins later because you didn’t answer. STOP calling me, I’ll contact you if I need it

cant unsubsribe or delete account

Really horrible web site that you cant delete account or unsubscribe from. You just go round in circles. Poorly presented and in euro not nz dollars where they are doing a campaign.


Quick and Easy

I recently used this website as a starting point when looking for house and contents insurance. Their resulting search gave me 4 choices of insurance all cheaper than my current insurer for the same cover. With the hotlinks included with the 4 quotes I was able to deal directly with the insurer within seconds.
I have read of previous users of the site who had a variety of problems. I can only speak to my experience of 16th August. The site was easy to use, efficient and helpful in saving around $250 on my insurance premiums. As I dealt directly with the insurer via the comparethemarket website I have had no problems to date and reccommend them at least as a starting point.


Not even deserving of a one star!

I was looking for quotes on a joint health insurance for myself and my husband. I stupidly put down my contact number on the online form. Later that night, I got a phone call from a LOVELY woman at a very inconvenient time (dinner) who gave me only one quote. I did not want to make any decisions yet and I still wanted to look around but next thing I knew, she was asking for my Medicare card as well as my bank details. I told her I need to go but she started becoming a bit aggressive and trying to force me to give her my bank details. I am not going to hand over my personal details on the phone! If I didn't stand my ground, she would have kept me on the phone for another hour or so. I thought that was the end of it. The next few days after that, I got another call (didn't pick up and blocked the number). The next day, another call but from a new number. The calls eventually stopped but now I'm getting nuisance calls from overseas numbers. I suspect Compare the Market sold my details to these companies.

Please take my details out of your records or I will get the Ombudsman involved! If anyone is thinking of using Compare the Market, don't!


The worst service ever

I used Compare The Market to help choose electricity and gas for a business we are taking over, they assured me that the change over would be seamless, nothing disconnected etc. was satisfied that all was in good hands. Day of settlement, we have no power, no gas because Compare The Market did not put the order through to the energy provider. I am so annoyed. Business in darkness, nothing working, inconvenienced customers and I am sitting on an endless hold cycle waiting for energy provider hoping they can get it all up and running today. Will never use Compare The Market again and will be warning friends and family against.


Compare the Market sent through a cancellation to my private health care provider without my knowledge. I have spent hours trying to resolve this mess. Just avoid them or you will waste your time like i did.

Unhelpful and refused to payout on a promise.

I bought insurance through these guys. They promised me a $100 voucher after being with the insurance for 45 days. I never got the voucher and they claim I opened the email with the voucher but also state I didn't redeem it. However because I opened the emailand apparently accidentally deleted it, they refuse to resend it even though I never redeemed. What a cop out! Why on earth can't they just resend the email for me?!?!? I formulated that voucher into my budget when choosing the health insurance. So turns out it was a bad deal. Wouldn't touch these guys with 10 foot pole.


Rude and pushy

As I was browsing and comparing prices, I had a phone call saying,”You are browsing our website! I can help!” To which I politely said, “I’m happy just looking at the moment, thanks.” But no, that was ignored. The spiel continued. I put the phone down and let him talk. Tip: if somebody says they are happy just looking, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Thank you very much for getting in touch – we are very sorry to hear about your experience with Compare the Market. We are sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations. We would greatly appreciate if you would take a few moments to contact our Customer Resolutions Team at customerresolutions@comparethemarket.com.au to discuss this further to ensure this doesn't happen again.This product review website is full of people making the same complaint as me. You have no desire to ensure this doesn’t happen again.We can completely understand your frustration with this matter and we want to assure you that we do not want any of our customers to have this experience. If you would like to provide your details to our Customer Resolutions Team, we will be able to locate the call recording to review the call between yourself and our consultant to provide the necessary coaching and feedback.

Market Direct Campers xt 12 DB

Purchased an MDC XT 12 DB in February this year (2019). We are very happy with our camper. Big shout out to Mick at the MDC store in Brisbane for all his hard work and help with our purchase. This is our second MDC and I know when we upgrade in the future we will be knocking on MDC's door again. I hope you're still working there when the time comes Mick. We have taken our camper on everyone of our trips. From the Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks in the NT right out to Kunanurra and Lake Argyle in WA. Haven't had any issues. Looking forward to the Cape and more of QLD in the the next few years. Thank you MDC.

Do not use!

