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Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Multigrain

Country Life Bakery Gluten Free Multigrain

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Best on the market until bad recipe change

Country Life Bread has been our favourite GF bread for 7 years and became the only bread this Coeliac family would buy. Unfortunately this year they have changed the recipe and it is sadly now an awful texture, someone else on productreview.com.au described it well as texture like fairy floss with no substance. It doesnt fill you up at all and is a disguisting chalk dust like texture in the mouth. It is so disappointing as the product was the best on the market but is now bad. Unfortunately we cant justify buying this product over others on the market now that the recipe has changed. Also they have started double plastic bagging the bread, unacceptable in this day and age of knowledge about the impact of plastic on our environment.

The new bread is terrible and has caused my health to fail.

I loved the old Multi grain bread and was healthy until it was first unavailable for several weeks and then replaced by a sticky, horrible loaf. I have struggled to find a suitable replacement and old recipe muffins. But after feeling sicker over the weeks, now am bloated and have leaky gut, arthritis in the knees and feel unwell. IT WAS OUR FOOD. NOT JUST PROFITS OR FANTASIES THAT WE WANTED SOFTER BREAD.
There are no Glutin free breads I can find which have not been altered. What can I eat? It was a big mistake by you and I wonder how many people are now in my position. Go back to the old recipe. Several brands have been affected.

Go back to the old recipe

Recently country life gf multigrain bread’s recipe was changed. Now it is only just okay as toast. The old recipe was much nicer and it was delicious whether you used it for a sandwich or toast. I’m very disappointed, I used to love this bread and now it is barely passable. Please go back to the old recipe!!!

WOW! Yummo!

I have really enjoyed Country Style bread for several years now. I am always happy with it, even though it was always a small sized loaf and slices.
THEN they changed the packaging and the loaf and man! I LOVE it now so much!
It actually tastes like 'real' bread! I don't just have gluten intolerance for over 30 years but other intestinal issues which just about anything sets off, and I can honestly say this is the best bread I have ever had!
Normally I freeze a loaf and use what I need at a time, but this bread stayed fresh for over 4 days in the pack on the bench.
I can not rave about it enough, in fact, I am off to make a sandwich right this minute!


Country life has provided false and misleaded information saying they are “diary free” whilst having egg yolk in the ingredients?!!! What a hipocrosy!

Was terrific, and then something went wrong...

I purchased this Gluten Free bread from Woolworths in both Tasmania and Victoria and was astounded at how good it was. It was bouncy and soft - just like "real bread" - it stayed this way for 3-4 days unlike all other gluten free breads, it didn't contain soy (yah!) and the price was a pleasant surprise too! I didn't need to freeze it, or toast it to then make it edible, unlike all of the other GF breads on the market. I was thrilled, life was grand, what a great find!

But then I bought a 3rd loaf in Victoria and it was the polar opposite..... It had over a week of shelf life left, yet it was dry, hard, had no bounce and only suitable for toast! Nothing like the first loaves and not as quoted on the packaging - I threw it out in the end. I admit it was on special at Coles, but why should the quality fall as a result?

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I hope that the quality of your product returns to be as per my first tastings and remains consistent so we can all enjoy in future - then I'll give it 10 stars.

severe stomach cramps

whole family had country life gluten free and all of us had severe stomach cramps . this bread my be gluten free but the preservative 282 is a very nasty ingredient this is definitely a must avoid gluten free bread

Mould forms

Purchased Multigrain Gluten free twice within fortnight from Woolies and noticed mould forms on the bread. Considering the cost of the bread i would have expected a better shelf - it has been refrigerated and in bread tin.

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Further to the above - on both occasions I had to throw both loaves in garbage $13 ouch. The packaging is a problem because it does not come in resealable packaging considering the cost of the product as opposed to the quality of packaging, surely you can come up with superior packaging.

Great bread get rid of psyllium

This is a fine tasting bread but I have reaction to psyllium and it is in virtually all gluten free breads....must play some role, if only fibre, please get another one.i can't have this good bread again while psyllium remains and this is frustrating and disappointing.

The best

This old version was great, the new stuff is so bad and too expensive for the price. Go back to the old one.

Excellent Quality Australian Product

Vast improvement on the previous recipe and continues to improve. Much cheaper than some of the "artisan" breads so good value for money for A GF product. Nice and safe with our strict Australian labelling standards, but it all the time with never a worry. Love to see it in different packaging, but that's the only gripe.
Improved recipe

Not sure!

