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Crunch Fitness

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Totally deceitful when cancelling membership

Would not take an email communication as sufficient evidence to cancel my membership said I had to fill in a form in person, seriously!!! in this digital age!!! Even though I had cancelled the membership was charged an annual fee and charges of $69.90 3 weeks later!!! Extortionate!!! To add insult to injury I was sent lawyers letter dated a week after I had paid my account including the fraudulent charges mentioned above, in full, demanding payment!!! I remain uninspired and will make it my business to post a crappy review every day on Crunch Fitness and their operation.

Decieftful underhanded and dishonest

I signed up for a FREE PASS to try the gym out.

For what ever reason, I never got around to it and this week I have recieved an email from a collections ageny telling me that I owe the gym money plus a $100 admin fee.

I have never set foot in the gym, never signed anything, never even spoken to anyone at the gym.

How is this legal? This is as bad as the Nigerian scams yet it's happening right in front of us.

Value for Money

No judgments????!!!

Worst customer service! A gym that uses a slogan of no judgments but they just simple kick you out because you don’t bring a towel. When they take for ever to fix equipment or to provide an excellent workout experienice. You’ll never go to a store while you doing shopping and an employee will tell you that you have to fold back again a T-shirt or put back on the sales floor the stuff you don’t want. That’s why they hire staff. I asked to talk to HR and they just simply told me they don’t give they’re phone number. So unprofessional and not recommended. I learned my lesson, pay few extra dollars and train in a better gym, there’s plenty!

Worst customer service & unprofessional

The most unprofessional gym company I have ever come across. I have called several times regarding an issue and left msg for manager to call back. I have come into bankstown branch and also voiced my complaint and was told manager will be in contact. 4 weeks later and Still nothing. They lie to you upon signing u up, but once u Become a member they start with the crap... Today i asked for head office number and was advised they can’t give me the email or phone number.
I ask u all to reconsider Signing up to crunch bankstown, Why would u if u don’t have a support or help contact number. I’m disgusted with the service and I’ve been a member for over 2 years...

Value for Money

Worst Customer relationship

Worst Customer Satisfaction/relationship. Unhygienic, Smelly, too hot, air-con is not effective, so people might get sick. Machines broken. 1 Water dispenser only which too is broken most of the time. Cheap so the services are cheap.

Value for Money

Worst Gym -No air con- Cheap for a reason

No air conditioning, 33 degrees INSIDE the gym, Cancelled my membership and they didn't cancel it and kept Charging me fees

Cannot get out of the payments

I seem to have had the exact same experience as everyone else! I decided to cancel and did everything I could to do so, including pay $150 and I am still getting warning letters about outstanding fee's. @Sherry what did you do to get out of this awful gym!?

Debited too much and still waiting on refund three months later

Daughter signed up and computer glitch on the day at the centre meant two membership numbers allocated to her and we started being debited double for everything. Called the centre and they said they would fix. Nothing changed. Daughter went in to see staff and they said they would pass info to admin staff to fix again. Still nothing and it had been ongoing for 8 weeks by then. Used website online to explain problem but heard nothing from main office. Daughter when in to local gym again and advised admin guy who said he would send to head office for refund. That was over a week ago and still nothing. Called local gym again and they advised refunds only processed once a month from head office so need to wait. Great so we have been waiting since sept 2018. Ridiculous service !

Getting worst gym by downgrade

I agreed with that. I’m a membership since they were UFC gym. At that time, it was awesome and not too crowded.
They downgraded to Crunch and lower prices for new membership, this is like you are cheating the membership who are enrolled since they’re UFC. Then I decided to canceled my membership, I did pay everything on 21st December but today I still getting warning letter about my outstanding membership fees. What a ridiculous!

Awful Company - Don't Trust this one with your gym membership, it's cheap for a reason.

I've used 2 of their gyms due to the fact that it offers a very cheap membership fee - but that is for a reason. The gyms are tatty, the change rooms dirty and damp smelling with bad lighting and paint peeling off the walls. The gym has basic equipment and an overwhelming smell of body odour, sour sweat and old rubber.
I cancelled my membership (quickly) with them, but they didn't process the forms, and I've subsequently been overcharged (even with the bank blocking the payments). There is no head office, so no one is accountable, and I've run every gym and manager to get a refund and no one can do anything. Next stop is I'm calling in the debt collectors.
Just avoid this one at ALL costs.

