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DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25 / DDS 30

DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25 / DDS 30

DD30 PUMP, DDS 25 and DDS 30 COMBI
3.1 from 13 reviews

Purchased as a repaired unit with 1yr warranty.

Works as expected. New Zealand conditions of damp damp and more danp.

Not great in cold weather as delonghi rely on a PTC heater instead of HOT GAS DEFROST. I am sure as the oligarchy stipulate we actually create power into the grid they will implement this upgrade.

As we are going into a Solar Minimum (i know right....told "global warming" all the time). Units working well at 5degrees will become more important.

Purchased in June 2018 for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
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Room Type Whole House

Don't bother waste of money

It worked fine for a month and then it stopped working all together. I rang Delonghi and was referred to my local repairer who were totally rude and very uninterested about looking at the machine. was told to take it back and reduce the setting to 30% and should definitely work. That was their resolution for my effort to take it up there. Take it back home and try it again after trying it in other rooms with not a drop of water collected.
After almost three weeks of waiting patiently I took the initiative to call them up and was told it is working but will ask the electrician to have another look at it. Meanwhile I rang delonghi and at the stage I was very agrevated as I could sense both delonghi and the repairer were trying push the problem back on me. The conditions must have changed, oh we need to wait to see the report from the repairer so on and so on. I asked delonghi to call me with the report and that didn't happen either. I called them two days after they were meant to have received the report only to be told no report had been sent in and if its collecting a centimetre of water then its working even though for the first month since may it was collecting half a tank a day on 35% setting. Overall very unhappy with the product it is still not collecting enough even though conditions haven't changed and all my neighbours have the same humidity conditions. Delonghi Los trying to tell me it's not the machine I miraculously not live next to a rock face any more and don't have as much humidity. What a joke. Don't waste your money like I have

Date PurchasedMay 2018

It’s working

Humidity is a heaven for germs and dust mites. Humidity in Sydney is always high. I and my kid have allergy to dust. This dehumidifier is really helpful, about 5 liters of water in 24 hrs. 80-90% of our sneezing problems gone. We keep the humidity of 45-50. The auto funtion is good.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Fire risk

Beware. This product was working great and doing its job until it set fire to the house at 1am in the morning on December 6th 2017. My own actions saved the house 9 not without personal injury) Insurance covered the damage. It took 6 months to repair the damage. If you use this brand dehumidifier then do so aware of the risk.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Works ok but....

Indoor pollution, and the off-gassing of items inside the home, is becoming more and more talked about as being bad for our health. If you're the sort of person who worries about this kind of thing then you might want to look for a different make of dehumidifier - this one smells strongly like a toxic chemical factory. It's been running two whole days and still smells bad.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


Never used Dehumidifier before, researched which one is best for our need and decided on the Delonghi brand. I am tipping on average 9 litres of water per 24 hours cycle. My husband suffers pain when it is high humidity due to his spinal injury and this machine has given him some comfort.

It is so versatile to move from one room to another, It is great in the bathroom - bathroom hardly have any moisture after we have a shower :)

The laundry function is fantastic on rainy/wet days.

The cooler fan is great too.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good as a dehumidifier, average air filter.

We purchased this due to having asthma which flares up in the winter. We have previously used HEPA air filters without a dehumidifier which has worked great until the unit broke after over 10 years usage.

Based on a family recommendation we purchased this unit, which works great as a dehumidifier but functions below average as an air filter. We immediately noticed a difference in air quality & purchased a HEPA filter soon after which resulted in less flare ups with asthma.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Not as good as a CF 8E model

Small 4,5 L tank, the earlyer model CF8E and CF5E have 6 litre tanks that are far superior in use.
The moisture removal is slow compaired the early models, could it be the refrigerent perhaps.
I have purchased four of the DDS 30 models and none work as well as the older DeLonghi series, of which I still have seven of them in operation including one of the old pre-plastic full steel boddied models which is the best one, pulls far more moisture out of the air compaired to the CF8E which comes in second, DDS 30 3rd, and CF5E 4th.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Delonghi is much better then Mitsubishi...

We had Mitsubishi before no way near Delonghi.
Difference between them is huge very easy to clean and you can place it next to the wall and extract lot of water. Previous one I need to empty twice in a week this one everyday. Most importantly value for money thanks

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best All-Round Dehumidifier for Colder Environments

The DēLonghi DDS30 Combi dehumidifier has a modern and comparatively stylish appearance compared to its competitors. DēLonghi bills the DDS30 Combi as a compact design, although it would be more accurately described as short and stocky (fatter by depth). The Combi draws air from the front rather than the back, so partially mitigates the extra depth by allowing you to place it closer to the wall.

