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Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness

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If I could rate it 0 stars, I would

Cancelled within my cooling off period, they charged me for another 6 months. I continued to email them to get it sorted, they finally cancelled it but have not refunded any money. No one will respond to me, I finally thought I had some luck, as a team leader started emailing me and he has now gone MIA and will not respond to emails. Such a terrible experience, it might be a cheap membership, but cheap is what you get.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Great people and awesome atmosphere

Joined Crunch Parrammata about 8 months ago. i was overweight and I went for all the zumba classes every day and it helped me to kick start my weight loss. worth the money i pay and also i can take a guest with me for free with my membership.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Crunch Bankstown

Training for 23 years I've been to a fair few of the best gyms in Sydney. From day one have not had a pleasant experience at Crunch. They are all about gaining as much members as possible. Money is more important than well being which ironically is why we attend a gym. Staff are rude. Equipment is always damaged. Benches are torn. Would not recommend it.

Join up for the year meant to give extra 6mth as paid in advance hit me with a fee again

I joined up for a year and paid in advance I was told you get 6mths extra free she hand write the extra 6 mths on contract but when it hit my year (12ths) I was told my membership finished. Didn’t get my extra 6 mths disappointed. I didn’t bother renewing my contract. Lucky it wasn’t direct debit

Value for Money

Absolute scam, awful experience

After 2 workouts I tried to cancel as gym was just too busy, queuing for equipment and then being watched by people waiting whilst you work out, classes were also booked out. Would only refund me $17 of the $80 paid despite being in the "cooling off period".... not cheap for 2 workouts I didnt finish!! Felt completely scammed, despite being way over capacity they are still advertising everywhere and encouraging new members, cancellations are obviously where they make their money!!

Value for Money

Value for money

Can't believe all of these negative posts! Mainly about cancelling! I cancelled without any issues, and had stay with them for another month as you pay 1 month in advance when you join... hence when you cancel, you effectively have v1 month left. But then on my last day of thay month, I renewed and stayed on my plan without incurring extra cost. I went to the Parramatta gym and they lacked enough Olympic bars, and somehow they were missing 90lb, 95lb, 100lb dumbells, lacked enough 25lb plates.... but all the other branches were well equipped.

I can't believe the value for money....$13.95, and you can bring a workout partner, and attend classes. That's so cheap in comparison to Anytime fitness ($14.95 per week) effing had limited classes.

Best value gym going around

Value for Money

Worst gym ever

Machines are always broken, it’s a way more expensive than they advertise it, staff is not really helpful, you can’t train in the training room unless you participate the classes.

Refund issue

I went to Bankstown crunch gym to downgrade my membership and they ended up resigning me and then charged me $138.50. I have been asking for my refund and it's been almost four weeks. I am gonna call fair trading tomorrow hopefully they can help Me. They do have some hidden charges which they don't tell us at the start.

Value for Money

Scam! They will "CRUNCH"your MONEY!!!

'They will "crunch your money"!!! They are ripping off members. I joined up, free membership and nearly 3 months after try hitting me up for an annual fee. They are not telling you this in the first day. have to pay another $70 .JOKE ! dont join they are scammers.

Value for Money

Rip-off scammers

The worst rip-off fitness. Due to my work I hadn't had a chance to visit the Crunch fitness for last 6 months while I was still charged for the monthly payments. I visited only twice in 6 months and had to go and work in a other city where no Crunch fitness branches. Called them to cancel my membership but asked me to come which I couldn't. Replied their email to cancel my membership, with no reply. And now they are charging me $150 plus administration fee and the only way to cancel my membership is to come meet them? Should've applied for small local fitness, rather than inflexible, rip-off business.


Joined up.yes free membership.3 mths after try hitting me up for an annual fee.told them there got 4 weeks advance off me when joined so let that run out and finish.no u still have to pay another $75 to leave.JOKE dont join they are scammers

Value for Money

Rip off

Just went down the gym like everyone else some for got their towels so they made us pay $6 a towel that you can get at Big W for $1. Also the staffs are snobby once they sign you up. They don't even acknowledge us.. Totally sh...t environment to workout at the gym

Value for Money

One of the worst gym in sydney

This gym is one of the worst. Many of their equipment are broken and they are not even repairing for months. Even they dont bother to repair the water tap also. They dont respond your request to cancel the membership.

