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De Lorenzo Tricho Range

De Lorenzo Tricho Range

Control, Balance, Sensitive
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    I loved it but now they’ve changed the formulation!


    I have been using this for 15 years and it has been the only thing that doesn’t aggravate my scalp. It cleared up the flaking and stopped the hair loss. This year I noticed my head getting aggravated every time I use it and terrible scaly build up like before. Turns out they’ve changed the formulation, so it’s back to the drawing board! If you can get any stock with the old packaging, buy it all!!! Not happy at all.

    40 years of suffering ended in a week!


    My scalp condition was never properly diagnosed - the closest we got was seborrheic dermatitis, but it wasn't really.
    After enduring sunlight soap, the hideous pinetarsol, alcohol based toners mixed with massive doses of hydrocortisone... I was so glad to stumble upon this miraculous product! It really has made such a difference to my life. I seldom use the toner, and might even drop the conditioner yet!

    Completely cleared my folliculitis


    Finally found the one


    I can not promote this product enough, some might I think I work for them but I don't and I wish I could because then I can get free samples :)
    I've struggled with a sensitive scalp for years and I've stayed clear of perfumed shampoos and have tried organic options but I was still getting the flakes and pain when hot water touched my scalp. With one wash I could tell the difference and within 3 washes it was nearly fully gone. Really can not recommend the De Lorenzo Tricho enough.



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    Another happy customer


    After years and years of trying different shampoos - medicated and non medicated, I think I've finally found a keeper. If you have problem scalp, please try this. I want lots of people to use so it never get discontinued. I'm so glad I have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that my scalp is happy with. Great fragrance too. Hairdresser suggested to switch to the sensitive shampoo and conditioner when scalp has settled. Love, Love it!!



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    Best product


    I have used this for 2yrs to relieve psoriasis and i love it. I recently changed to another brand on my hairdressers recommendation and my scalp has been a mess. I've again gone back to Tricho balance and immediately my scalp is better. Can't live without this product. As with the other review only complaint is bottles aren't big enough.


    PeterSydney, NSW

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    This is perfect and works well


    Itchy scalp will be relieved. Also if you put the cream on to any itchy parts like a mosquito bite. It will stop the itching as well. Very good product that does its job. You should try it.

    Best shampoo ever


    If you have an itchy or flakey scalp.. this stuff is at your hand. Delorenzo's tricho natural scalp theropy is the only shampoo I've found that caters for my oily hair, but also my dandruff.(scalp control pack) I am a hairdresser and I could go on and on with the technicalities of how the shampoo works (which also caters for dry scalp) but I recommend you buy it and try it urself. I promise you will
    be pleased! the fact that it comes with shampoo and conditioner and a leave in scalp treatment to reduce itchiness I between washes for only $40 I think is absolutely generous



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    Tricho conditioner


    I love using this product, my scalp is no longer itchy and my hair is soft and shiny, but have noticed since using it I have broken out in dermatitis on my body. I shampoo each day in the shower so it does run down my body, I can't say for sure it is the product, has anyone else had this problem please.
    Leaves hair soft and shiny



    After constantly finding myself scratching the heck out of my scalp due to psoriasis this is the only shampoo which helped to bring it under control and the toner is not oily therefore leaves your hair feeling extremely refreshed.i would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has an itchy scalp and dandruff. Thanks de Lorenzo for an amazing product!!
    Smells great and does everything you want it to do in terms of controlling itchy scalp
    Little bit pricey

    Best results yet


    I've tried everything for my troublesome dandruff. I get itchy flaky scalp that also goes to my eyebrows and nose. It gets so bad that I've needed prescription steroid lotion. A hairdresser reccomended this product and I brought the three pack to try, I use the shampoo daily and the toner at nights and it has been a miracle product, my hair has never looked so clean. It even stays oil free all day.

    The shampoo is enough I don't think the toner or conditioner is essential. I will keep buying the shampoo and instead us a volume conditioner as my hair is also very fine. It has been amazing for me and I would recommend to everyone
    Fixed my dandruff
    The toner can burn a bit on application



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    MsLiss41Sunshine Coast




    Jane01Sydney, Australia

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    Love it!


    I have tried soo many professional salon brands and this one by far is the best for my scalp and hair. It has made my hair extra soft and manageable, heaps less frizzy and my scalp no longer gets itchy or flakes anymore. It also smells nice and the toner feels awesome on your scalp. Love it!
    Love the toner. Feels awesome on your scalp!
    Bottles not big enough! Even the peofession size is only 500ml :(



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    Fantastic Stuff


    Not really impressed!


    Have been using Redken for many years but it was drying my Scalp, hairdresser recommended this to me. I used it, and whilst it did ease the irritation and dryness of my scalp it made my hair so damn oily that I almost had to wash it every day which I've never done! I've never had oily hair in my life and was more than able to only wash twice a week, now I feel too self conscious to wear my hair down, as it just gets greasy looking straight away. Its also resulted in a lot of hair breakage and split ends. I am saddened to say the least.
    Did ease scalp irritation and dryness
    expensive, caused breakage, split ends and VERY oily hair after just one day.



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    Questions & Answers



    I would like to get the kit, I need this, but I wouldn’t think my scalp is oily. And I have dreads. Would this be okay for me. Or is there a kit available for my hair type

    No answers



    Hi I have recently purchased the De Lorenzo Tricho Control for oily Scalp as recommended by a hairdresser. I have very itchy scalp and my hair get oily very quickly i have to was it every second day.
    How do i know if i have purchased the right De Lorenzo products. If my hair is oily does that mean that my scalp is oily?
    I washed my hair and found it was even more itchy the next day after using the product. How long does it take to start working?

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    I used the Tricho scalp control for 15 years and it was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago they changed the formulation and now it is awful and makes my scalp itch and get scaly build up again. I bought the last available bottles of the old formulation and will be devastated when they run out.

    Colleen O.

    Colleen O.asked

    I have been using trycho for years as recommended by my hairdresser since I had cancer and it has been wonderful l use shampoo mauve top and conditioner I usually go to a warehouse to get it but I am now a paraplegic and cannot get to thewarehouse I am in a wheelchair thank you Colleen OBrien

    1 answer

    You can buy it online. I buy from Salon Shop.

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