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Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy

3.9 from 75 reviews

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Lemon Cream - not a fan

The yoghurt was creamy, but I found it to be way too sweet. Also, the lemon flavour didn't taste quite right, and after reading the contents found that it used lemon juice concentrate. If I were to compare it to the Chobani lemon joghurt, Chobani is the clear winner. Chobani uses a lemon curd with bits of lemon rind to enhance the flavour, which sits at the bottom of the tub, you can mix it at your own discretion and is never too sweet.
Very disappointed with the Dairy Farmers version, I won't be buying again... makes it hard to support local farmers.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths for $1.25.

Apricot with Vanilla Bean

Best flavour for this yoghurt Apricot its really my favourite and it's not in the large size hope this isn't just a limited flavour. Would really recommend Dairy Farmers Thick N Creamy Apricot My Favorite!

Purchased in July 2019.

This is a great Aussie product

Love the caramelised fig yoghurt, absolutely delicious. Great Aussie product. Much better than chobani or other main brands available on the market. Buy Aussie

Absolutely delicious Dairy Farmers

I absolutely love Dairy Farmers Thick and creamy caramelised Fig and Honeybox yogurt. Tastes like heaven. I love it to bits Yummy.

I love lemon cream yogurt

I love and i mean love this yogurt...... but you need to make the Lemon Cream in the larger tub!!

Apricot and vanilla bean

Oh my goodness this is now by far my go to at the supermarket, thick, creamy and smooth delicious snack that I can’t seem to keep enough in mh fridge as now everyone in the family also think it’s the best!

Best yoghurt of all.

Please keep dark cherry and rhubarb on the shelves, they are my favourite and very hard to get at times.

Mourning loss of Dark Cherry Yoghurt

Disappointed the Dark Cherry yoghurt has been taken off the shelves. It was a delicious yoghurt with the real cherries mixed through ...please bring back the Dark Cherry ...we feel heartbroken!


We regularly get the Lemon Cream and the Rhubarb & Vanilla and we love them. I just wish that these flavours were available in the bigger 600g tubs since one small tub is never enough.

Not so good

My concern is, I had a small tub of raspberry and coconut yogurt and I almost swallowed a foreign piece of plastic that was in the tub. A health risk, someone could have choked on it.

Too much sugar !

I love your thick and creamy texture of the yoghurt, but I do think that there is too much sugar per serving. In the lemon cream yoghurt tub of 150 grams, there is 23.6 grams of sugar per serve, which is about 5 teaspoons ! I have tried your other flavours too, and find them all too sweet. Pity, as it seems like a good product with lots of variety and interesting fruits.

field strawberry horrible

I always buy the rhurbarb yougurt
Its yummy but you cant get it any more
The field strawberry has a nasty taste
And leaves a horrible after taste in your mouth
One review I red they said it taste like ant rid
I cant agree on that as I have never tasted ant rid before


DF, your Thick and Creamy Caramelised Fig Yoghurt is just wonderful. We have been buying it product for some time and have managed to get our children to start eating Yoghurt. The only issue is that Coles seems to run out of those quite regularly with no proper excuses. Woolies range always seems to be unpacked and shelved by the night stackers. Keep up the good work and keep the production flowing

Where is the dark cherry?

Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy yogurt is delicious. My introduction was Dark Cherry which disappeared from Woolworths, Coles & IGA after a few months. The mango and passionfruit, in large tubs, is now my favourite but it would be great if cherry reappeared

Blueberry Yoghurt

Please bring back blueberry yoghurt, better still low fat, I have gastritis, I live on yoghurt but I get nausea from fats. I am now unable to find your blueberry yogurt and it is benificial to reducing stomach inflammation. Please bring it back, plus your low fat blueberry was the best on the market. I live in yogurt, please

One of the best Yoghurts I have ever tasted

Each flavour is very enjoyable. My only disappointment is the loss of some of the flavours e.g. Cherry, Blueberry and others. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for this product.

Perfect Healthy Dessert

I wasn't a big fan of yogurt because i thought it was boring unless it had a lot of syrup and additives. I recently tasted the yogurt in honey flavour and the texture and taste is just bliss. Not too sweet but just simply yum!!!

So good

This is the best tasting yogurt I've tried and I especially love the creamy lemon but when will they make it in the large tub?!

Where has the blueberry gone!!!!!!

There aren't many things I like as much as the blueberry yogurt.
Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!! No one does it even slightly as well.

Bring back the cheesecake yogurts

Why would they stop making the cheesecake styles and lemon? They were the nicest of all the yogurts out there
Please bring back.

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where are the diary farmers thick and creamy light yoghurts available?
2 answers
Local IGA storeI buy mine from Coles

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