5Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair

Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair

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5Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair

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Value for Money
Clears up scalp
Leaves hair feeling soft and healthy
A little goes a long way

Expert Review

In-Depth Beauty Review of Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair Shampoo and Conditioner 5.0

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How do I get rid of dandruff completely?

Good question. To say that finding the right anti-dandruff shampoo has felt like the quest for the holy grail? It wouldn't even be an exaggeration.

No shampoo I’ve ever used has vanquished the darkness of my dandruff for good. You name it, I’ve tried it - from prescription formulas like Nizoral, to stronger supermarket picks like Selsun Blue and Head and Shoulders. Let's throw in some natural 'remedies' too, like tea tree shampoo and Nature’s Organics shampoo. . No matter what I use, the dandruff always comes back within 3-4 days. Sometimes worse than it was before I used the shampoo.

Given that dandruff is so gross, this is a real pain. While I have straight, smooth-enough hair that I’m generally happy with, a good hair day can be derailed by a generous sprinkling of dandruff flakes.

And so I decided to give Bondi Boost’s Dandruff Repair Duo a go. There are so many glowing reviews of products from this Aussie hair care company - including their Dandruff Repair Range - that it was definitely worth a shot.

About this shampoo

Bondi Boost states that their Dandruff Repair range gives relief to scalps that are dry, itchy or flaky. The shampoo and conditioner are designed to keep dandruff away, soothe irritation, and eliminate the build-up of flakes through gentle cleansing and rebalancing of natural oils in the scalp.

Does Bondi Boost anti dandruff shampoo really work?

First impressions

The first thing I noticed when I pumped some product into my palm was the thickness of the formula - it’s luxuriously rich. This is not something you see much with anti-dandruff shampoos. They’re either runny or gluggy in texture.

This makes washing your hair more of a chore than an enjoyable ‘spa day’ type experience. Sometimes I just want to splurge on some random expensive salon shampoo and feel pampered - but fat chance if you have dandruff.

Or so I thought… Bondi Boost’s Dandruff Repair actually feels like a normal shampoo.

I followed the directions on the bottle to lather up the shampoo by rubbing a small amount between your palms first. It lathers up beautifully! I was shocked. I’ve never seen an anti-dandruff shampoo do this.

Then came the scent - Dee. Vine. It’s a heady natural cocktail of peppermint and rosemary, and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into some enchanted garden.

Since the lather factor is at 100, you only need a 20-cent coin size of shampoo and conditioner (maybe even less) to feel like this shampoo is really cleaning your hair. This is different from many other anti-dandruff products I’ve tried, where you need a ton of product as it’s runny and flat - and your hair still feels kinda dirty afterwards.

Not so with Bondi Boost, to the rescue! My hair smelled delicious, felt clean, and the bottom of my scalp was flake free immediately after washing.

After drying off my hair, it continued to be free of flakes. It was also clean of oil, and super fresh. I'd put Bondi Boost’s claim that this set will ‘cleanse and rebalance’ your hair to the test, and to my happiness found they'd hit the nail (or the flakes) on the head.


This shampoo has been consistent pretty much every time I’ve used it.

Sometimes anti-dandruff shampoos work like miracles on my hair for the first use (or first couple of uses). Then, it’s like they give up, and the willpower of my oily, flaky scalp overrides the ability of the shampoo to do its job properly. I found this with the De Lorenzo Tricho Range, which I also reviewed recently.

This didn’t happen with Bondi Boost. This set continued to perform even after weeks of use. It made me thankful for the industry experts that are consulted when Bondi Boost develops its products, and which includes a trichologist - a hair and scalp doctor.

bondi boost dandruff set against green and white background
The Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair shampoo and conditioner are the best products to get rid of dandruff I have ever used. Put these on a pedestal, please.

Frequency of application

Bondi Boost recommends that you use the shampoo and conditioner every three days. I found this recommendation to be spot on. Three days was the sweet spot - any longer, and some oil and flakes started to appear, and hair was a bit itchy again.

However, if you push it and wash it after 5 days (which I’ve done), the amount of sebum and flakes won’t be too extreme, compared to some other anti-dandruff products.

