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Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

3.6 from 43 reviews

A bit sceptical

I bought these tyres in Sydney on my Nissan A33 Maxima and drove straight to Darwin , 4,000ks in 4 days, Tyres were a bit noisy and i had to check the pressures EVERY day, wear factor is good , no appreciable wear after 18,000 ks, BUT they lost pressure slowly , I put some Tyre sealant in the tyres and that seems to have stopped the slow deflation, wet driving is ok too, but they are a noisy tyre .

Purchased in September 2018 at Tempe Tyres for $540.00.

Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 18,000 km
Car ModelNissan Maxima A33 (1999-2003)
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Beware of doggy continental tyres MC 5

My Audi was fitted with a set of 4 new Continental ContiMax MC5 about 2 years ago and I normally do only 15000 km per year. The tyres are so distorted after 1.5years that the noise on the road were unbearable. The steering also vibrates more towards the end.
It was good for the first year but they wear out in an unusual way that even the tyre shop guys says that the tyres are weird. Totally out of shape and Alot of uneven wear. Pretty sure it's not the suspensions as I had them checked and serviced every year and no mention of any wear on those. Had recently changed to cheaper Falcon tyres and the noise totally went away .

Don't be con by the name Continental Tyres, do your research and watch out for these ContiMax MC tyres. They give you nightmares on the road, my regret is I didn't get them changed earlier and put up with the horrible driving experience for at least 6months.
Shame on you Continental. Won't touch Continental tyres anymore.

CarAudi A4 b8 sedan


Only 5 weeks old and my front wheel got flat REAL QUICK with no cause. They couldn't find how it happened because as it was unsafe to pull over, I had to drive on them for 200 metres and badly affected the walls. The retailer REFUSED to refund and said it wasn't the quality of tyre and blamed having to drive on them flat. I am thankful that I wasn't driving at 110 km/hour down the highway, because it would have ended differently. NOT SAFE! Mine were made in Malaysia. WILL NOT be buying these EVER AGAIN.

CarCommodore VZ Wagon

Wore out 27k

These tyres have worn down after only 27 000km. I've noticed that they are made in China and wonder if that is the reason.
I have exactly the same tyres on another car but they are made in Malaysia and have done 30k so far and have plenty left in them.

CarCorolla 2006

Not durable did not last long

Worked ok in both wet and dry conditions, and rides quietly.
Biggest disappointment is that they only lasted a pathetic 33,000 kms during the 2 years I had them despite alignments and rotations done.
Learned that it’s due to the softer compound used and tyres of this kind should last between around 40,000 to 50,000 kms.
Not recommended and won’t buy again.

CarAudi A4

Good Handling, Ride, and reasonably quiet

24/01/19 These tyres are fitted to my 2009 Falcon G6E. They are predictable and forgiving and seem to handle very well on wet and dry roads, have a softer ride than all other brands I have used on this car, and are relatively quiet. I am nearing the end of their life now and got 50000 k out of them, which is nothing to rave about but although superseded now (by MC6 I think) I managed to find a set of MC5's at Continental Tyres Dandenong 3175 (at $750 for four including alignment and balance this second time around) because I knew what I would be getting rather than listen to the hype and subjective opinions of the tyre salesmen.

Car2009 G6E Falcon

Not so good in the wet

I have now had these tyres for a month. could not fault them until today's sudden down pour on the highway. aquaplaned badly. quiet tyre, gives a comfortable ride. however high speed in the wet not so good. I ended up having to drop back to 80ks in a 110 zone due to the inability of these tyres to hold the road in the wet. have had other tyres hold perfectly in the same area with more water than was on the road today. quite disappointed.

CarHolden commodore

2 out of 4 tyres had blow outs

Grip is about all I would say is good about these. Tyres are not very durable and I had 2 out of the 4 fail on me one the whole that came off the rim. When I called there service team they even say sorry just tryed to shift blame . Unsafe tyres I won't be buying any tyres from Continental again very disappointing tires from this company and poor customer service.

CarVE Commodore

Excellent grip, quiet and helps for a smooth ride

So far so far. Tyres feel a lot softer than my previous Michelins. They provide a more comfortable ride as they have a slightly softer wall then others helping with absorbing bumps and helping the suspension. Will find out how they perform long term later but for now highly recommend.



Excellent product. Great grip and long lasting. highly recommended for all sorts of sedan cars. You can get them at a decent price from any nearest tyre store as they are easily available but would recommend to go to continental tyre store exclusively for deals. Happy to review it 5 stars.

CarNissan skyline V250 Sedan.

Great tires with good grip

My car recently changed to these new continental tires and I would say I have loved it so far. The tires are quite quiet, and also have excellent grip in both dry and wet. I previously was using tires from good years, and when I get out of the slope close to my house on rainy days it tends to slip. But I have no issues so far with these tires, even when there were heavy rain, it manage to grip when. Will definitely stick to this brand for my ne t tire change.