We use the Combi to combat the dampness of our cold and wet New Zealand winters. This particular unit resides in our study, which is about the size of a small bedroom. It is our second dehumidifier in addition to an old Mitsubishi MJ-E20PX that continues to provide faithful service after 13 years!


The recent model Mitsubishi MJ-E22VX is a close alternative to the Combi, however I did not like the 90’s aesthetic that Mitsubishi have clung to for so long. The old style LCD and membrane buttons of the Mitsubishi do not look and feel as good as the white on blue LED display and solid push buttons of the DēLonghi Combi. The Mitsubishi does however compare more favourably on warranty, quietness, brand reputation, and a more informative display. Both are similarly priced, high-end models for their respective brands.


The Combi has all the usual features that you would expect in a high-end consumer dehumidifier; a fully automatic mode, the ability to set preferred humidity levels and fan speed, a user-serviceable filter for “cleaning” the air, on/off timers, and a large 4.5L water container. The Combi does not have as many “special modes” as some other brands, however these are usually marketing gimmicks that are better achieved with less confusion through manual settings. DēLonghi have taken the better approach by keeping things simple, without compromising functionality.


It was the “Extra Power” mode that ultimately sold me on the Combi. This unique feature operates the same way as normal mode (in manual or auto), the only difference being that an integrated heating element automatically activates (only as required) when this mode is selected. Colder temperatures require a dehumidifier to expend larger amounts of energy, often with no real effect. Raising the temperature allows more moisture to evaporate into the air, so the Combi can use less energy to process more humidity.

In “Extra Power” mode, the Combi could easily replace a heater for a small to medium room, in mild conditions where the outside temp is above freezing. In this mode, the Combi may heat a room to a *maximum* of 23 deg C, or 28 deg C if the laundry boost is also selected. The actual temperature varies, but in my experience it maintains a comfortable range of 19—22 deg C. The target temperature can not be manually set by the user as it is automatically adjusted to achieve maximum power efficiency. Larger rooms and/or very cold temperatures may require additional heating to maintain comfort, but the Combi can operate effectively by itself.

The heating unit is a low power ceramic type that generates only mildly warm air, so it will take some time to heat the room. The low power design means the air never gets too stale or have that burnt smell of a traditional fan heater. Unattended operation feels safe.

The term “Extra Power” is a very poor naming choice. It suggests extra noisy fans or excessive energy use, but that is simply not the case. As far as I can tell, having an integrated heater is unique to the DēLonghi Combi. I really like it.


Although DēLonghi have regularly demonstrated a knack for good looks, they are not so adept at providing a good user interface. This is best illustrated by a few examples;

In manual mode, the unit displays the target humidity level, not the current humidity. Unlike the Mitsubishi, you have to press a button that only briefly displays the current humidity.

In automatic mode, the Combi calculates what it considers to be the optimal temperature and humidity for your environment. Although these computer-made decisions are quite unpredictable, the Combi manages to maintain a consistently comfortable environment (albeit with minor temperature fluctuations). When a machine is making all those decisions for you, it would be nice to know what it was aiming for (it won’t tell you), and what the current conditions are without having to press buttons.

The display goes blank when the Combi is in stand-by mode. Displaying the current humidity to indicate when a room is becoming too damp during stand-by would have been a better idea.

DēLonghi insist on making their appliances emit very loud beeps every time you press a button. It is an unnecessary and very irritating “feature” that can not be turned off. Our DēLonghi oil heater does the same. Operating the controls of a DēLonghi appliance is sure to wake anyone sleeping nearby. They are loud enough to be heard throughout the house.

The timer is a delay type, meaning you can not program a specific start or finish time, you can only set a delay before starting and stopping. It’s still useful, but I prefer to set actual start and finish times. You can not use your own timers to get around this problem, as powering off the machine will reset it to stand-by mode. To be fair, I have not found any other brand that does this any better.

The two-year warranty is acceptable, but pales in comparison to Mitsubishi service and reputation. It feels like I am taking more of a risk.


The Combi directs all airflow upwards and has no rotating louvres to adjust airflow direction. Although it would be nice to have the option, especially for drying laundry, I rarely used this feature on my old Mitsubishi. I have always found that pushing the air straight upward provides the best circulation. Rotating louvres often make an irritating noise when swinging, and they are just one more moving part that could break. I do not miss them.