I used compare the market website to join a new private health fund, but I somehow got joined to two new health funds which I wasn't aware of until I seen two direct debits come out of my account! They had somehow used my details again for another health fund. Luckily when I cancelled one of the health funds they were so nice about it and I got a refund and they said it can happen when you use this site. I suggest going straight to the health funds directly, it may take more time to compare the prices but at least they wont sign you up to multiple health funds without your knowledge.

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Thank you very much for getting in touch – we are very sorry to hear about your experience with Compare the Market. We are sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations. We would greatly appreciate if you would take a few moments to contact our Customer Resolutions Team at customerresolutions@comparethemarket.com.au to discuss this further to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Very helpful

The product was extremely helpful in navigating me through the car insurance maize. The operator was friendly & very patient with my questions. I made a saving of around $200. Thank you Sheree.


No join up bonuses through CTM!

I chose to go with a health insurer because they had the best deal and offered a $200 gift card for signing before June 30. Meanwhile CTM call me and offer me the same plan with the same insurer so I figure cool I'll go through them not realising it meant I wasn't going to get my $200 gift card even though I joined before June 30. The reason they don't offer this is they get a bit of money from signing you up so the health insurer then doesn't want to give more money away. It makes sense from the insurers point of view but with the pushy sales person from CTM it makes me annoyed that they don't tell you these things. Just posting in case anyone else was hoping to get a new member sign up bonus - you won't if you go through CTM.

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Thank you very much for getting in touch – we are very sorry to hear about your experience with Compare the Market. We are sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations. We would greatly appreciate if you would take a few moments to contact our Customer Resolutions Team at customerresolutions@comparethemarket.com.au to discuss this further to ensure this doesn't happen again.

A lot of help when looking for insurance

Sally Anne helped me with my insurance prices was very helpful, she was very considerate on all of my questions and came back with the best price to suits my needs.
Thank you very much


We were in good hands

A big thank you to Rohan for his understanding of our needs, his ability to listen, research and come back with suggestions. We would have selected the product he recommended however we became aware that they did not have offices in major NSW centres. This is an essential requrement as we have found it difficult at times when speaking over the phone to obtain the advice we sought however when attending an office of the company we were always able to get the information we sought. Thank you again Rohan


Very comprehensive and easy to understand service

Spoke with Dane re changing health insurance to a cheaper cover. He was very thorough and clear with the information he gave, and also very pleasant and helpful. He was able to find a cheaper cover with better inclusions than we have with our current insurer, which we will probably go ahead with early next year once our youngest child is no longer dependent.


Suggestions were more expensive than other options and they called me out of the blue!

Hey Compare the Market! I had a look on the compare the market site to, well, compare the market for car insurance.

Stupidly I left my phone number and lo and behold an hour later I get a cold call from you offering to 'save me money'. It felt very pushy and kind of odd to think that you wouldn't just put the best deal up on the website so you could call me offering a better deal? Just give me the best deal to begin with, that's why I'm on your site!

Even after explaining I'd gone with a company that wasn't on your initial list (and was also much cheaper) the salesperson tried to coerce me into cancelling that and going with someone obviously on their bankroll. The desperation of the salesperson made me ponder the structure their pay too.

Change your ways guys!


Pushy and rude

I look at info online to start doing my own research without having to talk to people. I got the comparison quotes and then closed the browser when I could see that the quotes were considerably higher than what I currently am paying (and I was fairly certain I was comparing apples v apples). Within a couple of minutes I had a call from a man who was abrupt and rude right from the get go and when I said I didn't have time at this point to do a detailed comparison and that I would do it later myself when I had time he said something along the lines of "if everyone did everything online he wouldn't have a job" and that If I wanted to do it myself "good luck to you". It wasn't so much the words but the way in which he said it was very rude and frankly if one of my staff spoke to a potential customer that way they'be fired. Maybe you guys should spend less $$$ on your clever TV ads and put more into staff training and/or hiring better quality people.


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my name is Malcolm lake I have an account with you and with my email and my password I can get on to the web page but I just go round and round. my car insurance started 1st may 2018 and finishes end of April. I want to go see Fisherman Friend movie next Tuesday but cant get code could you please help me?
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This company need to be shut down. Why can they cold call and harass you all day?
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Technically they are not cold calling you. They only get ur number when u request a quote from their website. The only way it may be a cold call, is if someone puts another number and not their own. But yes I agree with u. Once u answer the call, and they talk and u know who it is just swear at them and hang up. Don't wait for a reply. U will be listed as a 'disgruntled call'

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