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Outright lied to me

Recently did a health insurance comparison. A call back and swapped health insurances stating that I'd be saving over $20/month, now trying to swap back as I'm paying $35 more.


Comparing Health Cover with iselect

Waited and waited and waited for comparison health cover. No response from the computer after completing all details. When I tried to supply feedback it was not available. Hopeless. I would prefer to do my own comparisons.



Pressured me into changing power companies because of the concession rate of 43% usage and supply . Not true. I signed up, then found out this was only off the Usage not supply. I was able to stop the transfer. They lied. Iselect do not have the facts of power company charges. I would never use them again.


Setup a new policy with them and they promised the world and gave me an atlas

Setup a new policy with them and they promised the world and gave me an atlas. They said they woudl sort all the changeover from old to new company and refunds form the old policy. Once they had the deal it was just give them a call yourself and sort it out.


No Real Search comparison

iselect contacted me to give me quote a cheaper cover on health insurance. They did but even though I gave them my details of the cover I held, in reality it saved me about $38 dollars a month but for halve the benefits I was receiving. So not helpful at all. As for the the loss of 1/2 my benefits it should have been 1/2 the price, and I wouldn't have agreed to it. Did not compare apples to apples. Not helpful at all.


Worst service - know nothing not here to help you beware

I emailed and called these guys twice to ask about ambulance cover in nsw. Do not waste your time, they don’t know what they’re doing or saying. Useless and sad.


Very pushy sales people that will pressure you to commit on the spot

I've tried 2 or 3 times over the years to compare prices through iselect and every time I've been pushed hard to sign up on the spot, they try to avoid sending through anything in writing and they hound you relentlessly long after that first conversation ends. I would NOT recommend them and I will never use them again. This is not an unbiased "Service", this is commission selling at its worst


Won't stop calling - don't give them your number

So far in the 3 days since I foolishly put my phone number in to compare health care policies I have received 13 calls from 7 different numbers. It is a nightmare - stay away!


Telemarketing Extremist

I went online for a quote. I dint request any form of call back or follow up. I received 3 calls within 2 hours, then another two that afternoon. I have blocked and am now getting the calls from mobiles. I work as a telemarketer and I have massive concerns at this kind of pushy sales tactics. Jumped on FB to show them and was told "if you can provide your phone number, we can add it to the Do Not Call Register, for today". Well im already on the DNC register for Australia...... And i didn't authorize any calls. I will just go direct with my health care and any thing I need. Have now SMS the mobile number to ask them to stop


I absolutely love iselect

I absolutely love iselect. I have been using them for about 2years now. They have saved me hundreds of dollars on Bill's. I have now got my gas, electricity, internet and car insurance with them. Saving me alot of time too in researching. I always check a few deals before I call them. On my current electricity and gas i changed 6 months ago and the rates have dropped again so i have changed company's again. Savings savings savings. No disconnection fees, and I always say no to the contracts this helps keep things flexible and still saving massive amount of money. I was very indecisive about my internet due to my own finances and I think I spoke to the same guy 6 times over 6 weeks. He was very patient and didn't pressure me at all into purchasing. Once I made my mind up he had given me his direct number i gave him a call and internet was connected hassle free. Sure some companys will only sign you up if you direct debit but i just let iselect know I don't want to do this and they find me someone else. Very helpful staff. I will be iselecting my life for life if they continue their awesome services. Thankyou


Stay away

They will hound you and hound you, they won’t let up. As soon as they’ve got you they don’t want to know you. Word of advice, stay well clear of them.


Saved so much!

Despite all the annoying calls... Iselect was really helpful when I finally decided to speak to them.
I connected my gas and electricity with Momentum (had already researched rates online) with comparable pricing to AGL. They outlined all the pros and cons for each policy. Happy with their recommendations, I ended up taking out home insurance and car insurance as well! They saved me over $500 on my car insurance... with better specifications than my current insurer.
Honestly never thought I would use them, but couldn't be happier with my experience.


Beware of giving your number to these people

Beware - if you give your number to these people, they will call you nonstop. They will not get the hint after the hundredth call you've rejected that you don't want to talk to them. Also, blacklisting their number won't work, because they call from a range of different numbers starting in 03 9452 etc etc. Making the mistake of giving them your details on their website will lead to ongoing harassment. Stay away from these people.


Simple, well explained. Found me better cover for a cheaper price.

I got my private health cover sorted with them, and was so happy I did my car insurance too. Got me better cover for a cheaper price. Was quick and easy over the phone. Would recommend.
Choosing insurance can be really confusing, these guys make it easy.