All dehumidifiers are noisy. The Combi is no worse than most, but definitely quieter than some others. As with all dehumidifiers (including Mitsubishi), operating this machine in your bedroom will likely prevent sleep. I definitely notice the noise in the small confines of our study, however, you adapt quickly.


The water reservoir level increases at a rate indicative of fairly solid performance. Overall, the DēLonghi DDS30 Combi is an excellent performer in terms of removing humidity, maintaining comfort, and reducing energy costs.


The recommended retail of $749 NZD is significantly higher than the average street price of around $649 NZD. Some retailers will negotiate down to around $499—$529 NZD which, after accounting for currency and tax differences, is comparable to Australia. Briscoe's have sold this model for as low as $485 NZD.


If the annoying button beeps and lack of useful information on the display are not an issue, then this machine should be very high on your list. If noise or reliability are your absolute highest priorities, then consider a Mitsubishi.

If you need dehumidification in a cold environment, the integrated heating system of the DēLonghi DDS30 Combi may be more than enough reason to choose this model over the others.

The Combi is the kind of machine that you can set in the corner, hit auto, and forget about it. In winter, the automatic heater is just fantastic!

I have not owned the Combi long enough to speak about reliability. Mitsubishi probably has that edge, with DēLonghi being hopefully “good enough”.

I highly recommend the DēLonghi DDS30 Combi.

Worse than another 3-year-old model from Delonghi. It's either broken or complete disappointment.

We had a great old dehumidifier which works well and we were after a second but more modern. Bought this guy just to discover it doesn't really work as expected - comparing to our other one - this doesn't collect any moisture at all. 6-8 hours ~ 1 litre. Old one would have a 12L tank full in the same time.

DeLonghi are cheap and it shows

My dehumidifier has been back twice to be repaired under warranty, and it is still not working right. I dont think the workmanship is very good. The different positions of the switch on the front panel dont seem to make much difference to its operation. Even when it is raining outside at times it doesnt extract any water.

Awesome, very happy

I researched Dehumidifiers for a long time. We finally settled for the Delonghi DDS25 as the right one. It wasn't the choice of "Choice", but it was much cheaper. We bought it mainly to see if it would fix a damp smell in one of our rooms, but now use it on any rainy day as it dries laundry quickly and efficiently. It is amazing to see how much water it sucks out of the air, and it's various filters keep the air clean. Easy to use, easy to clean. Love it.

Questions & Answers

I own DES16EW DeLonghi dehumidifier and gets ver hot after 10 min running. It shoes over 30 degree when other rooms are only 25 degree. I wander if this is right, I can’t use it in my bedroom which is small at night?
2 answers
Hi I have the same one and mine also gets warm to touch. I used my old friends one and hers did not do this. It reads at like 28C when left on and percentage always reads a lot lower than the separate hygrometer I have. I feel that on a humid wet day it actually makes the room feel hotter not cooler because it heats up and the air is warmer than normal that it blows out. I would not feel comfortable to leave on unattended. It also makes gurgling water sounds. I wonder is it faulty. Have no idea really!Sorry I used my friends old DeLonghi and it did not get hot like this Des16ew machine

hi i want buy a dehumitifier,which on is best 1delonghi dds30 or meaco 25l because the house is 5 bed room and its corner house and lots of windows so pls let me know which one is good thanks vick
1 answer
Hi Vicki, I have the Delongi Ariadry DDS 25 so I would not be able to give you an opinion on the 2 brands you are asking for:( I do know that you basically have to have a dehumidifier for every room you need to dehumidify. If you have windows, and you get good breezes then just do that. I used the dehumidifier in our bedroom at night and in my husband's study during the day where there is not much breeze comes through. All the best Helen

Hi, Product is working well however we can't seem to open the water tank on the machine to empty contents. Can you please advise? It came out easliy when 1st installed (Saturday) and now it appears locked in place. Thanks! Maryanne
1 answer
The tank is quite "sticky" so what you need to do is crouch down in front of the dehumidifier and put your fingers, both hands, in the slots on the side of the machine (they are actually part of the tank) near the front and evenly jerk it out with some force. It should free up after usage. I must say its not as good a tank system as the older models, I do not know why they changed it, perhaps the stylists thought it looked better hidden even though it is a pain to open.


DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 25DeLonghi Ariadry DDS 30 COMBIDeLonghi Ariadry DD30 PUMP
Tank Capacity4.5L4.5L7L
Price (RRP) $449$499$599
Moisture Removal25L/24 hours30L/24 hours15L/24 hours

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