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3.2 from 39 reviews

Horrible will never buy again. I want a refund!

The brush is awful. The mascara clumps up on the lashes and just makes the lashes look like one big blob.

Mascara isnt coming off

3 days of scrubbing my eyes with facewash and makeup wipes not coming off eyes are itchy and lashes dying

Needs a new lid, broken everyone I have purchased!

I absolutely love the eyeliner, however the lid is so hard to open that I break the eyeliner, since you cannot turn it back down into the pencil, only up, the eyeliner breaks right off! I have bought several and it has happened everytime!

Katy Kat Mascara.

The brush is horrible! Hard to separate lashes and get that full volume I was looking for, would not purchase again for this reason hard to rate the actual mascara.


I recently purchased " outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation" which promised a combination of primer, concealer and foundation in one easy step. I cleansed and moisturised and then applied this product but to my dismay it looked like I had applied water. There was No hint of concealer, no coverage whatsoever. I will not be buying or recommending this product.

Won't recommend

3 Years back, I used CoverGirl foundation and powder. 3 months later I make a new purchase for those two items and I broke out bad with more oil on my skin and more blemishes that were like gives and black heads( same foundation and powder as I bought before). This year, I thought maybe my skin was really sensitive back than and oily. I bought a concealer of Ready, Set Gorgeous and in 2 days I break out in areas to conceal the dark spots of my eyes, redness of nose and little blemishes of my cheeks. Whatever they put in the cosmetics, it's giving people a really bad reaction. I don't recommend it with those who have oily skin, and that easily breakout, makes it worse.

Good everyday foundation

I have been using this for almost 3 week. I like it so far ..covers beautifully and long lasting up to 10 hours on my normal combo skin.
It is pretty comparable to estee Lauder double wear however with bit less coverage and less drying.
So far I m impressed with this product

Cover girl Lash Blast mascara

If you are like me, and hate unnatural massive looking lashes, you will love this. It is a beautiful black colour that makes your lashes be medium length with no clumps. I really like the natural look.

Liquiline Blast eyeliners

I have recently purchased a couple of these eyeliners. I have found the eyeliner is nice, however I am unable to sharpen it. It is frustrating and a waste of money. I want to take them back and get a refund but do not know where to take them. Purchased from Woolworths in Australia. Do not have receipts.

Nice in summer

Bought this because I wanted to buy a relatively matte foundation but nothing too crazy because I have dry skin. It's beautiful. I apply it with a stipple brush to get the best results. It really does act as a concealer as well on the days you want to go without that extra step. The only concern is it's still a bit pink for my yellow undertone. Don't get me wrong compared to other brands it's pretty warm but not warm enough. Still love it though. Great for summertime when I don't want my face melting off.

Love my Lippy

I've always had problems remembering to re-apply my lip stick and recently I have discovered the cover girl long lasting lipstick. While it doesn't last 24 hours as stated it does last throughout my work day, plus when you have a night out your lips stay looking great no matter how many drinks you have! Love the colour range too :)
Long Lasting

Covergirl Trublend

I use Covergirl Trublend Liquid foundation in ivory and it's the best foundation I've ever used. It has great coverage and when I'm wearing it, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing foundation because it's so lightweight. It stays on during the day altthough I haven't worn it during the hotter weather so I don't know if it stays on in Summer. It's just a really good foundation though. I've had problems with finding foundation that doesn't look orange on my face but this one doesn't at all, it matches my skin perfectly. Would highly recommend.
Good coverage, lightweight, doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation at all, doesn't irritate my skin, matches my skin tone perfectly, affordable.

