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Weber Baby Q

Latest review: We recently bought a baby q. We hav cooked everything from roast pork to cakes. And all have turn out perfect. Especially the steaks so juicy and tender. Easy to pack up and take to the beach for a

Weber Family Q

Latest review: Love to cook lamb and squid on this. Wings are good too but you just gotta be a bit more patient to cook it thorough. Many great nights would definitely

Weber Q

Latest review: A fantastic BBQ that is easy to use (I would suggest watching the DV included) once you have used it a few times. Plenty of accessories also that are able to be purchased. This BBQ is great for

Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill

Latest review: My mate has the Triple grill and when I saw how great it heating up fast and how it can handle a good amount of meat I wanted to buy one. The only problem is I live in a unit so I when the salesman

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FURNACE

Latest review: Is so could have been! Well as a man I see the purchase of a new BBQ a some what a moment to prove your masculinity and show the world you have learnt you know this field you’ve breathed this field

Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill

Latest review: I’m now on my 3rd set of hot plates in 4.5 years. I am very careful with cleaning and oiling and they just don’t last. I get the same comments from BBq galore that I need to keep oil on, which jus

Ziegler & Brown Portable Grill

Latest review: The heat on the full cast iron plate is perfect no hot spots or cold spots! Windproof too which is great when camping and hot enough to cook with the lid up like a hotplate or when on low shut the

Jumbuck 4 Burner Hooded Stardom with Side Burner

Latest review: I was happy only for the first 12 months. Flame tames went first - rusted and disintegrated. No parts were available to replace. I had to purchase a different brand of parts and used an angle

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE

Latest review: Great bbq, we have a larger bbq but the Force heats up very quickly and is easy to use, it is kept under cover and look a treat. Great job Everdure, easy to keep clean and seems to still work well

Weber Summit

Latest review: I am delighted with everything I have tried on my new built-in 4 burner natural gas Weber Summit - seared steak, rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb roast, grilled chicken, sausages and corn on the cob

BeefEater Bugg

Latest review: Having read some reviews I was a bit hesitant to purchase this Bugg over the Weber however I took the punt and couldn't be happier - we love it!. Looks cute, takes a fraction of the space of larger

Everdure Neo Buddy

Latest review: I have been around for a fair while living in the bush and now caravanning around our great country, I have a Neo buddy and I use it daily for breakfast and dinner. It is by far the best I could have

Ziegler & Brown Turbo Elite BBQ (on Cart)

Latest review: I’ve just brought the Ziegler & Brown turbo elite 3 burner model and I’ve got to admit I was one of the sceptics after reading all the bad reviews, The only reason I brought the BBQ is because the chi

Weber Genesis II

Latest review: First, despite my reservations, this bbq was reasonably easy to put together. I did in 2 stages but in total I reckon it was 3hrs. Assembly manual is very good...some diagrams not perfect but overall

Everdure e2go

Latest review: Bought this little bbq second hand for a camping bbq but found it was much better than my bigger bbq and will use this instead as uses less gas and cooks thins alot better. I find it very easy to

Jumbuck Comet

Latest review: I read all the reviews before purchasing this beast and it has so far lived up to expectation. The packaged box is over 50kg so you will need at least 2 people to bring it home. Assembling was easy

Beefmaster 4 Burner On Cart PB4CSQ

Latest review: We bought this as our old BBQ had rusted out and needed a new one and as BBQ galore had them on sale for Father's Day we snapped one up. The only issue we've had is the one we bought had two grill

Alfresco 4 on Cart with Side Burner

Latest review: I purchased one of the Alfresco 4 from Barbecues Galore a year ago and have been impressed with it's performance. Good all round heat with a hood which allows you to slow cook roasts on a Sunday

Gasmate Cruiser BBQ

Latest review: I keep it in the camping trailer and it literally rattled itself to bits after a year or so. It was getting shonky then one day it was falling apart. I checked the bolts and some had already gone,

Masport Supreme Plus RBW 210

Latest review: Purchased due to the perceived quality from it's $1000 price tag. I am pleased with the way it cooks. However, despite being kept undercover and being cleaned regularly, I've had the following

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