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3De Lorenzo Tricho Range

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Expert Review

Rapid review - what I liked and didn’t like.

Does a reasonably good job of cutting down the amount of dandruff flakes.
Reduces scalp oiliness fairly well, compared to other anti-dandruff shampoos.
Mild scent that is herbal and light - no overpowering fragrance.
Wins ethics points, as the De Lorenzo brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and uses environmentally sustainable ingredients where possible.
Inconsistent results - I didn’t get the same wow-factor, clean-scalp results after the first use.
The toner feels harshly chemical and when applied, gave my scalp a burning sensation.
If you just want the shampoo and conditioner, buying them individually is the same price as buying the Trio Solutions Pack.
Doesn’t lather up easily - you have to use a lot of product to make the shampoo and conditioner feel like they’re cleaning your hair.

In-depth beauty review - Tricho Range, Scalp Control

4 out of 5 stars


So, I have a secret... I can make it snow.

I recently invested in the De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Control Range because of this experience: A hairdresser took one look at my greasy hair full of lovely dandruff flakes, wrinkled her nose, and said ‘You need to change your shampoo.’ (I’ve never felt so exposed). Granted I was there for a wash and cut, but she did have a point.

Anyone who suffers with dandruff knows how embarrassing it can be. If you think it’d be fun to single-handedly make tiny little snowflakes fall at any time of year, with the power of your head alone, you’ve never had dandruff.

Dandruff has been the beauty bane of my existence since the age of 10. And at 34, as this hairdresser good-naturedly reminded me, it still is. So it’s no surprise that I had high hopes for this hair care range, especially as the hairdresser was adamant it would help.

About the brand

De Lorenzo is an Australian professional salon brand. The brand has a range of ‘hair solutions’ for men and women of all hair types, including hair care and styling products, as well as treatments. The brand is proudly vegan and cruelty-free. It aims to use natural ingredients (including certified organic ingredients) in an environmentally responsible way.

As a side note, this set was purchased by the reviewer independently, without any gifting from the brand, or any affiliation with the brand.

Does it work?


This 3-step haircare program (the ‘Trio Solutions Pack’) contains a cleanser, conditioner and toner. It’s a remedy for oily scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness and scaling.

It’s difficult to pinpoint any single hero ingredient, unlike a lot of other anti-dandruff products. But there is a hefty mix of both natural and chemical ingredients here, despite what the pastel green packaging implies.

The first time I used it, the results were amazing. My hair felt so fresh and clean, and I liked the natural herbal scent of the shampoo, too. (As my hairdresser said ‘You’ll like it, it smells very vegan...’)

I experienced no itching afterwards for days, and the shampoo lathered up beautifully - although I had to use a lot of shampoo to make it lather (this seems to be a common issue with natural shampoos, as they're made without SLS, or Sodium Laurel Sulphate). After 3 days I was so happy to note that I had hardly any scalp flakiness. At this point, angel choirs began singing.

And so after about 5 days my hair became mildly oily, but not the gross hair swamp of oil, flakes and itchiness it would usually be. I proceeded to wash with my high hopes intact.


I had to ask the angel choirs to stop singing.

I’m a bit disappointed that the shampoo didn’t have the desired results in the following washes. I’m not sure if my scalp gets used to a new shampoo really fast and ups its oil production accordingly, but after the second wash, my hair became oily after 3 days again.

However, the sheer quantity of sebum and flakes produced was still less than a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot). So this Tricho range was not a complete letdown, by any means. I’m just wondering why it didn’t work as effectively as the first time.

Maybe I just have high standards - my goal is to only have to wash my hair once a week, imagine! But I thought I’d heard of all the anti-dandruff products.The fact that I hadn’t heard of this De Lorenzo set, and it’s one of the best I’ve tried? It affirms that hope is not lost for the dandruff detesters amongst us.


The hairdresser who sold me this said a little bit of shampoo goes a long way. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case in my experience.

Since these products barely lather, you have to use much more than the usually recommended 20-cent coin-sized amount of product for it to feel like it is actually cleaning your hair.

I also needed a fair amount of finger-scrubbing and patience to work it into a good lather, and not without feeling like I'd used a quarter of the bottle to achieve this. Since the bottle sizes are relatively small (200 mL), I don’t feel like this set will last long - I’d give it 2 months tops with continuous use.


At the salon, this cost $70 for a set of three products. On the De Lorenzo website the same set is $59.95, with a flat rate shipping cost of $10. This means it pretty much works out to be $70 online and at the hairdresser's.

This might be a reasonable price to pay if I actually used the toner. In future, I’d rather buy the shampoo and conditioner alone. But I wouldn’t save any moolah, as they’re $29.90 each; $59.80 for both; and with shipping they'll cost $69.80. So we’re back to the $70 price point we had when buying the set, to begin with.

Where you can buy it

After searching on the De Lorenzo website, the Tricho Range is available in 20 stockists (all beauty salons/hairdressers) in my local area in north-west Sydney. I live in the suburbs, and I’m sure there are plenty more salons in busier areas or the CBD as well. It just depends on whether you prefer the convenience of picking up a set at a physical location, or ordering online from your couch at home.