Extremely dumb person on reception screening incoming query

I was very put off when I was on the iSelect website looking at Health Insurance and hey presto - a man calls me from iSelect despite the fact that I hadn't even requested a call. The moment I put my phone details in , they can "see" that you are on the site , and they call you whether you request it or not. In all honesty , the person was helpful but I wasn't able to speak to him at the time and later attempted to get a call back.

Impossible - the site ONLY accepts mobile phone numbers and since I don't want to speak on a mobile , I wanted them to call me back on my landline. Not possible. The site doesn't allow you to enter a land line number. So today I called them to finish my enquiry and I came across one of the dumbest people I have every encountered on reception. I made it VERY clear that I was calling on behalf of my 90 year old father. She asked " what State are you calling from" - that is totally irrelevant... I'm in Hobart right now and my 90yr old father lives in Melbourne (how about what State does your father live in?) . She then proceeded to ask for my 90 year old father's phone number ….. why would I give that to her when I am making the enquiries for him. Does she really think that my 90 year old father is going to chat to somebody from iSelect when I'm making the phone call myself.
Absolutely no thought into the questions she was asking - like she was reading from a script. How about you actually LISTEN to what the caller is saying and then tailor the questions accordingly. The male I spoke to today repeated the word "cool" at least 5 times. Sounded quite unprofessional - however in all fairness , the first male last Monday was very professional and helpful : I just didn't appreciate being called when I was in the middle of looking and comparing things on the site. I'm in two minds about this site.


Pushy sales/commission focused

I was exploring energy reviews on their site, only to have a sales consultant ring within 30 minutes. They put forward their preference saying my current option with energy Australia was second best. Then they were quite persistent they move along with the connection on the spot. When I looked up their recommendation, it was high on the list, but had a $100+ disconnect fee. I found that out on this site: https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/
It's much better when looking for options as iselect can only recommend providers they had agreements with. There were heaps of options in between without. Can't believe they didn't disclose that. Wouldn't use them as they're quite limited.

I saved $900 a year in car insurance

Adrian was great I called on a Sunday and was given a comparison in car insurance that saved me $900 a year. He explained everything in detail and made sure I was happy. He gave me details to contact him if I had any hesitations. I am a happy customer. Anyone want good customer service ank for adrian

Bogus Insurance

With the pathetic ads how can you take them seriously. And from reviews that I have read their performance is on par, so I would shop around and do your research

Total Botchup - We are still fixing it all up

We chose iSelect to find the best internet/landline/mobile bundle deal for us. My husband spoke to a representative based in Capetown, South Africa. He spoke very fast and we had to slow him down many times and get him to repeat his words - it took a long time. This representative got so many details wrong - our names, our mobile numbers etc. He promised no changes to our landline, a smooth transition from our current provider etc so many things went wrong. We are still trying to sort it all out. iSelect informed our old provider Telstra of our decision and our internet service was cut out before we had the modem delivered. They made a mistake with our mobile numbers and names - just as well, as our mobiles would have been cut off before receiving the new sims. Add to this chaos the fact that we are having many, many installation/implementation problems from our new provider. Do not trust any promises that iSelect make.

Annoying customer service guy making unnecessary phone calls

Just tried calling me and that guy was annoying and rude at the same time, continued to annoy me and hung up. why call on first place if you cant accept customers saying no? My reply to that guy you is this review.

Thank you for screwing yourself.

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I want to ring you guys & discuss insurances. What is the best insurance for me?
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I have received a card EFTPOS from iSelect - i can not read the small print as I am disabled with MS suffering for the last 22 years and in wheelchair for the last 10 years. When i wanted to buy they told me that the lady at the Coles could not use it because i did not activated it in time - i was in and out of hospital and had food delivered home into my mouth - now i am better and i want my card to be active and use it. Please help me now. My Card number is: [personal details removed] and fix it please!!!
No answers

Why does it take 60 to 90 days to get your $300 gift card sent to you after you have completed all the required information?
6 answers
They hope you will forget all about it is the only reason I can think ofI agreed with Weasel. My gift card was promised late Aug 2015. I called in Sep 2015, they said could take up to 90 days. End of Dec 2015, still no sight of the voucher. Called up, they said the consultant no longer worked for them, so they knew nothing about the voucher. They then put in an 'urgent' request for voucher to be sent out on the 7th of Jan. Today is 21st of Jan and the voucher is nowhere to be seen. Called them up again they said the Australian Post might have it so it is out of their hand! Pretty lousy customer service.ISelect functions off trailing commissions that can take months to pass onto them, how can you expect them to provide a gift card when they haven't even been paid for the policy you bought yet?

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