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Bondi Boost HG

Latest review: I can't rave enough about this shampoo. I have very difficult curly , thick hard hair and in my 42 years have never come across a shampoo that works for me. I dreaded washing my hair ....until I

MooGoo Scalp Cream

Latest review: Used this for both husband and daughter due to dry scalps ! One of the only thing that has worked for them both - good consistency good price . Gentle for kids

Neutrogena T/Gel

Latest review: I used this twice a week for a month to relieve my itchy scalp. Between the days I'd use this shampoo, I used my usual shampoo once a day. It worked well and my scalp ended up not itchy anymore, less

MooGoo Milk Shampoo

Latest review: Hey everyone, I've found this shampoo to help me with the itchy scalp, which was irritated by the products I usually bought in PriceAttack, especially it got worsened after Muk and Nak. I purchased

Fudge Toning Clean Blonde

Latest review: I have had balayage done and by using Fudge shampoo keeps is looking fresh for ages, just keep in mind t toning shampoos can dry you hair a bit but this is the best doesn't dry out your hair as

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Latest review: Ive been dying my hair jet black for over 10 years, not to mention the every day use of a hair straightener. My hair is in relatively good condition, whenever it's feeling a bit dry I always refer

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle

Latest review: Yes, I am a Male, and hardly any hair now.... but my wife uses this - and it leaves her hair so soft and silky. She started using the Pantene "Repair and Protect" range with the Shampoo and the

Sukin Nourishing Conditioner

Latest review: 30yo male here. I started using Sukin shampoo and conditioner a couple of months ago the results have been life changing. I’ve had dandruff and scalp psoriasis my whole life (flares up in winter u

DermaVeen Oatmeal Range

Latest review: I've purchased this shampoo and conditioner to combat my itchy scalp problem and dry hair ( it has oatmeal in it that should moisturise your hair). What I loved about these products is that they are

MooGoo Cream Conditioner

Latest review: For years I was using a supermarket conditioner which seemed fine until I decided to change to another supermarket conditioner that would give me more moisture. Same brand just different type. A few

De Lorenzo Tricho Range

Latest review: I have been using this for 15 years and it has been the only thing that doesn’t aggravate my scalp. It cleared up the flaking and stopped the hair loss. This year I noticed my head getting aggravated

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

Latest review: This is the best Moroccan Oil I have used. After trying many that were full of silicone, fillers & made my hair dull, knotty & feel awful. You get what you pay for this is expensive but worth every

Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky

Latest review: I used the product for several years and the last 2 times I purchased have been terrible! The quality has changed it is thick and sludge like! It is hard to get any sort of lather and I will not

Natures Organics Organic Care Range

Latest review: I have used this product for several years. Recently the formula has changed so that the product is more liquidy and much harder to use effectively, meaning I have needed more shampoo to do the job.

Redken Extreme Range

Latest review: I have never posted a review on a product before, but with Redken Extreme I feel I have to. I was having terrible issues with my hair feeling dry after I had it bleached a couple of months ago. I

John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

Latest review: I used this after the shower. I combed my hair then applied to wet/damp hair. It made my hair drier and frizzier than ever before was like a massive boof ball with no definition of curls just a big

Natures Organics Fruits

Latest review: Bought my first, and last, bottle of the new formulation conditioner a few days ago. It is much thicker than the product used to be, which makes it difficult to apply, and one ends up using more

Palmolive Naturals Range

Latest review: I like this brand of shampoo and conditioner but not their scent. It washes and conditiones hair well. It leaves hair in good condition and doesnt irritate sensitive scalp. It even stoped my hair

Sukin Purifying

Latest review: I have been so disappointed with this shampoo. I bought this sukin purifying shampoo in a one litre pump bottle. For a start the pump is stiff and doesn't release for ages after it is pumped.

BaByliss Pro Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment BAOIL3E

Latest review: I tried this after a friend recommended it and really happy I did. it doesn't leave a thick film and adds a nice shine to the hair but not greasy. The smell is my favourite, and lasts all

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