But tbh, I don’t mind washing my hair every three days with this shampoo. It’s actually an enjoyable experience, given the rich lather, yummy scent and effectiveness at cleaning your hair and getting rid of dandruff.


Both the shampoo and conditioner genuinely contain a whole bunch of natural ingredients, which I love. I prefer using natural products to chemical ones. And not just because they’re more likely to be vegan, cruelty-free and palm-oil free (which Bondi Boost is), but also because they biodegrade easily, and just feel kind to my body.

‘Greenwashing’ isn’t great, but lots of beauty companies do it. They’ll market a product as ‘natural’ when most of the ingredient list is chemical, with a few token natural-sounding things chucked in.

So initially I approached Bondi Boost’s claim of using natural ingredients with a healthy dose of skepticism. But when I had a good squiz at the ingredients list, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the majority of the ingredients are, in fact, natural.

Both the anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner contain plenty of replenishing natural ingredients, including rosemary, peppermint, jojoba oil, and sandalwood essential oil. There are eight certified organic ingredients here.

These formulas are also free from a whole bunch of nasties that can damage hair, like silicones, sulphates, parabens, petrochemical cleansers, and artificial fragrances and colours.


The Dandruff Duo - which includes the shampoo and conditioner - costs $54.99. If you’re buying the shampoo or conditioner separately, they are $34.95 each (so $69.90 together). So there’s a decent saving of $14.91 to be made when buying the duo.

For a dandruff shampoo and conditioner set that actually, consistently works, I’m throwing my wads of cash into the air for Bondi Boost. So yes, I would say $54.99 is a reasonable price to pay for what you are getting.

I’ve also recently invested in the Pink Salt Scalp Scrub and Scalp Therapy Brush, which are part of BB’s range for itchy scalps with dandruff. I can’t wait to try them out, and hopefully using a brush to apply shampoo and conditioner to my hair in the shower (instead of fingers) will mean that my hair stays less oily for even longer.

Where you can buy it

There aren’t too many Bondi Boost stockists. You can buy Bondi Boost products on the brand’s website. You can also buy some products at selected Priceline stores, but this isn’t a sure bet.


84 reviews
Ben R.
Ben R.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Verified Dandruff Repair

The best anti-dandruff duo in Australia, hands down

I've tried in an insane amount of product from Woolies, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, and they all seem to either strip my scalp back to the bone or don't actually alleviate itch symptoms. These seems to nail the brief perfectly - for someone who regularly washes their hair to get the grease and hair products out, these products maintain the perfect balance between clean and healthy. I rarely if ever get a flakey or itchy scalp, and as a result I've been using this duo for literally years. Show details
Value for Money
EllieMid North Coast, NSW
  Verified Shampoo

Amazing results after the first use!

I use to get bad dandruff and straight after washing my hair, I’d be picking it all out. One use of the dandruff repair and I couldn’t see any dandruff! It is Amazing!
My hair is also lasting longer between washes. Usually it looks oily after 2 days, not anymore :) Show details
Value for Money
bronstar1Gippsland, VIC88 posts
  Verified Shampoo
Value for Money
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Ellie S.
Ellie S.

The perfect shampoo and conditioner duo!

I have only recently started using this shampoo and conditioner duo and so far it is working very well. Also Bondi Boost customer service is great!
Kim G.
Kim G.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Scalp & hair have never been better

Finally I can wear black again. Scalp has cleared up after 3 washes. Products smell amazing. Has not stripped coloured hair & hair has never been so soft, healthy & shiny. Show details
Nicholas S.
Nicholas S.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Great for swimmers

Was recommended this shampoo (and conditioner) for an itchy scalp after swimming in chlorinated water. This shampoo has totally fixed the issue and has an amazing smell and feel. My hair feels stronger and the itch is gone! Show details
Value for Money
trianite18South East Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive Verified Dandruff Repair

Scalp relief and great looking and feeling hair

I bought the dandruff repair duo and scalp therapy brush, after using for 2 weeks so far now my hair feels luscious and soft. Itchy scalp relieved, dandruff gone. A little goes a long way so you won’t be going through it quick, Scalp therapy brush works well and massages scalp. Will be buying again! Show details
  Verified Shampoo

