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Great size and price but needs to put out more heat

Best thing about this barby we purchased from Aldi in 2016 was the price. We have used it extensively near the coast where rust is a problem that attacked every nut, bolt and screw on the thing and in late 2018 I replaced them all with stainless ones (why they can't include ss screws as standard amazes me...). Most of the heat shield covers have rusted badly and need to be replaced. Surface rust appears all over lid and sides but keeping it lubed with WD40 has stopped it getting worse. But, the biggest negative of this bbq is that it take AGES for the grill plates to get smoking hot and even then, they don't keep the heat when flipping over steaks to char grill. It seems the burners are too far away from the grill and those heat shields sap 60% of the heat away from where it's supposed to be going. The grill plate is awesome though and heats in seconds - but that doesn't have those stupid heat shields wasting gas and energy. Not the smartest design if you ask me as I've seen those little Webbers cook meat far better than this thing. If you turn every burner on you will get the heat you desire, but gas use goes up!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Very impressed

I bought this from Aldi a few months ago. The process of putting it together was reasonably time consuming and required a bit of attention to following the instructions, although we certainly didn't find it complex. Once put together it worked exceptionally well! Good heat, works really well with the lid down, easy to clean, both the gill and hot plate, but also the exterior. We've used it a bunch of times over the past few months and still think its great.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Useless cos I can't assemble it

Being a woman on my own, I find the instructions to be hard to follow. The diagram has part numbers, but there are no actual numbers on anything! I'm still stuck on step 13 where it says to ensure bracket 38 is attached to the front leg. Bracket 38 is listed as in box 5...there is nothing in box 5 that resembles the diagram! This would have to be the WORST thing I've ever bought from Aldi...Next time, for things like this, I think I'll stick to the tried and tested Bunnings...

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Impressive build quality. Good value for money.

I picked this BBQ up on the weekend in the Aldi special buys. Very lucky to get one as Aldi tend to only stock a few in each store. It comes in two large boxes that way roughly 50 Kilograms each so you need to carry them on a couple of trolleys.

With help, I managed to put it together in an afternoon. Allow 2 to 3 hours. The instructions are good and easy to follow and I didn't encounter any problems putting it together. The barbeque itself is constructed to a high quality and is very solid. The problems with the wheels reported in earlier reviews of this barbeque have been resolved and it now has solid metal castors. The left hand door opens out to become a side table and turns it into a very useful preparation space. I'd recommend having some sort of cover available to put on the side table to prevent scratching or marking the stainless steel finish. Something like a rubber backed bar mat would be ideal.

I have only cooked on it once but it is very easy to operate and heat distribution seems to be good. Very impressed by the flavour of the food on first use. Each burner has its own starter so you can light them seperately. The LED light on the burner control knob is a nice touch as you can easily see which burners are lit.

Overall it seems to be good value and will get plenty of use in the warmer months. My old barbeque was a 4 burner no-name cheapie that eventually had some rust issues but got 10 years of use out of it with very little care. This Coolabah barbequeue with proper cleaning and care should easily outlast those cheaper style barbeques.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Very Good: now cooking outdoors in all seasons

The only negative I found was the assembly. Even after reading blogs etc on the internet I was surprised how long it took to assemble.

BUYERS - NOTE WELL: You need to set aside at least half a day to put the BBQ together AND YOU ***MUST*** READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOU FROM BUYING THE BBQ - YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Having said that. Once you have it assembled and cook on it for the first time, there is a great sense of achievement.

EASE OF USE: My old BBQ was a commercial gas hot plate, the style that is used in fish and chip / burger shops. So this was one is a little different. After a little experimenting, it is very easy to cook on, the typical BBQ cooking and roasting. Our first attempt, a rolled pork roast, following the guide in the booklet, you will have lots of that fantastic crackling all over the outside, with perfectly cooked meat in the middle. I have since bought a rotisserie for the BBQ and have enjoyed whole stuffed (seasoned) chicken and lamb. Cooking times are shorter than using the oven.

The BBQ looks great just sitting in the outdoor area. If it could talk it would say "See. I make this place look gooooood".

SAFETY: The lower cupboard area of the BBQ holds the LPG gas bottle and is well ventilated should there be a leak. The connecting hose could be a little longer so that the LPG battle can be taken out, to give greater ease for connecting / disconnecting. An additional safety feature, as well as a nice touch, would be to have a gauge in / near the controls to indicate the amount of gas is remaining and a warning to indicate that you have forgotten to turn the gas off at the bottle.

MANEUVERABLILTIY/STORAGE. The BBQ is easy to move around, however once you have your outdoor area set up, you won't need to. Along with the BBQ, we bought the BBQ cover. It does fade very quickly if exposed to the sun, can't be help, but it is made of very sturdy canvas like material and protects the BBQ well.

WANTS: Apart from a gas gauge, I would have liked information about converting to town gas, or have that as an optional extra for the BBQ, in the form of a conversion kit.

CONCLUSION: I bought my Coolabah (Aldi) Six Burner Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ from Aldi in Mudgee NSW because I was away from home, SA, and would have missed out. I threw, well, with help place in the back of my small SUV and took home, spent half a day putting it together and cooked dinner that night. It is a great unit and for the money I paid, and am well in front. When the BBQs are available, get one. You will not be sorry. Don't forget the cover and rotisserie. To top it all off.