22 reviews
cebadorekMelbourne3 posts

This made my dandruff much worse

This irritated my scalp so much and made my dandruff go from a little bit of flaky skin to horrible, massive flakes Show details
Value for Money
KookasburraGippsland, VIC2 posts
  Verified Balance

This is absolutely the only thing that has virtually cured my scalp condition of many years

I always thought I had dandruff and used every possible shampoo without result. I even asked the doctor who prescribed another product (which smelt foul) and made no difference. I have been using the Tricho Balance cleanser, conditioner and toner trio for over three years now. If I stop using it the problem gradually returns. Show details
barb b.
barb b.Far North Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive Control


This product was recommended to me by Hair house warehouse, I have Sclerosis, it made my condition worse and worse , terrible build up , would secrete behind my ears as well , My condition became worse and worse then switched to the sensitive one , which was no better , my scalp became infected , Which then caused Cellulitis down my forehead into my eyes , which landed me in hospital for a week  Show details
Value for Money
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AmandaCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

It works!

Until this, nothing had ever worked to clear my dry scabby scalp over the last couple of years. I noticed an improvement after a couple of days of using the 3 step system, and my scalp was back to normal after a week. The toner stung a little on the first couple of applications, but was fine after that. I love that I can apply the toner and blow dry/style my hair as usual without any residue. I’ll definitely be using it ongoing. Show details
KellyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

I’ve never used anything like this before in my life

I swear by these three products, especially the toner. I received this yesterday and I had thick scabs all over my scalp that were incredibly painful to remove. This removed all of it within ONE treatment. One wash. And it removed all the terribly painful scabs that Covered my scalp, that was itchy and let skin rain on me as I scratched.

If you have scalp psoriasis and absolutely nothing removes it, buy this. I’ll never be using anything else ever again Show details

Value for Money
SinclySydney5 posts

I loved it but now they’ve changed the formulation!

I have been using this for 15 years and it has been the only thing that doesn’t aggravate my scalp. It cleared up the flaking and stopped the hair loss. This year I noticed my head getting aggravated every time I use it and terrible scaly build up like before. Turns out they’ve changed the formulation, so it’s back to the drawing board! If you can get any stock with the old packaging, buy it all!!! Not happy at all.

Shelby2 posts

40 years of suffering ended in a week!

My scalp condition was never properly diagnosed - the closest we got was seborrheic dermatitis, but it wasn't really.

After enduring sunlight soap, the hideous pinetarsol, alcohol based toners mixed with massive doses of hydrocortisone... I was so glad to stumble upon this miraculous product! It really has made such a difference to my life. I seldom use the toner, and might even drop the conditioner yet!


Finally found the one

I can not promote this product enough, some might I think I work for them but I don't and I wish I could because then I can get free samples :)

I've struggled with a sensitive scalp for years and I've stayed clear of perfumed shampoos and have tried organic options but I was still getting the flakes and pain when hot water touched my scalp. With one wash I could tell the difference and within 3 washes it was nearly fully gone. Really can not recommend the De Lorenzo Tricho enough.

kbrinkma6 posts

Another happy customer

After years and years of trying different shampoos - medicated and non medicated, I think I've finally found a keeper. If you have problem scalp, please try this. I want lots of people to use so it never get discontinued. I'm so glad I have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that my scalp is happy with. Great fragrance too. Hairdresser suggested to switch to the sensitive shampoo and conditioner when scalp has settled. Love, Love it!!

BrookieBrisbane12 posts

Best product

I have used this for 2yrs to relieve psoriasis and i love it. I recently changed to another brand on my hairdressers recommendation and my scalp has been a mess. I've again gone back to Tricho balance and immediately my scalp is better. Can't live without this product. As with the other review only complaint is bottles aren't big enough.

PeterSydney, NSW7 posts

This is perfect and works well

Itchy scalp will be relieved. Also if you put the cream on to any itchy parts like a mosquito bite. It will stop the itching as well. Very good product that does its job. You should try it.

Monn E
Monn E

Best shampoo ever

If you have an itchy or flakey scalp.. this stuff is at your hand. Delorenzo's tricho natural scalp theropy is the only shampoo I've found that caters for my oily hair, but also my dandruff.(scalp control pack) I am a hairdresser and I could go on and on with the technicalities of how the shampoo works (which also caters for dry scalp) but I recommend you buy it and try it urself. I promise you will

be pleased! the fact that it comes with shampoo and conditioner and a leave in scalp treatment to reduce itchiness I between washes for only $40 I think is absolutely generous

TaraCanberra11 posts

Tricho conditioner

I love using this product, my scalp is no longer itchy and my hair is soft and shiny, but have noticed since using it I have broken out in dermatitis on my body. I shampoo each day in the shower so it does run down my body, I can't say for sure it is the product, has anyone else had this problem please.
Leaves hair soft and shiny


After constantly finding myself scratching the heck out of my scalp due to psoriasis this is the only shampoo which helped to bring it under control and the toner is not oily therefore leaves your hair feeling extremely refreshed.i would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who has an itchy scalp and dandruff. Thanks de Lorenzo for an amazing product!!
Smells great and does everything you want it to do in terms of controlling itchy scalp
Little bit pricey

Questions & Answers

Anshika S.
Anshika S. · Tricho Control

For the toner, do you use it right after washing hair or do you use it after drying the hair?

Talisa K.
Talisa K. · Tricho Balance

I purchased this for myself today, and have questions in regards to how often I use it? Is it every time I wash my hair or just every couple of washes?


I use it everytime I wash my hair .. I use the conditioner on my scalp and a moisturising conditioner on the midlengths and ends as I have long hair. I only use the toner occasionally if I have a flare up, which is almost never!

Rad · Tricho Range

I would like to get the kit, I need this, but I wouldn’t think my scalp is oily. And I have dreads. Would this be okay for me. Or is there a kit available for my hair type

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