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D-Link AC1900 Viper DSL-2900AL

D-Link AC1900 Viper DSL-2900AL

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The Dlink Viper DSL 2900AL is rubbish have had my second one go on me lost all internet and WIFI only got 2 years out of each one lucky there is a 3 year warranty on it and no wonder they stopped making them biggest piece of **** they ever made now going to try a Dlink AC2600 router modem hope i get better product this time or will be hell to pay lol

Purchased in April 2017 at Officeworks for $245.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Number of Connected Devices 9 devices
ModemD-Link AC1900 Viper DSL-2900AL
Ease of Setup
Wi-Fi Range

Really good bang for buck

Even though I purchased this on clearance from Officeworks, it worked perfectly out of the box. The UI is very simple making it easy to navigate for not so tech-savvy users. I haven't had any issues so far besides the one time when a couple days ago my internet just cut out for 30 minutes or so before it turned itself back on.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great value for router

My modem (cheap) literally exploded the other week after using it for 5 years. Ended up getting this beauty with a built-in Modem/Router. Super easy to setup and the wifi is super quick as well. Signal strength is the best I have found to cover our large home and cater for sometimes 8+ wifi devices.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Decent but outdated. Has its flaws.

Purchased this model whilst on clearance from Officeworks. User interface is relatively simple and the built-in wizard makes setting up the device pretty easy. As noted from other users, it has issues with its WiFi stability, especially its 5.0ghz connection. The initial model purchased was returned and replaced with a brand new model and had less issues than the one before, but still annoying to have had to replace it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Decent but not worth its RRP

The claims made against this product may want to make you buy it but once you have used it for a few years it does not live up to its claims. My ISP provided modem which is a Netgear CG3000v2 out performs this device when it comes to range and speed. The modem also lacks many advance features which makes it annoying for server administration. The device also gets really hot as well, so bad that there is a heat sink sitting on top of it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good bit of kit.

Excellent modem/router. It has good heat dissipation due to the vent at the top. The set-up software is great and easy to use. Has many features and being able to log in and view what devices are logged in is great. It's also NBN ready so you can buy this whilst using ADSL and if you move or get switched over to NBN, it will still work. I would buy this again.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A good product that does the job!

Purchased this higher priced and high powered modem for my home ADSL as I had a few issues with WiFi reception in certain areas, this modem fixed those issues and it hasn't missed a beat. The cylindrical design is ok, but I prefer the lower flatter modem that are easier to hide on a shelf. Everyone asks me if this is a 'coffee grinder' when they see it!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good Modem

Bought this to replace our old Telstra BIGPOND THOMSON modem that failed after about 7 years of use. The Viper is a very stylist looking modem and has the capability to match it. It was easy to setup, the signal is strong and we had no problems with it so far.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Best Modem

Best modem I ever owned easy to setup great if you have 15 odd wifi products to connect to it. Recently just upgraded to the nbn so I got rid of it really miss it. Highly recomend this modem over many others I have tried out. Comes with built in tiers so you can allocate bandwidth

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Perfect for adsl, non nbn compatible despite what the box says.

I bought the d link viper with the thought in mind that it's nbn compatible as I was in a rollout area.
Well I switched to nbn and guess what, because I'm fibre to the node this modem doesn't work at all with nbn and has no nbn port.
With that aside I scored it a 4 because for adsl it's amazing!!!
Wish it worked on my nbn...

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Easiest router i have ever set up

The best router i have ever used - no need for discs, easy install and my network/internet was up and running within 5minutes. Strong signal and has not dropped out yet for 24hours. Will report back if not good after using it for a few weeks. If you don't hear from me, then it means the viper is working as expected.

EDIT: Almost one month soon, router has been working non stop downloading all my xbox games for two weeks and not a single drop off. This router is proving to be extremely reliable.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A nice upgrade

Got this modem/router in boxing day sale.

Was looking for a decent upgrade from my original Telstra modem as it just wasn't coping with all our data hungry devices.

Got this unit on special at a fairly decent discount from Jb and at this early stage was well worth the money. So far it's only being used as our modem and is handling a pc, 3 tablets, 2 phones and 2 smart TV's easily. Streaming netflicks is much better with this modem with no drop outs or buffering when other users are using the internet.

All in all, happy with this!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Not worth the money

Unfortunately I purchased this unit today and after spending half the day trying to set up the wifi I sort help from my current provider who after spending over 2hours with me on the other end unable to get any internet to load on the device. We gave up and my main concern was with how hot the unit got, it could be a fire fish, I am hopefully going to return it and get a refund but I don't like my chances from this company.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Decent upgrade

I was able to get this on sale and seeing old tplink needed to be reboot daily then a welcome upgrade.
Sadly it did not seem to make the Internet link faster like some reviews had suggested but added QOS that seems to work well with my ps4 and gaming. For its price I would have expected some more advanced features though. One downside is once all cables are plugged in the router upright as it's designed can be a bit light, this means it sitting up on a shelf I have had to support it else it kept falling over, better if the bottom was more weighted. It certainly has improved the wireless in the house, reaching further and those devices on wireless N and AC have bette coverage. Still not sold on 5ghz, still seems the 2.4 band does just a good a job.
Overall the design in nice looking and the DLink apps to control it s as a storage device work well.
Never drops out.