I’ve found my holy grail

I have spent years trying to find a product to combat my dry scalp. I purchased the dandruff duo in Bondi Boosts last sale. I can happily write I have found the perfect product that works!!! Bondi boost dandruff duo + scalp therapy brush. It combatted my dry scalp immediately and leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy.
Thank you for creating an amazing product!
I highly recommend this to all who are share the struggle of battling a dry scalp. Show details
paige.rundle95South Australia2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Life saviour

I’d been umming and arring about purchasing bondi boost because I thought it was just a typical instagram product fad. I finally made the plunge after my psoriasis on my scalp was driving me insane, I would literally itch until it would bleed. I am so happy to say after using the shampoo & conditioner with the scalp brush I have hardly itched my head. The mint feels so refreshing on my scalp. Very happy with my purchase. The bottles are just quite small for what you pay. Show details
Value for Money
PennePerth, WA
  Verified Conditioner

Not Suited to me

I bought the shampoo and conditioner after the first couple of uses my hair was still itchy but my neck, back and ears became itchy as well. After the third use my back was sooo itchy there was small welts on my back, arms, ears and head. My sensitive skin obviously not suited to this product at all...such a shame Show details
Value for Money
Songul M.
Songul M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Best Dandruff free shampoo ever

What an amazing product this is- I had a terrible itchy scalp with lots of dandruff saw the improvement on first week now free of dandruff and itchy scalp hands down best shampoo I ever used. Now my hair looks healthy, soft, shiny and dandruff free Show details
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  Fair Incentive Verified Dandruff Repair

Excellent - minimal itching after only two weeks

Nothing worked to relieve my itchy, flaky scalp - not even prescription medication.
In desperation I tried Bondi Boost products and from the first application I've not used any further prescription medication, I have minimal itching after only two weeks and I'm noticing a lot less flakiness when I brush my hair. Cannot thank you enough Bondi Boost....and for the 30% off birthday promotion - I've just ordered another two bundles. Show details
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Great product

This is a great product, combining both shampoo and conditioner has made my feel great, smelled great and no longer flaky on my head. Works well with the brush to scrub. Show details
Kylie Trees
Kylie TreesSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified Shampoo

Prevented not just dandruff!

This product was purchased as my daughter was starting high school and had chronic dandruff. I was so scared that she would be bullied as kids can be very nasty especially when her hair looked like someone had tipped shredded coconut on it.
I was hesitant at purchasing due to the cost of it but had basically tried absolutely every supermarket brand ‘dandruff’ shampoo.
I had nothing to lose, I couldn’t bare for my daughter to be bullied at high school so purchased Bondi boost.
It’s safe to say that the dandruff is 100% gone, her scalp is clear and she definitely isn’t being bullied!! Show details
becGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
  Fair Incentive Verified Conditioner

The Best So Far

I have used everything to try and control dandruff and this is the best product I have used. Will buy the shampoo and conditioner again. It really smells lovely and fresh. Show details
Value for Money

Questions & Answers

vishnu t.
vishnu t. · Dandruff Repair

How to use the dandruff repair ?

Rima · Dandruff Repair

Hi is this suitable to use on my 9year old? She has long and thick hair but her scalp gets irritated and itchy and that causes dandruff.

elena v.
elena v. · Dandruff Repair

If you have fine hair and found this product heavy, did you keep using it until you hair got used of it (became nice again) or did you never find any change? 3 washes into it and the dandruff has gone but my hair feels awful and looks like it's never washed, feels sticky even though I use only a tiny amount of product. I have to have my hair constantly tied up.



  • The Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair Duo fights dandruff, soothes irritation, and removes flakes while gently cleansing the scalp.
  • It’s free from parabens, sulfates, silicone, palm oil, phthalates, and artificial colours and fragrances.
  • The Dandruff Duo has a lightweight, non-greasy formula.
  • Those with coloured and chemically-treated hair can use both the shampoo and conditioner.
  • This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

Points of praise:

  • Most reviewers found that the Bondi Boost Dandruff Repair Shampoo and Conditioner helped relieve itchiness and clear their scalp up.
  • Reviewers said that it left their hair feeling soft, healthy, and shiny.
  • They also appreciated how a little goes a long way with the formula, which means that a bottle lasts a while.
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