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Curash Baby Wipes

Curash Baby Wipes

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99% water baby wipes SIMPLY WATER

Do not use this product

I used these wipes on my own face to remove foundation. Omg.... my skin started to sting so badly I needed to run to the bathroom and wash my skin with water for quite awhile until the stinging started to subside.

These wipes should not be used on any baby.
If your baby screams when being wiped it is probably this horrible product.

Perhaps a damp facewasher would be the go.. at least then you know it only has water on it.

This product is so misleading.

When I asked the company what was in this product that would sting the skin so badly they did not reply ... ......

Best avoided

Used old tradional product for TEN YRS PLUS new formula horrible rip off

After roadtesting every single baby wipes on the market Curash was the best not only did I use on my three boys now all above 6 yrs old, up until the change in formula and wipe thickness I was buying in enmass in bulk to clean my entire house. It was the best in quickly cleaning small clothing stains as it happened. I was a customer for life. Not anymore and back on the hunt for something similar. As a family of five I would buy 10 packs a month. Really sad this company tries and makes their product like their competitor Huggies. Should have pathed their own suite of cleaning products let alone change something that was the best on the market.

The new wipes are HORRIBLE

I have been using curash wipes since my eldest was born in 2013. They were fantastic. By far the best wipes on the market at the time. Recently they have changed the packaging and the wipes themselves. The new style is horrible. They aren't nearly as moist and have given my baby terrible burns on his bum. Why would you change something that was perfect??? So disappointed that I now have to change brands and find something suitable while my poor baby suffers in the process.

Not wet enought

It’s food sized tissue. However it’s not wet enough. When I use it to clean skin it doesn’t feel so moisture enough. The thickness is ok. It can be used for floor, table cleaning too. I cleaned baby’s face with it and so far no bad reaction and seems fine. But I need 3-4 tissue for baby’s poo poo as it’s not so wet.

Old ones were better

I think it’s great the new ‘improved’ wipes are made in Australia. Unfortunately though, they are not as good as the old ones. I bought the old ones because they were super moist, gentle and I only needed to use a few. These are ok, but just don’t offer me a benefit over other brands now since others are also made in Australia.

Good, effective

Bought in a bulk box from Big W - good value for money. Found the wipes thick and effective for cleaning up baby. Would be happy to continue using these in the future. Pleasant fragrance, haven't found that they caused baby irritation. Handy pack size for putting in bag for taking out and about.

Loved the old ones, new ones are awful

I have bought the Curash fragrance free baby wipes for years and would have continued to do so forever (even though my youngest is now out of nappies I love using them to clean faces, hands and anything else) but their new formulation is awful. They are supposedly fragrance free but in fact have a terrible smell that gives me a headache and the quality of the wipes is poor - hey are thin and rough and not moist enough. I have found some of the old (great) ones and bought up but will never buy the new formulation ones again.

Burned my baby :(

Was given a massive box of these in late 2016 (pink packet) and when my son was newborn these were what we tried first. They burned his bottom and mad whom very red. We tried on our face/hands and boy did they sting. We felt terrible. We were given a single packet of the blue "water wipes" in curash brand too so thought we would try those. Same effect. Looked at the ingredients... How can you call these water wipes with all of their ingredients! We switched to cloth wipes and water and didn't have a problem after that obviously. Would highly recommend avoiding this brand. Baby's skin is just too delicate to use so many chemicals on. There are true water wipes on the market with 99.9% water and I've tested these on myself as we are due to have our second baby and wanted a pack of wipes to use in the hospital and no reaction. So will use those for a couple days and then cloth wipes again at home!

I like your old wipes better than your new wipes

Curash have recently changed the formula for their pink fragrance free wipes and compared to their old ones they are rubbish. They are now like the Huggies hypoallergenic wipes- in fact i’m fairly certain they are the Huggies ones simply repackaged. They now have a strange smell to them, are not nearly as moist as the old curash wipes and they’ve changed the actual wipes to a thinner textured material.
Overall not loving them and am very disappointed as I had been a loyal customer for some years now. When they stopped making the boxes with the pop top packs that was annoying enough but to now change the formula as well- BIG MISTAKE.
Curash I liked, in fact, LOVED your old wipes so much better than your new wipes.
Worst thing is- now i’ll have to waste more money trying to find new wipes to love.