Covergirl - burnt face

I recently bought covergirls 'Clean' for normal skin to try as I have never tried their products before. I used this product for a day before realizing a tingly, sting on my face. When I removed the makeup that night my cheeks were completely red and inflamed. When I woke up the next morning I had noticeable burns on my cheeks and they are still quite raw and sore :( very disappointing
Nice colour
Painful to wear, came off very easily

Mis-leading Eyeliner Product Name

I recently bought the Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeliner and chose the vibrant pearl colour thinking that it was white! It was so misleading as it turned out to be black! I have been to the official covergirl website and have seen numerous complaints in regards to this. Please do something about it as you just wasted my $14. Thank you.
Misleading and colour.


CoverGirl is my number one brand when it comes to lipgloss and mascara.
After seeing all the commercials and getting suggestions from a few friends to buy the Lash Blast Fushion mascara, I brought one from my nearest Big W.
And I absoloutely love it! It adds volume to the lashes making them look longer and thicker. It goes on really easily and doesn't clump up or go flaky.
A few people have complained that it doesn't work for them, that is clumps up and goes all globby, but I think this is cause a) they don't apply it properly or b) it's just not the right type of mascara for them.
Overall, I really do love the CoverGirl products and think they've improved a lot from what they used to be in the past..
Inexpensive, reliable, long lasting, great products.
Can be hard to track down the product you are looking for.

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I must agree that Covergirl is the number one product for mascara. I don't agree so much for lip gloss. I been using Cover Girl since junior high. I tried several mascaras offered by CG but I love most the Lash Blast collection because it doesn't clumps and really separate the lashes. It gives you beautiful volume and boldness.

long lastinglip colour works!!!!

I really like the product but I can never get the same colour product twice...
This is extremely frustrating.... How can you recomend something when its such a hastle to get the colour that you want to wear??
I loved the fact that it does last for hours after application
No store sells the same product numbers regularly... If they did itd be a "highly recommended"


Few months ago I bought a Mascara by Covergirl in an Orange Tube. I think It's called Lash Blast. It did nothing but clog up my lashes. It was the Worst Mascara I have ever used. I was better off not wearing any mascara then putting this cheap and nasty stuff on my lashes. Another dissapointment is there narrow range in foundation colours. I would never buy covergirl or recommend it to anybody. Nothing wrong with not paying big money for makeup but if you buy anything from Covergirl you are wasting your money! Stay away!!
There isn't any
Too many too list


The only product I continue using from covergirl is their under-eye concealer - which is much better than anything else I've tried from other, more expensive brands. Although, this product is a pairing with Olay - so maybe that explains the quality.
Their Covergirl and Olay "Simply Ageless Under Eye Concealer" is the best eye concealer I've used, but I'm not really a fan of their other products. their products are usually cheaper than other brands.
I find their lipstick dry and the overall quality of their is some-what poorer than their competitors. I guess this is what makes their brand usually cheaper than other brands.


The products I have used have worked well and I have bought them a couple of times. I havent had any bad experiences with any of the Covergirl products, and the powder compact is my all-time favourite because it smell so great and enticing.
This is a good make up and I have used the compact, eyeliner and lipsticks regularly. They arent too expensive, and I love the smell of the powder in the compact!
It is a bit cheaper than the other major brands and can often be found on sale or special in speciality shops like Priceline, and then you can accumulate points for this purchase anyway.


I have been using the liquid foundation since I was a teenager. I used to use the foundtaion in the glass bottles when I was young and found them a bit messy but now I use the Advanced Radiace in the plastic pump. I love the pump as it is really easy to use and not messy, also you use ALL the foundation, none is wasted. I find that the foundtaion is best when new but still is pretty good down to the last drop. I like this foundation as I don't like the caked on makeup look and this is a light makeup but enough to hide imperfectins. If you want ongoing coverage you would probably have to apply later in the day. I find it this works ok even if you had used a powder over top. Speaking of powder I also use the pressed powder by Cover Girl and have for years and years. It's perect for what I want. The only con being that the powder outlasts the powder 'puff' for want of a better word. I normally have to replace it but is cheap to do so.
Cheap but good quality product that I have been using for years.
The name Cover Girl (don't really like it).

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