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Cruelty Free Super

Cruelty Free Super

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Cruelty free fairy tale

For people who support the vegan ethos and want to find a 'cruelty free' way to invest their earnings, you're not going to find one on planet earth.

A glowing earlier review here said, "Cruelty Free in All Aspects." That's the sort of language that should be reserved for fairy tales.

The term 'cruelty free' doesn't bear any relation to reality, even for vegan foods (ie those that don't come from animals), due to harm in harvesting, crop protection and so on.

The name of the fund, then, is already a red flag.

CFS claim to be Australia's "only vegan superannuation fund."

How can they be vegan when most, if not all, of the companies they invest in aren't vegan themselves? It defies basic logic.

Just because you 'screen' to avoid the most obvious instances of animal use doesn't mean the other uses also all vanish along with it.

Take JB Hi-Fi for example. They don't avoid leather because CFS invests in them. (A quick search reveals they carry many leather products.) Do the staff avoid animal foods, clothes and so on because CFS invests in them?

The “Cruelty free healthcare” they invest in includes serving animal foods to clients. Healthscope runs hospitals throughout Australia. Do they serve exclusively vegan meals to their clients and use only products that don't require animal use? Answer: no (which you can verify by either searching on the net or visiting one).

They steer clear of “regional banks” because of their involvement with “live animal export, intensive farming and activities cruel to animals,” yet put some of their funds into BOQ (for example), who don't shy away from investments in animal farming, as you can see on this Facebook post celebrating beef week: https://www.facebook.com/179533188770736/posts/902720599785321

You can find more examples like this if you look just beneath the surface.

You might say, "But you can't avoid that in investing, there's going to be some animal use somewhere along the line."

That may be true. In which case the best fund for vegans would be one that minimises this harm, just as veganism attempts to do, is transparent about the problems, doesn't turn them into a marketing angle, and doesn't make the claim that they're the country's only vegan fund.

Aligns with all my values

Moving onto Cruelty Free Super was just another important step to take to live as close to cruelty free as possible. I couldn't continue staying with a fund when I knew the money was being made through investments in abhorrent industries. Performance isn't everything to me, but I haven't had any concerns with what the performance has been, and it's on the up and up the larger they grow. Once you know, you can't look back. I recommend everyone joins CFS if they care about the planet and her inhabitants.

Customer Service

Cruelty free and ethical super fund

I have been with Cruelty Free Superannuation for a couple of years and their fees and returns are equitable AND they don't invest in the abuse of animals or people.

Cruelty Free in All Aspects of Life

I have been with Cruelty Free Super for three years and have nothing but praise for them so far. I try to live a life causing the least harm to others as possible, so it made sense to me to include my superannuation fund in that philosophy.

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Thanks for choosing to invest in a more humane, and sustainable future Chelsea! And thanks for taking the time to leave us a great review. Don't hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any help. Cheers, Freya

Such an easy choice for an ethical future

As most I've tried plenty of supers out there. But when I came across cruelty free super it was a no brainer to let my money grow for my retirement, while supporting ethical and morally just companies that support a clean future.

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Thanks for your great review Tom. Glad to hear you're happy with Cruelty Free Super. We couldn't be happier to give Australians the opportunity to align their savings with their values. Cheers, Freya

A super supporting ethics as well as profits.

I have been with this find for the best part of a year and I am happy with the process so far.

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Great to hear you are happy Shane! Don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help with anything. Cheers, Freya

Extremely satisfied and grateful.

I have been with this super since it started in Australia. I have always been extremely happy with them. They are amazing. I'm so grateful they exist. I can't stand thinking my hard earned money would be supporting extreme animal abuse and exploitation. Thank you so much for existing. You're not only morally superior you are also highly reliable and trustworthy. I couldn't ask for anything better, you are an amazing company that is making a massive difference. I absolutely love having them as my super company.

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Wow, thanks for your lovely review Amy! It's lovely to hear such wonderful words from a long term member like yourself. We are so happy to help Australians in a more compassionate, sustainable world. Thanks again for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Cheers, Freya

The only super fund I’d use

I’m very big on voting with my wallet, and it’s important that my super doesn’t contribute towards animal cruelty. That’s why I’ve been with Cruelty Free Super for the past 8 years. It’s a great fund and has performed much better than I expected.

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Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Cass! We are so happy to give Australians the opportunity to align their investments with their values. Thanks again, Freya

Superannuation with heart and conscience

I advocate to improve animal welfare laws and open people’s eyes to the wonder and beauty of all life. I sign petitions, write letters to politicians and educate people on the truth of systematic animal suffering in Australian factory farms, abbatoirs, on live export vessels, in saleyards, shearing and dairy sheds, and so on. I donate monthly to a range of animal welfare organisations and volunteer my time to make a small difference.
These actions are intrinsically linked to my very essence - my values and purpose. It would be the very definition of hypocrisy to work so hard for change, yet mindlessly allow my earnings to be paid into a super fund that invests in industries that perpetuate animal suffering!
This is why I made the change. It may seem like an effort, but it’s not. Changing to Cruelty Free Super was quick and easy, and another way for me to indirectly advocate for animals whilst securing my future

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Wow Sue! Thanks for the wonderful review. It's so wonderful to hear about people like you, who are doing so much for the cause. We agree, super may seem daunting but we are working hard to make it easy for Australians to invest ethically and cruelty-free. There is so much financial power in our super, so thank you Sue for switching and using that power for good. Thanks again for taking the time to leave us a review here. Let us know if there's anything we can give you a hand with! Cheers, Freya

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Cruelty Free Super
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