Curash wipes are amongst my top 3 choices.They are so gentle on the skin.They are nice and moist.You only need a few ...unlike with few other brands I've realised I had to use much more in quantity.This is something that j will continue using cos my baby loves it too.

Good wipes on the go

I buy these in bulk and it is mainly used when going out.

The packaging is quite bulky but i manage to fit in my nappy bag.

No scent, perfect wetness.

The packet comes with the plastic open and close flap when you buy one, so i was very dissappointed to see that the packs i bought in bulk only has the plastic sticker seal to the opening, which don't stay on properly once opened. The rest of the wipes can dry out if not closed properly. Another issue is the wipes barely sepated when one piece is pulled out, the nwxt one tag along and requiresto be manually removed.

Anyways these are a cheaper alternative that you can buy in bulk. Good wipes even for the sensitive skin.

Thank you

Gentle on delicate skin

I've used curash baby wipes since my daughter was a new born I find them great, she is now 2 and I still use them. They are a consistent product where my daughter has never had a reaction. I find they easily clean up messes where some you have the apply more 'pressure' to clean skin. I like the size of the wipes as well, I find some others are too small. They are priced well although it is something I always buy on special.

Best wipes I've used.

I love these wipes. My little one is prone to irritation and rashes, but these are gentle on his sensitive skin. They also smell lovely and hold their moisture unlike other wipes. I do find the cucumber scent unpleasant. They are a great price and available in most stores. I also use them around the house for quick clean ups.

Best wipes in the market for us so far

Extremely happy with'em wipes. They are extra soft, smell nice, aren't tearing when pulling them out of the box, coming out one by one, not the whole lot like other wipes. Better to buy bulk from ePharmacy (chemistwarehouse), cheaper this way. Otherwise a bit too expensive, but definitely worth it.

Just ok

They get the job done but i find they are not as thick as other brands and seem a little smaller in size. My son cant use alot of products but was fine with these wipes. I would use them again but they are not my first choice. They were just ok.

Will never buy again

Why would you change something that was perfect. I always loved these wipes so universal have been buying them for years now. I'm so dissatisfied with new ingredience after they started burning our skin I'm going to return them and hope that people don't buy these for their precious babies or for themselves.

I prefer the old version

We have been using these baby wipes for years and I have recommended them to everyone I know! They have been fantastic, especially for my children's sensitive skin. I noticed the recent change in packaging, texture and quality of the wipe itself. I prefer the old plastic top because the new sticker doesn't seal well for long and the wipes begin to dry out. The new wipes now BURN when used on sensitive skin! I guess they changed these so they're easily separated when taken out of the pack, but my whole family has commented on the burning sensation.
If you're lucky enough you may still find some of the old stock in the stores, but for me, the new wipes are a downgrade. I don't think it's fair to pay the same price for what I believe to be an inferior product to its predecessor.

New type

I have always used Curash wipes but the ones I brought the other day ( 3 pack) have a bubbly appearance and when you wipe with them they burn . My husband has also found this as well. They certainly wouldn't be suitable for a baby on bottom or face. Please bring back the smooth ones.

Just be careful

I tried these wipes because my usual were out of stock.
They gave my baby horrible deep burns on her bottom, thinking she may just be allergic to something within the wipes I used them on my putter hands and face, both had irritable effects.
I would advise when using these, take extra care and monitor the results.

Best for my baby

Hi, we are blessed with our first baby boy and we tried using huggies baby love wipes but they dint suit our baby as he had nappy rash and then we tried curash this is the best for our baby as it's organic and fragrance free we are still using same though he is 8 months now.

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I wish to know the ingredient used to make this product and if anyone else can tell me anything about clean kids baby wipes?
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I cant remember which parabens, but it had some. I try to avoid using anything with parabens, I now use DermaH2O Waterwipes, which is preservative free and is water based, so no disinfectant properties but good for cleaning and keeping fresh.I'm not sure if the the soap free curash baby wipes have been discontinued or not / what you could try is reading the label or contacting the company that makes curash baby wipes


Curash Baby Wipes
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