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HESTA Super Fund

Latest review: She was very patient with me and she stayed on the line just to help me to go through the process systematically, step by step, and I really appreciated it. Thank

Rest Superannuation

Latest review: Tried to rollover my super out of REST eight years ago. Despite submitting a mountain of paperwork with the help of my new Super fund manager they still refused to release the funds claiming they

MTAA Super

Latest review: Been with mtaa for over 10 years and the customer service provided is second to none,very helpful with all my enquiries and they when needed extra information glad to


Latest review: I'm not sure how long but it's been a while i've been with Sunsuper. My super fund has been performing very good since i've joined, as long the market performs


Latest review: Not very encouraging to read the reviews when one sees the weight of opinion refer to long wait times on the phone and lack of response to emails etc. This is also my experience 10 minutes on the


Latest review: I had two meetings with one of their Consultants, he provided me incorrect information which caused me to have an excess tax bill of $4000. I complained to Unisuper and they offered me $79.00 as


Latest review: Account keeps losing money hand over fist. The recent changes don’t seem to benefit me at all, they could not have been made in anyone’s best interests. Any ideas of a good performing fun


Latest review: - I had 5 different super accounts and I wanted to roll them into one. All super companies were happy to oblige and made it easy with a click of the button- Excluding Care super. Care super made it


Latest review: Just collected my Super statements from my Apprentice days. $2000 of deposits, there was $700+ of fee deductions, of which nearly$500 were from CBUS. Goodluck earning a decent living in


Latest review: I joined them on 1st September 2019, my employer deposited very first payment $453.38 on 13th September, I then realised their TPD insurance premium was extremely high compare to my old super fund,


Latest review: In this time of internet and "rapid responses", for me to change my account holdings from, say "Shares" to "Balanced" accounts, I have to have the change in by the 20th of the month for it to be


Latest review: I was called by Tasplan to advise me of options and the staff were really helpful and really listened to me and understood my needs. Highly recommend very satisfied with

Kinetic Super

Latest review: Several years ago I contacted kinetic and asked them to cancel my insurances because I was already covered elsewhere. Almost 3 years later I discovered they had still been taking out almost 6 dollars

Prime Super

Latest review: Administratively understaffed obviously, unable to accurately and timely set up new funds, automatically applied for and withdrew insurances without my permission, and they also have an inability to


Latest review: Am a current member and I cannot even get hold of them to make a super claim. After 11 months of trying both via email and phone I'm now taking legal action. Put your super elsewhere do not go with


Latest review: Been with TWUSUPER (Pension) for 8 years. Recently had the necessity to redraw, took 6 working days to receive the transfer (my money dont forget) and 7 days to receive my requested "Centrelink


Latest review: If only I could give no stars for this company. Horrible! Deducted $485 on my account for insurance premium which is supposedly just $6 a month! And the nerve of cancelling my insurance after because

Cruelty Free Super

Latest review: For people who support the vegan ethos and want to find a 'cruelty free' way to invest their earnings, you're not going to find one on planet earth. A glowing earlier review here said, "Cruelty Free

REI Super

Latest review: REI Super have looked after my affairs for both my employees and for myself as the principle. The returns that are received are fantastic and whenever we have an issue they have been quick to respond

Club Plus

Latest review: Wasn’t even with them for a full day and was charged fees on top of fees with no service provided. Customer service isn’t helpful with every staff member contradicting one another with mostly inc

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