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Britney Spears Curious

Britney Spears Curious

3.8 from 27 reviews

Avoid at all costs, because the stench is unbearable!

Avoid at all costs! is the message to The General Public, which shouldn't surprise anybody, seeing who created it! This fragrance, if you can call it that? is an intoxicating blend of shame and embarrassment, just like it's creator, so i suggest that you look elsewhere!

Unique but Subtle Scent

I like this perfume. It has a lovely unique but subtle scent and I think it is suitable for all ages. I'm 50+ and I wear it. More of a daytime perfume.

Nice for a teen

I wore this fragrance from the age of 14 to 16. It is fun and a really beautiful smell. The scent is not too 'in your face' so it is a nice light airy smell. However, I feel that the scent is suited to a teenage audience and is not quite adult enough for me now. Looking back, it was great to wear as a teen. Considering its price, I think it is perfect for this age group.

Favourite Perfume Ever

Despite owning the latest GUCCI & DKNY fragrances - Curious is by FAR my absolute favorite as it just smells DEVINE. I also love the price and the pretty bottle it comes in.

only thing i have noticed is that the scent often fades quite quickly compared to my other fragrances which is quite disapointing.
Smells amazing, great price
Scent often fades quite quickly


You pay for what you get right?? the price is cheap and the fragrance is too. i would use a $3 body spray before i buy my self a bottle of this agian. i got the britney spears 4 pack/gift pack because i love the other ones in the blue and pink round bottles and cant find the blue one in the big bottle. i wouldnt say its worth it
i like the shape of the bottle and colour of the bottle and its very cheap
the smell. it didnt suit my skin at all. It is like something i would spray in my toilet

Lovely scent.

This fragrance is lovely! It has the sweetest scent, and isn't too overpowering. I think it would be appropriate for teenagers and young women. It's always been very easy to find and at a really good price.
Sweet smelling and not overpowering.


I recieved this as a gift and the box it came in was just lovely. It envokes a sese of opening 'pandora's box' with the unique pattern and fold out action. The bottle itself is also beatiful and unique. The scent is wonderful - 5 stars, highly recomended.
Really beautiful box, sets the mood for discovering the scent. The bottle is also lovely - the bigger bottles have those cute applicators - the ones you squeeze. The scent is really nice - vanilla and musk that is sweet and calm but not over-powering.
I've heard of people's applicators breaking, but this has not happened to me after years of use.


I’m using it every day and am very happy to continue doing so. I love its scent and would recommend it to anyone.
Smell is just gorgeous, I’m wearing some of the perfume right now, its smell is brilliant and I am lucky enough to be able to wear it every day. I received it as a birthday gift and its one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. The bottle is absolutely beautiful, its colours and the special bead around the lid of the perfume with the little hearts is very unique and pretty. One of my favourite perfumes by far!
Absolutley Nothing.


I think that if you're looking for a simple every day scent and do not have a lot of moeny to spend, then Britney Spears - Curious is the way to go. It is cheap, smells good and also the smell lasts for most of the day. Unlike a lot of other cheaper perfumes which just do not last.
Fresh smell, it's hard to get sick of this product. The smell isn't too sweet or overpowering. Also good value for money. I paid only $25 for a 100mL bottle. Since it's cheap, it's good to use as an "everyday" scent.
None at all.


Simply had to ask this girl at work what perfume was she wearing which of course to a women is the ultimate compliment. She put her hand over her mouth and whispered 'Britney Spears - Curious' and rolled her eyes. We both laughed. I went out and bought some and really liked it. Would I wear it daily? Nup - however, probably one of the 5 perfumes in the world I acutally like (Clinique Aromatics, Rive Gauche, Oscar de la renta, Annick Goutal)
value for money. Keep a bottle in your handbag - makes you wallet and bag contents smell really nice.
the brand


this perfume, smells good, its really cheap and lasts most of the day.
the thing i dont like about it is, i cant wear it for to many concecutive days as i get sick of it really easily.
the packaging looks good, bottle is cute and its a light nice smell.
great gift for teens to mid 20's
smells good, looks good, cheap price
dont like to much of it


people think this is for the yonger girls,not so i love this perfume and it has a gentle bouncy smell to it. Yes it doesnt last as long as the other perfumes but then the price tag isnt that high either. i would buy this for my daughter and i know she would buy this for me, there is no recommended age group on the bottle so i say if you like it buy it and wear it.
I would say this perfume is one for all ages, it has a young sweet smell to it and that is why people say it is for younger girls not the case it is lighter and has a bounce to it, i love it and i have told people what the name of it is


this perfume is availible everywhere and a cheap price, it is very young and sweet (just like britney i guess). the bottle is georgeous and worth money just on its own. not a sserious perfume that you be admiting to people that you are wearing unless you are in the britney spears demographic (tweens). great scent for teenagers
cute bottle, cute scent


this perfume is ok but it is not my favorite. but i love the bottle it is very cute. i also think it is a good summer fragrance because it is not to overbearing.
the bottle is so cute
I find the scent to be quite a light scent that does not last all day.


When I first started wearing this perfume, I loved it, but then everyone seemed to be wearing it too (one of the cons of celebrity fragrances that drop in price suddenly) It is not overpowering, and has a nice soft fragrance that is very subtle, but sadly has no lasting power at all, fragrance seems to vanish after an hour.
The bottle is gorgeous, although I dislike the atomiser pump, but it looks beautiful sitting on my dresser. I doubt that I will re purchase this perfume, but if it was given as a gift, I would not be offended.
Affordable, gorgeous bottle, nice light fragrance
No lasting power, everyone else seems to also wear it


overall i found curious to be a decent perfume its a very casual everyday floral perfume. the perfume is pretty cheap and smells good too.
cute bottle, smells nice, cheap
for me i found this perfume didnt last aslong as i thought it should


With such a floral scent, it sets itself apart from other Britney Spears perfumes, and is pretty unique, provided you're around no one else wearing it. With a more summery scent, I think it would be a bit misfitting in winter, but it's sure that if you love it, it will get used in no time.
A nice, very floral scent that lasts a very long time. The bottle is simple and cute-- looks very pretty among a set of perfumes.
It isn't uncommon, and there's a good possibility that you'll discover a friend with the same perfume.


most of my friends love this product and i think that many of you would. it is produced in a beautiful bottle.
the scent lasts a long time. very popular. there is a cute little charm on it that can be put on phone etc. cheap and is a good buy.
i have no cons about this product.


very pretty floral scent, suited for young teens. i wouldnt recommend buying this for your mum or grandmother etc. pretty bottle adds to its appeal.
very pretty and feminine fragrance, a really nice gift idea for a young teen, the bottle makes it very girls and the little heart hanging bit adds a bit of glam and makes it seem a bit more mature. nice fruity sweet scent which doesnt over power, quite cheaply affordable.
started out very dear but is much cheaper now. the smell doesnt really linger the way other scents do, seems like tit would be better suited for summer as it s so light and breezy


A fresh, floral, slightly sweet fragrance which reminds me of running water. This is a pretty scent and really was a great one for Britney to launch her collection of fragrances with, it has been immensely popular. The scent is summery, soft and cool. It lasts all day on my skin and cloths, and would be suitable for any young women, in any environment. The bottle is beautiful, adorned with cute pink charms which could be hung from a phone or key ring.
The scent is long lasting, inexpensive and easy to find, comes in a beautiful bottle.
May be less suitable in winter.

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