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Decor Speed Misting Spray

Decor Speed Misting Spray

1.6 from 19 reviews

Waste of Money

Does not remove dirt but smears it around. I finished off with my SABCO mop & it was wonderful. Bought the Décor because of the spray bottle convenience as SABCO had run out.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Osborne Park. W.A for $26.00.

Early days but not hopeful

Removeable bottle? You are entitled to expect proper instructions on how to do that but Decor don't seem to think it's necessary despite complaints dating back several years. I guess they don't want to say "just grab the bottle and yank it as hard as you can"! Leaks? When you see the O ring seal on the bottle you will understand why so many people report leaking after a short time. Failing pump? Too early to tell if it will last more than the few weeks some reviewers have reported but Decor don't deserve any creditability if they have not improved this aspect since first reported, again, years ago. I'm kicking myself for not checking on Product Review before I bought it because I would not have had I read the reviews. Nevertheless I'll give it a go but if anything fails in the first few months, back it goes to the store.

Purchased in February 2019 for $30.00.

Not obvious not good

If it is not obvious/intuitive and you have to guess or go online to find how to remove the bottle to refill it AND it feels like it will break trying to remove the bottle then the product is NOT a good product.

easy to use

I'm very happy with this mop, I haven't had any problems, after using it for several months. I'm going to our local hardware shop tomorrow to see if I can get one for church. I like that I don't have to carry heavy buckets and that the microfibre cloth can be removed for washing, so it must be more hygienic than the squeegee type of mop.

Easy to use

Water bottle has a slight leak when unattached other than that the product works ok. It takes a little longer then a mop and bucket. My floors are clean most of the time so the mop pad was slightly dirty so I guess this product works but I wouldn’t use it on a very dirty floor. Great for cleaning small spills.

Trigger mechanism faulty

My first one lasted a few months before the trigger handle stopped working. Bunnings replaced it without a receipt and now after only a few months again this one has gone the same way. Shame as it is very convenient to use.

Doesn't spray after using 3 times

The spray handle doesn't return and won't spray - and I've only used it three times. Very disappointing. It's a great idea and we were advised to use it after getting new flooring as it doesn't use too much water - but just a bit would be nice!

Great idea poor design..

Like the idea and concept but would be great if the head didnt keep falling off, the bottle top split and leaks, mop pad doesnt stick to the head, very frustrating...

A waste of money

I struggled to open the water container. It was impossible. I went back to Bunnings and after a long struggle, a male assistant opened it.
It appears that you have to be a person with super human strength to open the water container. If you are elderly then forget it.


Worked perfectly until the valve, at the bottom of the bottle failed to operate properly.
Water in well proved the misting spray worked ok but cannot correct the valve????

Poorly constructed product!

Bottle won't sit properly on handle or receptor , bottle leaks, pump has to be worked hard. I do not believe my wife could refill and install bottle. Otherwise OK when it is working. May have to buy another but will keep the receipt just in case.

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Dissatisfied with the leaky bottle on the earlier model I took a punt on buying the new improved version on 10th April 2017. Worked well until today, 19th June 2017, when I spent about 20 minutes in an arm-wrestle unsuccessfully trying to dislodge the plastic bottle for a refill. Back to Bunnings tomorrow morning!

Poorly constructed..waste of money

This product should last you about 2-4 weeks before the plastic lever pin in the squeeze hand breaks apart. When I opened the handle by removing 3 small screws to inspect the problem I realised how weak and poorly constructed this item is. Good luck! Not happy.

Wasted my money. It won't work

It just will not spray. Not a happy camper. Bought it to use during our Christmas dinner. Felt like a real dill. Poor old Mum bought a dud. (Opinion from grown kids)

I like it - has a malfunction

Decor misting microfiber mop - A client had one. I used it and was impressed. It was the old model I bought in 2014/15 (no model no on it) because the resevoir was small and neat. A client had one. I used it and was impressed.
I like it. Swivel is amazing, microfiber will clean off foot grease from people walking barefoot on floors, collect dust & fluff like no other mop. We put balance Allign and Clear in the resevoir when we mop and the energy of the house feels so much better. BUT our trigger spray malfunctioned after a couple of months too,squeeze it sprays and takes about 3 mins to reload. I hope the new model is better. keep your tax invoice - if it breaks go get another.

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Sept 2016 the spray mechanism stopped functioning. The microfiber pad has been difficult to stay on the head for some time so I considered it the end of its functional life. Kept the pad for a spare and bought the new model in October 16 – I like the effectiveness of the pad for cleaning of tile, lino and polished timber floors. See how it goes…

It broke in one day!

I bought this 2 days ago and it was good for about 1 day and then it broke. I wasted money on the replaceable pads too, which I have already used. So all up I wasted about $50 on this mop. This is a great idea, too bad it is faulty.

Could be great but same problem as everyone else!

It is great while it works but the spray mechanism breaks within weeks. I was very careful with it as I was aware it was a problem as I had bought one previously. Far too expensive for such a flimsy product. I ended up buying the non spray model and am happier with that.

Decor speed misting mop- Faulty don't buy

Exact same thing happened to me. Used once great spray. Never sprayed again and water leaks from bottle. Very disappointed. I cannot find my receipt so stuck with it.

Broke after 2 weeks

Don't waste your money on this. I had it for about two weeks before the spray stopped working properly now the bottle has started leaking and will not hold the floor cleaner/water.. Annoyed that i did not keep the receipt so cant return it.. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

decor speed misting spray

Do not waste $29.00 from Bunnings buying this mop. It is the worst product for getting up dirt ever. The spray function is useless and does nothing than just make for a damp floor. Luckily I keep my receipt as its being returned straight away. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know how to remove the water bottle to refill?
2 answers
To remove the stubborn water bottle, stand on the edge of the mop with your feet either side of the handle and pull on the bottle. It will come out easier as your weight gives an anchor against the force of pulling the bottle.Thank you Ali. Without your tip - I'd still be struggling. Shame Decor couldn't include Instructions on the Pack.

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