Happy days with family and friends.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Amazing value for money

This BBQ is good to look at but is great to cook on. Flame and temp control is excellent.
Very clean and simple to operate and most important to clean after cooking. This is our everyday cooking station
Easy too move but it's big , so some help is smart but it is a one man job.
I assembled this after reading reviews but had no issue with assembly as I do have extra tools. The kit could include an extra spanner as a different size is required in some spots( a pair of multi grips, small if you have them is all that's needed).
Quality for assembly is good as are the instructions, if you read and patience used, think of it as a big mechano set. Alignment etc good.
Assembly does take time but $500 is an absolute bargain, because it's a great BBQ when finished. Under a grand for this BBQ? Unbelievable!!!
Steve Peters

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Newer 2015 model Aldi 6 burner BBQ

I like the looks of this new version BBQ, it's lightweight steel/stainless steel construction is typical for this price range. You need a 'good' afternoon to assemble this BBQ (especially if you misplace the instructions like I did), but it's all pretty sturdy on completion. A new feature is that one side/front stainless steel 'door' opens out to be a serving table, I'm not sure how serviceable the extension table will be - stainless is thin (dents & scratches will prevail me thinks). The storage compartments are quite large but a warning comes with the BBQ saying not to store anything that can burn there (no spare bottle, no cleaners, no cleaning cloths, etc). It has LED lights to illuminate the control knobs (whoopee) & a battery powered cooking timer (I like :) The first use was for roasting (400deg x 30min then 350deg x 1.5hrs) - It worked well except that I found it had melted the hood rubber stoppers designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact when the hood is opened/closed. Coolabah has addressed the 'wheels' problem from the previous model & put on all steel casters. All 6 burners have flame thrower ignition. After a weeks use I noticed rust forming on the stainless steel (sloping) panel adjacent to the cooking surface. A friend has the previous 4 burner model (3 years old) & has suffered badly with rusted (black) steel panels & some rusting of the stainless steel doors (to be fair, both BBQs are situated at a coastal region subjected to salt air, albeit, they are undercover & stored with their BBQ covers on when not in use). I have given my BBQ a thorough wipe down using INOX-Plus to hopefully stave off the rust gremlin. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. Hope this review helps.


I have a six burner and the caster inserts being made of a soft plastic keep breaking out when you try to roll it away even when it's on a very level surface very poor some one could get badly burnt if they collasp when in use

Aldi BBQ

Very good value for money and excellent after sales service fits well with our lfestyle and requirements the rotisserie is also a good extra

Pretty good for the $

Got one for $250 as they were selling them off. I fail to see any castor problems on this one as they look pretty solid . It lights up 1st go and is much better than the best weber. I live on the beach and expect rust , but nothing can survive that anyway and the SS lid will help a bit
Price and features
May have rust a few years in

A Bad Buy

Have had the BBQ for about 2 years, a wheel has fallen off, the igniter does not work and one of the gas covers along the back has rusted out, therefore does not light all the burners. My last BBQ lasted 10 years. Would not recommend Coolabah and would never buy again. I guess you get what you pay for!!!
Wheels, igniter, rusts out

Poor quality wheel mounts

Bought this one last year 2012, two of the wheels now keep falling off. It appears the wheel mounts are made of a soft plastic, so when you move the BBQ, the wheel and leg fall out. I will be calling customer support to see if they will replace mounts, any one else that needs customer service number (1300667146) it dose have a two year warranty.
Too heavery for wheels, soft plastic mounts for wheels.

How do you get the 6 burner BBQ to ignite as I am having trouble with it ?There are 6 knobs across the front, the second from the right has the igniter arm leading to it. Press the red button a couple of time to make sure it is sparking, then turn on the gas, turn the knod, second from the right to high and push the red button a couple of times


its ok bbq just the ignighter tends not to light sometimes looks great but the side trays there also a bit flimsy besides that its a great bbq for the price its actually a great bbq and my freinds think its worth a lot more then we paid for it

Questions & Answers

6 burner Aldi BBQ Don't know if I'm missing a piece eg bracket to attach side table to bbq?
No answers

its very confusing to assemble coolabah 6 burner bbq as some the instructions are not so clear. Any assembling video would be really helpful. Also I couldn't find the cover for this 6 burner BBQ in ALDI, where can I find it.
1 answer
My tip, replace all the nuts and bolts with stainless ones as they will rust and tarnish within two years (unless they are now supplied as stainless).

On the six burner, do you have to use the flame tamers?
1 answer
If you mean the 'heat shields' then yes. The ones in our 6-burner suck most of the heat away from the grill plates so they are total energy wasters! Dumb design imo and you have to cook on high every time especially when trying to get a char-grill effect. It does cook, but far less efficiently than say the Webber Q.


ALDI 6 Burner Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ (Oct 2011, Sep 2012, Sep 2013, Sep 2014)ALDI 6 Burner Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ (Sep 2015, Oct 2016, Sep 2017, Sep 2018)
CategoryGas BBQsGas BBQs
Price (RRP) $399$499
Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialCast Iron
FeaturesGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge and Wok / Side BurnerGrill, Hooded, On Wheels, Rotisserie Compatible, Storage Cabinet, Temperature Gauge and Wok / Side Burner
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Dimensions 1200 x 1720 x 640 mm1195 x 1626 x 555 mm
Number of Burners/Zones 66
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateOct 2011Oct 2015
Discontinuation dateSep 2014Sep 2018

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