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DeLonghi HCX9124E

DeLonghi HCX9124E

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Overpriced, Plagued with design flaws and doesn't even WORK!

Works for a short time (sometimes 2 minutes later, sometimes 2 hours later) then suddenly shuts off and beeps until you switch it off at the wall. Switched off and on at the wall to start again, which sometimes works for a small time then cuts off and the beeping starts again and goes on and on and heater never starts again. Tried plugging into other power points around the house, but same issue. Then repeat the same whole story the next day. At $400nzd this was the second most expensive in the store (after the Dyson hot/cold fans). You would expect that at the very least it would be able to operate as a normal heater. But unfortunately, this is the WORST heater ever, do not waste your money on this crap that has the same convection technology and heating power as a cheap $30 convector heater from Bunnings. The only difference? The Delonghi looks 'pretty', but sadly doesn't even run for more than 2 minutes/hours (depending on it's mood that day).

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Fixed problem

2nd yr June. Started having the same issue as "Heater not working as described " found the timer being the issue. As the buttons are hard to see at night they may have been pushed. Delayed start and Delayed stop were adjusted and this stopped the multi icons coming up
Now running as it was. Heats a large room. Happy with the fam as this quickly warms up the air then you can cut it back to maintain temp.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Worst heater ever

Works for a small time then starts to turn off and the beep drives you insane. Switched off at power point to start again, works for a small time then cuts off and the beep starts again and goes on and on and heater never starts again.
About to throw it out at a council clean up.
Would never buy DeLonghi again.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Heater not working as described

Bought Friday (2 June) tested heater in store. Set up lounge / dining worked well 1st night temp @ 27/28 with fan for some of time. 2 nights later heater keeps cutting off with multiple beeps & flashing of all panel so switch off @ power point as the off button not responding. Unplugged & left for a while then plugged back in restarted & it happened again. Not happy. Have taken heater to HN (9 June) they have 'tested' in the store and can find no fault, H Norman saying it could be the power point that it's plugged into. Now i have to collect my heater and take home and if fault happens again i am to video with my phone! Disappointing as i have an older column heater which i was updating with this one and the column heater works fine works fine from this power point. Whatever happened to the customer is usually right. The HN ppl keep telling me that the 'testing' they have done shows it's fine and if they refund me they (HN) will send back to Delongi and if heater tests OK with them HN will not get their money back! something i didn't need to know. Ah yes the over sharing is a sign of the times.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Good but beeps are too loud

Good quiet heater does the job very well but if you want it to turn itself off of delay start the beep is so loud. Really annoying and you cannot turn it down or off . So if that’s not a problem then you’ll love it . If you don’t like noise then avoid

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Suits our requirements perfectly.

We chose this heater for a bedroom and while it is large for a 3x3 room, it operates so quietly with minimal power use that we were pleasantly surprised. Also keeps the room at an even temperature.. On a higher setting it heats our open plan living room. The heater is light, well designed and sturdy. We are delighted!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Very good electric heater

Very good electric heater bought to heat large living room during winter so as not to operate reversible air conditioner for sake of few hours, ceramic technology and easy to use controls, is very safe around young children and pet animals who cannot be easily burnt accidentally. Very good design and produces warmth very quickly.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Perfect heater

The heater is heavy and easy to store as all parts can be removed, it does not take too long to warm up. I could use it in bedroom or dining room. It does not take long time to cool down. it s easy to carry and good looking too!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Ok but not suitable for large areas

This heater performs well, but doesn't heat up large open areas well, such as living room. This is to be expected. Also, I found the controls not very easy to use as they're the same colour as the panel, hence it's easy to press the wrong control without having a good look especially if the room is dark. Plain simple buttons in a lighter colour (i.e. colour different to the control panel itself) would have been better.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Performs well, only minor issues

This heater is easy to setup and use. We use it to heat our 20sqm bedroom, which it does quite well. It is completely silent and does have a fan setting. One of the issues that i have is with the thermostat. I have a room thermometer which indicates the room is at the temperature set on the heater, however the heater will still be pumping out heat constantly on the highest setting. The only way I can get around this is if I switch on the 'eco' setting, which as expected immediately brings the heater down to the lowest setting or sometimes switches the heating off. The other problem being that the buttons are impossible to see at night, and because they are the indented touch type, you can't just run your finger down them and count to see which one you need as you will end up pushing all of them. Still a descent heater and would defiantly recommend.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Decent product

I was a bit sceptical before purchasing this as the claims seemed off. I reluctantly purchased it and was not disappointed with the functionality. It seems to heat up the room relatively quickly but I also noticed the power drain to be quite mediocre compared to its competitors. Despite this, it's a great product.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is WOW product

It is look Pannel heater but! has fan inside!
First day..I feel was soso hum...cuz any oil or ceramic heater could smell one day...
From 2nd day! OMG!
This product really quiet that I need to double check it has been turn on properly!
And super fast heat up the room.