Mentone branch - overall happy

Whilst the sign up process seemed odd / is coming across as an attempt to mislead prospective newcomers (failure of a staff member to provide a code one apparently needs to make use of the 3 day free trial and insufficient response to make good = offered merchandise!; no contract being supplied, odd stipulation about the alleged no sign up fee but charge a month in advance that one supposedly uses up when you cancel the membership.... ???) - this can easily put potential clients of and I guess the many negative reviews here reflect that. It's a counterproductive approach to increasing their business. makes no sense), their facility is quite good, clean, organised; the Mentone staff are very friendly and helpful (most of them anyway), the classes are really good (quantity, types, variety, frequency, instructors...) and I find it all a lot of value for money.

This disgusting customer service, double standard false allegations

I was offered a 3 day trial pass and came to claim it the next week but it was reneged, the customer service was atrocious. Rude woman [name removed] completely inflexible and non receptive of anything. false information was given resulting in unsatisfied customers. Would not be recommended by me to any of my extensive network circle.


Crunch Bankstown should atleast have Hair dryer in their changing room, as we many of us are going to office after gym and we cant bring ours everyday.

Low prices are a trap, do NOT fall for this!

Crunch in Alexandria used to be UFC with higher membership prices. They changed their branding and dropped to $10 per week (which you have to PAY to lower your membership, what a joke).
Not only this, but they have now made a rule that premium members can bring a friend to train for free in the mornings! So now all the machines and weights are used first thing in the morning, a time that used to be prime time to train to avoid crowds.
Not only this, but the staff are hardly there to open up on time, just this morning we had to wait 30 WHOLE MINUTES as the receptionist slept in. Sort it out, this is absolutely pathetic.

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JUST TO ADD TO THIS: 10/01/2019 - opened late again! I'm going to start logging down every morning that they open late until something changes, this is f*cking terrible service, I have things to do in the morning and because reception don't take their job seriously, the rest of us have to suffer!

Werribee crunch is trash

20 dollars for a casual to be spammed by emails with rude staff. Better to train at jetts williams landing and get cheap coaching from much more qualified/friendly staff

Terrible Customer service at Taren Point

If you are looking for a gym where you will be served by young unenthusiatic individuals that don't care about the members or have any respect for the place they work in then Taren Point Crunch is for you.
We signed up for a membership and the girl at the desk throw us a piece of paper to fill out and sign and didn't answer any of our questions or explain anything about the gym or the membership, when we asked about the payments and when they would be taken out of our account the girl had no idea what she was doing and just charged us $89 to sign up. 3 months on and we receive a text message saying we owe the gym hundreds of dollars...!!!! When we went in to speak to someone about the text message all we got was "Mate you just have to pay it". No apologies or clarification of why this has happened and we had to pay $110 to cancel our memberships. This was NEVER in the form we signed. Do not go here!!! The people that work here are extremely rude and have no care factor. Save yourselves the stress and go anywhere else.

Worst customer service sydney cbd branch

This branch manager is terrible at customer service. He totally failed. One day I was waiting for him for almost half an hour to talk to him and he knew that. He did not come to talk to me until i had to take the initiative. Even then he is very rude, behaved cheap. Nothing against the gym. It is totally because of this guy I would never return to crunch.

If you desperately seek a cheap gym go here

It,s not the best gym but if you have low standards for a gym and don't care where you go I would recommend it but there are nicer gyms out there.

Beware of this deceitful fitness centre when enquiring about your gym membership being overcharged!!

I called up to enquire about my account being over charged and a young girl answered the phone in a rudely manner (Liverpool Branch). While i was talking on the phone, she tried to cut me off by over power talking me on the phone. When i asked her what's her name and then she hung up on me! This ridiculous attitude of your staff is absolutely unacceptable. Very rude and naive young girl who has no idea about good customer service. I am cancelling my gym membership for sure.


Stay away - I tried to cancel my membership. I went into the gym. I was advised to send an email which I did. For months, they continued to charge me. Despite sending the email again as proof, the representative that called himself a 'manager' advised that this wasn't enough proof.

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