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Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Latest review: As I am 77 I have trouble cleaning shower alcove. The hurricane does the job and I dont end up with a sore back. I used to hate cleaning shower before, now its a

Hurricane Spin Broom

Latest review: Unfortunately this broom is not very good at all. It hardly picks anything up and is very disappointing. Waste of money really. Traditional broom is much better and much

Sabco Triple Action Carpet Sweeper SAB22030

Latest review: This is the perfect addition to my household cleaning items. I use it daily and it is as good as running the vacuum around. I have pets and it picks up the pet hair and bits from the carpet. I am so

Decor Speed Misting Spray

Latest review: Does not remove dirt but smears it around. I finished off with my SABCO mop & it was wonderful. Bought the Décor because of the spray bottle convenience as SABCO had run

Vileda DuActiva Broom

Latest review: Have had a duactiva broom for many years and am very pleased with it. It sweeps well and keeps the dust at bay. It will even sweep up my loose sewing threads from my carpet. But sadly hasve been

Vileda Superbrush

Latest review: This is the best wash-up I have ever used. A brush with very sturdy bristles that cleans even the worst soiled dish or pot. And the upper tufts on the opposite side of the brush head are perfect for

Geelong Gold Little Bulldog Dish Brush BK4281

Latest review: I have used one of these brushes for many years and have introduced them to other family members including family in NZ. Unfortunately Woolworths (Top Ryde NSW) does not stock these brushes anymore

Tumut Millet Broom

Latest review: This little broom is perfect for getting into the corners of our apartment balcony where leaves gather. It was made in the Tumut Broom Factory in NSW. I previously had a millet broom from the

Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

Latest review: I never thought much of these mops until I had to use one at a job. Used it with Mr Muscle Floor Cleaner (using less than specified amount) and it is amazing how dirty the water is after mopping.

Sabco Palm Dish Brush

Latest review: I don't know why it should be so hard to find a decent palm brush for washing the dishes! The ones from Bunnings are utter rubbish, and this Sabco brush is certainly much better quality. It would

Oates CleanSweep Carpet Sweeper BS-MODEL2000

Latest review: My mum has had her carpet sweeper for years and does a good job so I thought I would get one. Bought this sweeper and it is a complete waste of space. Due to poor design, after using it for a while

Vileda Sweepmaster Broom

Latest review: Packed up before successfully cleaning a studio apartment carpet (less than 20 sqm) once! Such unbelievably poor quality, that I will never waste money on any Vileda product ever


Latest review: I love it! Using it every week to clean up cat hair and human hair on carpets. It works very well! I see a lot of reviews complaining about not able to wash and dry the product efficiently... I

Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush

Latest review: I could never use it with my baby bottles/teats as the bristles are just too hard. Maybe other types of bottles could work. It does an awesome job though on normal dishes for random things like

Bissell Professional Special Edition 52326

Latest review: Is this really Bissell? The Bissell Sweepers I knew of were actually bigger and had better quality brushes. The Special edition of The classic sweeper is not what it seems. .The last Bissell I used

Oates Millet Blend Broom Range

Latest review: My Oats straw broom fell apart within two to three weeks. I used it to sweep footpaths at my home about twice a week. This broom is an absolute waste of

Vileda Traditional Straw Broom

Latest review: I have always purchased straw brooms for years and very happy with the use I had from them. This is the first of this brand very disappointing. I will not purchase another one

Sabco Bulldozer Cobweb Broom

Latest review: Bought one, the brush snapped off the head of the telescopic pole after three of four goes, not due to heavy handling. So I bought another, same deal.. the plus is that the brush inside thread fits

Oates Maison Stainless Steel Toilet Set

Latest review: The quality of this range is rubbish, the whole set is covered in rust spots, big brand product, seems to be no more than polished tin. Don't buy it. It's going to land fill, that's all it's good