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Davidoff Cool Water Woman

Davidoff Cool Water Woman

3.7 from 20 reviews

Can you smell the stench?

This disgusting smelling fragrance, smells a thousand times worse than a dirty lavatory, so avoid at all costs! The opening notes are described as a mouth watering, fresh, fruity blast of citrus, when in actual fact, it is quite the opposite, so don't get sucked in by all this swiss firm's hype, because it's a load of rubbish!

Summer in a Bottle

An all-time favourite fragrances (yes, even though I'm a girl!)
The bottle is light blue and the design is quite classic, very in-keeping with the overall idea of the fragrance.
The scent is so clean, fresh and deep. Due to the depth of the smell, it doesn't require too many spritzes before you can detect the scent so it is quite economical ( although not always for me as I will wear it every day if I get a bottle!)
Its the perfect summer fragrance for me and I love wearing it.

Lovely fragrance, but doesn't last long

This was one of my favourites - It can be worn anytime for any occasion, however, the fragrance doesn't last very long, unfortunately.

Davidoff's new Cool Water rose fragrance line is truly beautiful as well (recommended for those who love Davidoff fragrances), but as the same, it doesn't last long either.

It costs $20-something [I got it from Priceline a few weeks back]. Had it cost any more, however, I would have purchased something else.

I think it's worth it for the price (I found all of the Cool Water fragrances to be around $25.00).

so cool feminine scent . . .

When I smelt it at the store I was very impressed with the quality of the fragrance. The scent is very pleasant and feminine. a lovely feminine fragrance that is perfect for women.

smells really cool. but only stays on shirt for 1 hour

i love the way it smells. but not holding up for more than just an hour. i will not buy again for this reason.
i give my choice for lacoste challenge for holding lot longer over this one.


Dividoff make great scents and this one was a favourite of mine for a long time. I now love an Issey Miyake scent a little more but I found this scent one I could wear every day. I do have sensitive skin so I can't use the moisturizers that tend to come in the gift packs which is a shame but I just pass them onto my sister.
It is a beautiful summer scent that is great for both day and night.
It is very strong at first, even if you just spray it in the air and walk through it. It does become more subtle over time though.

Geat Affordable Day perfume

I do like this perfume. Its a fresh, cool beachy fragrance. Its very affordable which is good. the only thing i feel when wearing it is its very middle of the road, its not a fragrance that makes you feel special or grabs attention, but it makes a good daytime summer scent.
affordable, smeels nice
doesnt grab your attention


A great perfume its a real everyday summer fragrance. I have to say when ever i smell this perfume it reminds me of summer and all the fun that i had whilst wearing it. Its a lot cheaper then a lot of the other big brand names whilst loosing nothing in smell. Great for everyday but not one i would suggest for night.
Great, summer fragrance. Its been around for a while now so has come down a lot in price.
The only problem that i have had with this is that the smell doesn't last i found myself having to re apply constantly which does become annoying.


I quite like this perfume. I received the bottle I have now, as a gift. I don't think I would buy it for myself, but would yuse it if I got it for a present.
It is a very unique scent which is unlike any other perfumes I have smelt. It is a flirty and feminine smell which tends to suit most people. It is often on special at selected chemists so try to get it when it's cheaper for good value for money.
I find when I first spray it on it is very over powering to the point where I can't breathe, but then it quickly wears off within a few hours and can't be smelt at all.


I really like this scent as it reminds me of some good times past - i think this perfume as a fun and relaxed atmosphere about it but i also think it appeals more to the younger generation.
I still have a bottle of this perfume and i always get positive comments whenever i wear it - i think it is more a day time, summery perfume and this is usually when i wear it.
I have seen this perfume on sale at various perfume retailers and i think it quite a good, well priced scent that i will continue to buy.
I like the brand and it has been around a long while.


