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HESTA Super Fund

Latest review: Have been in Hesta for 6 months and I don't have any problem with them. Everytime I have an enquiry the willingness to answer my enquiry. Very attentive and

Rest Superannuation

Latest review: Rest Super is the default superannuation plan for many retailers including most fast food chains. As this is the case, many young people who don't know/understand superannuation (myself included)


Latest review: Switching to Sunsuper was the best decision I've ever made! I've been a member for almost 10 years now and have found their website and customer service second to


Latest review: Not a member. Just wanted to enquire about rolling funds in and wanted to compare insurance costs with those of current provider. Didn't listen to a word I said, asked for my member number, and then


Latest review: Being self employed over the last many years I have built up more than enough capital up outside of super to look after me and my own well into my senior years. (Although there must be many with


Latest review: Everytime i login into this app it opens but cant check anything because the app constantly crashes and it does my head


Latest review: I have never been to VIC and Melbourne University. Because I am an employee of a university in Sydney. However, I received a letter from Unisuper on 19 March 2019 saying that Melbourne University


Latest review: Saw the Qantas deal of 20000 points with new Super account for new customer with Australian Super. Met all the criteria including new customer, amount deposited, within deadline of 5th May. Took a


Latest review: CBUS helped me become a member - went through the whole application process and guided me over the phone while I filled it out on-line. My superannuation is now being brought over from another fund

MTAA Super

Latest review: After having income protection tpd and death cover with mtaa for over 30 I suffered a significant injury at work and have been battling to get any response from them or help, please if you are with

Kinetic Super

Latest review: Several years ago I contacted kinetic and asked them to cancel my insurances because I was already covered elsewhere. Almost 3 years later I discovered they had still been taking out almost 6 dollars


Latest review: Unfortunately I was giving no choice to join Tasplan and at times I feel they don't really care about their clients. I can also give examples of how the senior management have treated some of their

Prime Super

Latest review: I am a financial adviser. I have my own advice licence so I can look after my clients properly and deal with any super fund on their behalf. In my dealings with super funds I have found that Prime


Latest review: Despite contributing every week for years, the amount in the account does not even remotely equate to the contributions made by my employer. No doubt the unions have made a backhand deal to force


Latest review: Waited over 40 minutes to get through, rang back again and waited another 30 minutes - with so many funds to choose from - I am looking

Cruelty Free Super

Latest review: Moving onto Cruelty Free Super was just another important step to take to live as close to cruelty free as possible. I couldn't continue staying with a fund when I knew the money was being made

REI Super

Latest review: REI Super have looked after my affairs for both my employees and for myself as the principle. The returns that are received are fantastic and whenever we have an issue they have been quick to respond


Latest review: Went through a difficult divorce and ESS paid out my ex with what they told me was MY money. As it turns out the money handed to my ex was a loan and they had me paying the interest. It appears all I


Latest review: I am retired, with a small balance of funds remaining in Legalsuper. To close the account I priority posted to Legalsuper a Benefit Payment Request with the required ID (must be posted, not faxed,

Club Plus

Latest review: Wasn’t even with them for a full day and was charged fees on top of fees with no service provided. Customer service isn’t helpful with every staff member contradicting one another with mostly inc

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