I bought this bread today for the first time in my life first gluten free bread. I tried pieces of it it's taste great and yummy. But before that I tried to make bread with besan flour because your bread very expensive especially I don't work. I don't care about packaging I care about my eating. People can buy reusable glad plastic bags and which is sealable not big issues. I came home and tried to bake bread with besan flour which gluten free I failed to make tortillas so I did tasted them but I don't know I got gluten again. I am scared to use it for my dinner. It's my first gluten free in my life. I don't know what is 282 stand for I wish it was non grain one. I will eat it tonight good willing but if it's effected me then I won't use it jeez what a nightmare! Can someone tell me what is hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ?? I wish they make it certified gluten free bread. I can't live without bread
Taste yummy
Glutened again, expensive feeling sick.

Great product, but what's with the packaging?

I absolutely love this product, in all its' variations, but the fact that there's no way to reseal the packaging is extremely frustrating. I cannot understand why they continue to stick with it, because apart from that, this bread ticks all the boxes. It's tasty, I like the texture, and I haven't noticed any inconsistencies noted by other reviewers. Just change the bloody packaging!
Good flavour and texture

Mouldy 3 days before expiration

I bought the country life gluten free multigrain loaf on 30/12/13. It had a best before date of 4/1/14. The last 5 slices had a large patch of green mould on it on 1/1/14. It was stored in an airtight container as the packaging is not suitable to reseal. It was one of the best gluten free breads I have tasted though. Not sure if I would buy this again as I had to throw out a large amount of the loaf.
Tasty bread
Expensive for such a small loaf

got glutened!??

Thought this bread pretty good for taste and texture (tho does stick together and packaging is terrible). However, I got glutened after eating 4slices. How? I know soy flour is a suspect source of cross-contamination as the soy beans are grown and harvested by same machines as wheat etc and grown in same fields. It claims to be gf but how is that tested? Won't be trying it again, tho, as can't risk another glutening.
taste, texture ok, fine if not coeliac
got glutened so not sure about the gf status.

Country life bakery gluten free multigrain

Taste and texture not consistent and unable to seal pack after opening it. Not happy with the seem to be
new look and taste. We buy this bread for the family and we need a loaf each day. We like the low GI as
well and the gluten free multigrain.
My family used to like making anything with it, like assorted sandwiches, toast, as snack on their own.
The thickness and texture changes and most importantly the taste has changed for the worst.

Nice and Moist

This is possibly the best Gluten-Free Bread that I have tasted since giving up eating wheat. Most of the GF Breads tend to be dry and have the texture of stale bread, but this one is moist and very edible.
I am not a big carb eater, but when I do feel like a slice of bread this one will do nicely.
Nice and moist, very similar to wheat bread.
Not a big fan of the packaging, makes it hard to store in the freezer.

Bring back the old products and packaging

I have been eating this and the other variations of this brand of bread for a long time and since they have changed recently am not as happy with their product. It does not freeze as well and the packaging is useless. You have to hunt around for a container that suits.
Please bring back the old version

Packaging can't be utilised

Well, I'm a first timer and it was the only palatable gf bread I have eaten. I do however agree that packaging is not practical at all. Just give us a plastic bag with a sealer :)I thoroughly enjoyed the new multigrain and the new white has improved twofold but I prefer to indulge in the multigrain, less sweet which makes it much more palatable.

Get over the packaging..

At last....real tasting gluten free bread. It's the closest to a sourdough tecture I have tasted in all the gluten free breads I have tried. It holds together well, toasts well and is fantastic. Don't care what the packaging is like. Well done Country Life Bakery. Can you make fome good multigrain rolls now please???
Texture like a sour dough.
Perhaps the loaves could be bigger.

Please remove soy!

Please remove soy so the rest of us can enjoy Country Life bread again! A few consumers are very fortunate in that they are not allergic to soy and for some strange reason actually seem to enjoy the taste etc...of the addition of soy to CLB. Be this as it may and good luck to them. Meanwhile CLB have lost many loyal customers !

Contains soy

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Questions & Answers

Is this Country Life Multigrain bread Wheat free? It does appear so when I checked the ingredients, but want to make sure, since I am abstaining from wheat.
2 answers
It's wheat free but it has other preservatives and addictives which are harmful and lots of people are allergic to it which including my myself.Thank you, I suppose something has to hold the dough without the wheat together & make the taste like a regular bread, so it has to contain something thats not that good for you either.

I live in the country. Do you feel that freezing gluten free bread is useful? I am in sydney now and was thinking of stocking up and freezing. It will be expensive chook food if it doesn't freeze well.
2 answers
Hi there Trish, Yes it does freeze well, which I always do. Just try and loosen the slices a bit before freezing though as they can be hard to pry back apart but the bread is fine and great to toast., SandyHi Trish, I agree with Sandy C - it freezes well, but As they can stick together, I pack in lots of two so I can just take out what I need the night before. Enjoy! GlutenfreeBear

Do you use any GM products in your bread?
1 answer
Are you asking this of Country Life Les? If so you will have to contact them.

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