I have smelt and bought many lovely perfumes but unfortunatley this is not one of them. Dont waste your money on this one, for less you could try Donna with Tabu.
I like the packaging thats about it.
I dislike the smell that it has, it seems to be a mixture of oils and scent which smell quite yuk, and you have to re spray if you like it, I did give it a go, But i just didnt like it or rather it wasnt me. I also gave it to my daughter as I thought she might like it but she wasnt over keen on it either, when i asked her why she said its just horrible, and thats really what i thought. A perfume is a special thing between you the female and the perfume your putting on, this one couldnt have done anyworse than it did.


this perfume has been around forever. it is a very fruity girl fragrance and can found everywhere which in my opinion takes away the specialness of the item. this can be picked at a really cheap price and also in gift packs. i would more reccommend for young teenagers that do not warrant an expensice perfume just yet but have out grown the cheap celebrity scents. as this is quite fruity and light it is definately not a stayer being an eau di toilet. great value perfume which would make for a great gift for a teenager.
fruity, summery
so 90's


I have been purchasing this off and on for years. It is fresh, quite fruity and lasts quite a long time. Over the years the price has come down a lot. The fragrance or the qulaity does not seem to have changed. The bottle is quite distinctive and is a pretty blue colour. This scent lasts quitewell through the day. I find this is a great, wear every day prodcut that I enjoy wearing more in Summer.
Good qulaity fragrance that is readily avaible on sale. Sale prices make this a cheap purchase. Stcoked by discount stores.
Not heavy enough for evening wear.


This fragrance has always had a place in my collection over the years. It is quite strong when you first put it on, but settles very quickly to a more subtle aroma. It is a popular fragrance, often when I am wearing it someone will comment "are you wearing cool water?" so it is a well known fragrance.
I feel it is more suited to wearing during the warm summer weather. The blue bottle is nice too, looks pretty. Very affordable fragrance that would suit almost anyone.
Nice fruity fresh fragrance, affordable
Popular, so don't expect to feel unique wearing it


I like this fragrance. It has a very girly fragrance and is easily available on chemists and departmental stores. It isnt a very costly item and can easily be afforded. However it doesnt have a very glam about it. It is a bit too ordinary day to day kinds of fragrance. I like the price it is offered at and reckon it can be easily bought and used pretty much every day. Of all the Davidoff fragrances, the Cool Water Woman is the best with a very girls, fresh smell that can be used regularly.
Nice girly smell and Not very costly
Nothing really


for the money spent i say why not? its cheap, smells awesome and cute bottle... i havnt heard a bad word about this perfume so it must be great. this has me thinking..... its time to go perfume shopping!!
Davidoff Cool Water Woman is a great scented fragrance at an even greater price. it has a really nice fresh smell good for day wear. i love the funky bottle. this fragrance would be a great pressie to give someone because its not too strong in scent, or just a pressent for yourself
that my bottle is empty. why must good perfumes eventually run out?


i really love davidoff scents, and cool water is my favourite. as the name suggests 'cool water' it really reminds me of the ocean and is so fresh. i used to love wearing this perfume out at night but it is also great for in the day. not too strong, really nice and subtle. i love the packaging and the bottle just nice and simple and elegant. i like to keep all my bottles so its a nice one in the collection. i would recommend this as a gift for christmas or a gift to yourself.
nice subtle scent that reminds you of the sea
none at all


i love this scent, it always smells so fresh and summery to me. i love wearing it and my customers love me wearing it to.
the smell every time i wear this scent i get lots of compliments from the customers at work (which are women so there not just men being kind).
the price i suppose, although i got this scent as a gift so it must still be resonable engouh as my husband wouldn't spend $2oo a bottle.


I was given this perfume by my boyfriend. The scent is just like the name suggests.. 'Cool water'. It's quite a refreshing and feminine scent. Not too overpowering or irritating unlike some other perfumes I've had. I try not to use it often as I don't want to use it all up, as it means I'll probably have to buy another one. I think with all the new fragrances that are being released, you can probably purchase this fragrance now for under $50.
Smells great! I have to add how much I love the bottle and the whole packaging of it.
Nothing. But why do perfumes have to be so expensive?


I got this as a gift for my sister on her birthday. When I smelt it at the store I was very impressed with the quality of the fragrance. The scent is very pleasant and feminine.
A lovely feminine fragrance that is perfect for women.

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