Think twice

Connectivity: Poor
Continually dropouts from his modem router. I have had Netgear N600 and a TP link modem working for a few years without any problems or dropouts. Upgraded to this and experiencing continual dropout. We live in close proximity to the exchange and using Telstra ADSL2. My dropouts are similar to those experienced in reviews of D-Link AC750 DSL-2875AL. The modem firmware auto upgraded to. v17 latest version although still drop outs.

Security: Average
Enabled CAPTCHA verification for admin access and killed admin access to the modem needing a reset.

Device connections: Excellent
Each connected device can be managed, although we have not tested if this actually works.

Wifi Range: Average
Little noticeable improvement on Wifi range over Netgear n600.
Speed noticeable faster using AC band although that is what you would expect.

Build quality: Good
Good design.

Software: Good
Easy to setup via wizard. Wifi has password straight out of the box so you will need to connect via cable to modem to set up

Overall, if you are still accessing the internet on copper, consider another option as this modem looks like it is too sensitive to line quality issues I.e Noise.

Update: - Default Wifi Password is recorded on serial sticker on bottom of device. - Have contacted D Link via email support with dropout problem.Update: - Connection Dropouts - Fixed?. Clear all default settings for DSL Modulation and set to ADSL2+ only. 24hrs no drop outs! DSL can be found at Settings>>Internet>>DSL.Update: A month on and no dropout issues.

It does everything better than I expected

I had some bad internet connection and poor speed issues, especially when I'm a bit far away from router( in the farther side of my bedroom,my house is 4X2, not that big)
I called Telstra for solving the issue, because occasionally, my internet speed was dropped to 4mbps. Despite all their testing and resulted everything was fine. Then I realised that the issue might be my router.
After I digged a bit on Internet about which wifi modem router is good, this one came into my sight. First of the impression was that the look, somehow I wasn't attracted by the so called Mac Pro shape design. Because it doesn't have any external antenna! When you look the pic of d'link taipan ac3200, you can feel the power and large rang simple from those six alien look-like arms! Campaign to that, this viper is like a mini Mac Pro toy!
Anyway, enough of the story of mine. Lest talk about this product.
First of all, speed, since I had it installed, I can play YouTube video on my tv, iPad , computer and mobile at same time without any problem at SAME TIME!
What's more? The large rang, I don't know how large area the taipan could covered, but this viper covers my whole house even when I'm sit in my toilet!( lol, it did cover before, but very poor speed) and this is enough for me. I did speed test at the farthest bedroom, and the DL speed could reach to 12mbps, which I'm really happy with( I don't have a good connection in my house, the best of result is 15.5mbps)
Anyway, this is the product works fine for me, I don't know how much better the taipan could be, but I do know the price is about $270 more! That's is a bit too much for me. Ps: I bought it from office work, really happy with their price matching, I found this product on one of the local store in canning val is about $319, and the office work offered me 5% more discount which bring the priced down to $303. Just for whoever wanna to buy this one, do some research and go to do price much, save you a bit money($73 saved for me, was like 20% discount).

Best modem/router combination I have encountered so far

Have had this modem/router for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed with its. Have tried some others (including the previous DSL2890 model) but none has measured up to the performance of my Netgear an have all be returned. However, will be keeping this one. Sync rate is consistently high which appears to be part of the reason my download speeds have moved from consistent 15Mbps to 16.5Mbps. Have experienced no dropouts or any other issues to affect its operation. Also, WiFi range around the house appears to be slightly improved.
The user interface is more user-friendly than previous ones I have encountered and is thus more easily navigated. Particularly like the ability where it clearly identifies all attached devices and allows you to specify scheduled time(s) of use. Particularly handy for removing late night access from kids. :>)
It's cylindrical shape with matt black finish allows it to be mounted easily in a variety of locations and is powered by a wall plugpack so no ugly "brick" supply to locate.
So far, only negative I have encountered is it does get somewhat "warm" so definitely needs to be located in an unenclosed area (however, this would probably be true of all such devices).

**UPDATE** 13th May 2017
Nearly two and a half years later and I wouldn't change a word of my original review. What I can add is how reliable it has been through that time. Never dropped out...never missed a beat. I can only hope that when it eventually fails, I can find a replacement that is just as good.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

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Can i use this modem for nbn?
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AC1900 Viper DSL-2900AL
Price (RRP)399.95
Product TypeModem and Router
Modem CompatibilityADSL2+ and NBN
Wi-Fi Type802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n and 802.11 ac
Band TypeDual Band
Ethernet Ports3
USB Ports2

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  • GTIN12: 790069408083
  • MPN: DSL2900AL

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