Good value for money performance tyre

Had these tyres for just on a year now, very happy with the dry & wet grip vs. cost. I previously had Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy2 but didn't really need that level of performance anymore. They're as good in nearly every aspect as the F1s, probably even better resistance to aquaplaning & quieter on smooth seal but do lack outright lateral grip when pushed. The side walls seem to be a lot softer but they do give you warning you're at the limit.
I've probably done about 7000 km on them but they've not showing any signs of wear yet & still had approx. 7mm of tread on my WOF check sheet last week. I'll be happy if I get 40-50K km out of them but time will tell.
If you're looking for a good all round performance tyre that would break the bank these should definitely be on your short list.

Car1999 Toyota Altezza RS200-Z 6MT (SXE10, 3SGE)

Great! but.....no sidewall strength

Positive: Good grip dry and wet, low Noise. I was very happy after changing from some noisy tyres.
Negative: We have now had 2 flats within months of each other from "relatively' light gutter taps, ie. low speed / parking.
Summary: Awesome for highway and wider roads, but if you do a lot of inner city street parking or deal with traffic calming perhaps look elsewhere.

CarSubaru Liberty Exiga Wagon

Good Price, Reduced road noise

Tyres seem to be wearing well. These were a comparable price to lesser quality tyres. The road noise from these tyres is much less than our previous Michelin tyres. I shopped around and got a good price from a local business. Bob Jane were the next best business for price.

Car2015 Nissan Pathfinder

Lets see how they go!!

Just bought these Conti MC5's as replacement for Pirelli P1 Cinturato's on my 2003 BA Falcon XR6 sedan. 1 day old & already have discovered their excellent grip & very quiet ride especially compared to the pirelli's which also had great grip but were rather noisy on certain surfaces. I will wait 6 months before recommending these Continentals to anyone but I am already happy & the price of $600 odd was also good.

Car2003 Ford Falcon XR6 sedan

Great upgrade from Chinese-made tyres

A very nice upgrade from Chinese made tyres which came with my car. Now my car actually stops when it's suppose to in the rain instead of sliding around and nearly crashing into the car in front of me. I can confidently drive in the rain without any worries. I can't say how long they will last but since I had them for a few months.

CarHonda Integra

Its really quite and comfortable

I've had the tyres since i purchased my Opel Astra brand new 2013, the tread lasts and i can trust my tyres to perform in harsh rainy seasons without a worry of slipping and sliding. Its very quite in the cabin and they truly do last a lot longer then my other car with bridgestones!

CarOpel Astra 2013


The tyres were fitted to a Nissan Dualis Ti + 2. They have proven to be durable and you cannot hear them driving on the road. They have amazing grip and have significantly improved the performance of my car as well as the fuel efficiency. Continental tyres are great value for money.

CarNissan Dualis 2+

Great tyres

I'm now on my third set of Continental MC5s since I bought the car new. I'm very satisfied with them as they are quiet, great I the wet and under breaking. I get about 35000 km of mixed driving out of them. I put a set of Khumos on once and never again. They are the worst tyres I have ever had in my 45 years of driving.

CarVW Passat Wagon. 2010

grips the read

just brought a new mercedes valente with these tyres on the van. fantastic tyres and
i am picky with tyres! really impressed. i dont know how long they last as i have only
had the car three weeks but i am pretty wrapped and i told the sales person i wanted good tyres

Carmercedes valente

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Questions & Answers

Are these tyres run flats ?
1 answer
No, not run flats. :) http://www.tempetyres.com.au/tyreproducts?continental-2354517-97w-contimaxcontact-mc5

Comparing Continental ContiMax contact MC5, 245 45 ZR18. 340 tread wear to standard Bridgestone 245 45 R18 MY02 Sporty Style. Caprice secondhand with both sets fitted. Which one is better, ride, noise, performance and wear?
2 answers
I do not experience in the Bridgestone MY02 tire but Bridgestone GR90 tire on 225/45R18. I have to say the Continental MC5 being better in the reduction in road noise. Confident of every cornering and it's feeling litter bump on uneven road. I am happy with them.You can't really compare the two, MC5 is far superior tyre to MY02. From the Bridgestone range the RE003 would be a closer comparison but cost a lot more. I've had MC5 fitted for a year & very happy with the value for money. Previously had Goodyear Eagle F1 Asy2 & RE001 on my car for comparison.

what sort of mileage do you normally get from theses tyres with regular rotation and balancing ?
1 answer
First time for me with these tyres. So far over 5000kms an they look very good. Comfortable, quiet and good grip. No complaints. When I researched there were some suggestions about lower the average distance for wear - so time will tell on that.