Actually I hav one of this in my living room ..of course the sellers recommend that this size won't be enough to heat up big living room. But I need it for my son's play area in the morning. It heat up well enough! cuz where I'm living has not that cold except morning. for me didnt have to I feel hot just abit warm air in a big living room ~ this is the product for me and son!

And Hav one more in the room~ of course warm enough and dont have to wait even 5min to feel warm!
Perfect so far! (wanna see next few yrs also but, manufacturers' warranty is 7yrs. It says on the box)

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Heats up the bedroom extremely well. Thermostat works well though it seems to heat the room itself to a greater temperature than is selected, probably because heat rises and the heater is on the floor. Good looking unit. Easy to assemble, easy to use and very quiet. Does a great job. The fan is nice and warm.

Date PurchasedMay 2016


It's a good product. It's very quiet and good when watching tv or in the bedroom. It's asthetically pleasing and works really well. I love the settings for it and it's very user friendly. It's a beautiful heater and keeps the room nice and warm all day and night long.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Great for kids room

We bought this heater for use in our toddlers room as our house is freezing at night. We've been able to keep the temperature consistent without the air getting to dry or fear of burnt little fingers. It makes it much easier to figure out how to dress our boy overnight.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Best Heater ever purchased

Very quiet and silent operation.
Safe for kids, not very expensive and has 2 years warranty with it. The body of the heater looks elegant and looks good in the living room.
Beautiful heater, it is very convenient and warm during winter. Worth the money to buy for this heater. I was told by my friend to buy this and I wouldn't agree more to recommend it to others.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Fantastic heater

We bought this heater to go in the nursery- it is very quiet and keeps the room nice and toasty overnight. The panel is also very safe to touch- no burns here!. The electronic controls are a great feature aesthetically although I doubt they are as sensitive as the digital display likes to suggest- be aware that the display casts a significant amount of light, so if you want a totally dark room then get a model with manual dials instead. Lastly, the digital touch buttons will please some with their ease of use but may annoy others because it can be very difficult to see the buttons in a dark room.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Lovely heater

Beautiful heater, it is very convenient and warm during winter. Worth the money to buy for this heater. I was told by my friend to buy this and I wouldn't agree more to recommend it to others. It would keep the room temperature warm also and keep our body well

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Surprisingly quiet!

I bought this panel heater because it looked sleek and I read good reviews. It has wheels so you can easily move it around. It comes with 7 year manufacturing warranty too!
Not sure if it's because it's new but it took a little while to heat up and it smelled bad for the first hour.
I'm definitely happy with my purchase!

Review update: it warms up the room where the heater is pretty quickly and it doesn't get uncomfortably hot. It does warm up the other rooms too but it takes a little longer. No more bad smell either! Which I read in the manual is normal the first time you turn it on anyway.

Still happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Great for heating a small room

We use this to heat my daughter's room at bedtime and for midnight feeds. It's great - absolutely silent on the first three settings and works really quickly to heat the room. Only complaint is that the buttons beep when touched/activated which would be fine in any situation but trying to switch it off when my child is asleep (although so far so good). The buttons are self explanatory and easy to use but a little sensitive so it's easy to accidentally raise the temperature by a few degrees. The silence of it is so good it would be easy to forget it's on which is both a pro and a con.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

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Hi i see above others have had issues with it turning off and beeping with the panel lights flashing, some times it does this within a couple of minutes other times it can last 2 hours, has anybody found out the issue?
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DeLonghi HCX9124E: Noted the plug tends to get very hot on higher temperature settings. Is this normal.
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wondering how you find the cost of running this heater?
2 answers
Hi there, I’m not sure yet as we have only been using it consistently for 1.5 weeks. Once I get an electricity bill I can let you know. But it really keeps the bedroom lovely and warm over night.Thanks Ally, look forward to an update.


Price (RRP) $459.00
Heater TypeConvector & Panel and Portable
Colour / Finish White
Dimensions 555 x 820 x 75 mm
FeaturesEnergy Saving Mode, Thermostat and Timer
Additional FeaturesAnti-Frost Function and Thermal Cut-Off
Power2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty7 year(s)

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  • GTIN13: 8004399131118
  • MPN: HCX9124E

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