Nightmare to cancel

I’m having an absolutely nightmare to cancel my membership. They are great and do everything when they want you to get enrolled , but once you want to cancel.. my friend, they have a pleasure to make it hard.
It has been a week I’ve trying to cancel my membership, sending email and trying to talk with the manager that is never at the moment to talk with me and not even returning my calls.
Am I’m not even mentioning the worst customer service on the phone ever, when the person doesn’t do anything to help you.. just being useless.

Value for Money

Crunch Rockdale customer service below acceptable by Australian standards

When my husband wanted to cancel membership after not attending but paying it for a year, he was asked to walk in and fill in the form. He did the form however we were charged $100 after what we thought was 'cancellation'. This money was never refunded to us, form they claimed had been lost, despite this walk in policy being in place to ensure forms don't get lost, when I asked for answers they said it is my word against theirs, and he was openly laughing on the phone. When I asked to speak to a manager, he said he was general manager, that it is us that actually lost form and so on, what a joke. When I asked contact email where I could send complain, he gave me their marketing email, so my complain went nowhere. After several calls and managers never present to solve customer issues, we were promised to receive call by another staff member, but it still never happened.
Anyhow we never received back our $100 that crunch Rockdale stole and they made us come in second time to fill another form to ensure they stop charging us.

So bad it’s laughable

I joined Crunch Fitness in Dee Why when they opened last December. I spoke to the lady at reception and said I’d like to join but my current membership didn’t expire til mid May. She checked with a manager and advised that since they are a new gym they could sign me up and start my membership in May. Great. I was really looking forward to a new gym after twenty years at my old one.

A couple of weeks later I received an email saying this was not possible and my membership would start from 10 January. I didn’t want to pay two memberships for five months so went into Crunch Dee Why and cancelled my membership.

I had paid $76 to sign up and three months later I am still waiting for my refund. I have talked to them at least a dozen times on the phone but still no joy. The problem appears to be with head office. For some reason I had to pay with my credit card but they can’t refund to the credit card or reverse the transaction? I had to give a my bank account number which I did but after six weeks they discovered they had the wrong number. Today, after another six weeks going by, they tell me they can only refund into bank account numbers with eight digits and mine has nine. I thought I’d give them my other account number which is Bendigo Bank, they also have nine digits. Ok, I’ll give them my husband’s St George account no and guess what, they have nine digits too.

How/when am I finally going to get this refund? How can a business get away with treating customers like this? From a business perspective it’s really stupid too. I would have been a very steady customer. It’s ridiculous.

Don’t go there. If you do, I get that’s it’s cheap, double check your bank statements and fight for your refund when they overcharge you.

Value for Money

Totally deceitful when cancelling membership

Would not take an email communication as sufficient evidence to cancel my membership said I had to fill in a form in person, seriously!!! in this digital age!!! Even though I had cancelled the membership was charged an annual fee and charges of $69.90 3 weeks later!!! Extortionate!!! To add insult to injury I was sent lawyers letter dated a week after I had paid my account including the fraudulent charges mentioned above, in full, demanding payment!!! I remain uninspired and will make it my business to post a crappy review every day on Crunch Fitness and their operation.

Decieftful underhanded and dishonest

I signed up for a FREE PASS to try the gym out.

For what ever reason, I never got around to it and this week I have recieved an email from a collections ageny telling me that I owe the gym money plus a $100 admin fee.

I have never set foot in the gym, never signed anything, never even spoken to anyone at the gym.

How is this legal? This is as bad as the Nigerian scams yet it's happening right in front of us.

Value for Money

No judgments????!!!

Worst customer service! A gym that uses a slogan of no judgments but they just simple kick you out because you don’t bring a towel. When they take for ever to fix equipment or to provide an excellent workout experienice. You’ll never go to a store while you doing shopping and an employee will tell you that you have to fold back again a T-shirt or put back on the sales floor the stuff you don’t want. That’s why they hire staff. I asked to talk to HR and they just simply told me they don’t give they’re phone number. So unprofessional and not recommended. I learned my lesson, pay few extra dollars and train in a better gym, there’s plenty!

Worst customer service & unprofessional

The most unprofessional gym company I have ever come across. I have called several times regarding an issue and left msg for manager to call back. I have come into bankstown branch and also voiced my complaint and was told manager will be in contact. 4 weeks later and Still nothing. They lie to you upon signing u up, but once u Become a member they start with the crap... Today i asked for head office number and was advised they can’t give me the email or phone number.
I ask u all to reconsider Signing up to crunch bankstown, Why would u if u don’t have a support or help contact number. I’m disgusted with the service and I’ve been a member for over 2 years...

Value for Money

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