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Delonghi HSX3324FTS

Delonghi HSX3324FTS

4.3 from 21 reviews

Good heater

It heats very quick, not too noisy but not very quite as well. It's relevant safe near the kids, will not burn the kids. but it had a very bad smell when first used, and the smell last several time.

Purchased in October 2017 at The Good Guys Online store for $149.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Heating Speed
Temperature Consistency
Room Type Small Bedroom

Good one, works fantastic but got a problem after 2 yrs, getting some short circuiting kind of noise...

Good one, works fantastic but got a problem after 2 yrs where it started with a noise when switched on, that we usually hear when something is short circuiting.. Seller had verified with manufacturer and they told that as its out of warranty by last year, they cannot do anything. Hence, asked them to dispose it off for me. In this context, I would say, may be ceramic tower heaters are good value for money and long lasting ??


1. Noise is very less compared to tower heaters.
2. Heat retains even when switched off not like fan heaters where you will feel cold after few mins, when switched off.
3. Effectively nice for 3x3 - 4x4 room.

1. Takes time to heat, may be need to switch on 15-20 min before bed to get the room heated.
2. Not suited for large rooms as it will take considerable time to heat.
3. In my case, it didn't last more than 2-3 yrs where it was hardly used for 2 winters.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion only..

Purchased in August 2016 at The Good Guys.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Heating Speed
Temperature Consistency
Room Type Small Bedroom

Instant Heat..Very Light Weight Unit

Great Heater.. I like the fact it has a timer so it’s great for automatically coming on in the early morning and warming the room. Absolutely no complaints..I would definitely recommend this heater... and very light to move around as well.
Purchased from appliancesonline who always give free home delivery...

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great product

We have purchased 3 to take the chill out of the bed rooms. The wall mount kit is easy to install.

Instead of using the Integraded Thermostate we are using the heater mate Thermostate to have a better temperature control and also to be more energy efficient.

Once again great product, price and quality matches and highly recommended.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

One problem

It's a good, effective heater with timer, thermostat and fan boost. When the heater has reached its selected heat, it 'shuts-down'. During this process, the thin metal panels make a noise, similar to metal being wobbled (as they cool down from the heat). So, it is a bit annoying as the heater runs on and off during thermostat cycles. Better supported or thicker metal panels could have prevented this.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Keeps us warm

Takes the chill out of the air very quickly, it warms our open living/kitchen area.
It doesn't take up much room, it nice and slim line against the wall when not in use.
The price was better than I expected it was nice to have change in my pocket after purchase.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Good price and good heating capabilities

I have lived with a gas heater for last 3 years but recently moved to a place with no gas, so wanted a heater that heated well and didn't break the bank. This one ticked most of the boxes when reading reviews and I love how it heats quietly, even in fan mode. We have a good size living room that extends to a dining room. I feel the heat is lost after about 3 meters back and I haven't received an electric bill to know how energy efficient they are but I also don't see why you would pay triple the price for a similar electric heater. If you can't go gas then these type of heaters are fine enough to do the job! I may buy another for the bedroom!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Heat up the room in no time

I love this unit comparing to oil heater with lower price and feature.
It does not occupy much space and heat up the bed room within few minutes on minimum setting.
It is light, and easy to carry any where you like. Highly recommended. Quickly grab it before it stops production.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Simple yet effective heater.

I am renting a property that doesn't have heating in the main living areas, not a gas bayonet. I needed to find electric heaters that are unobtrusive, effective and not overly expensive.

As the area I have to heat is quite large; lounge, kitchen/dining, and all hard surfaces (polished concrete) and no window treatments, I purchased two.

The worked perfectly to heat the are, and quietly.

We went out to dinner and I left them on low setting. When I returned, they had heated the front bedrooms also.

I haven't used the timer yet. The max fan setting is a bit loud, but realistically, you'd likely only use that to do a quick heat up.

I'm really pleased with their performance. Would recommend.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great even in confined spaces

I brought this at bunnings on clearance at the end of season for my camper trailer as I wanted a heater small enough to take and also light enough that it wasn't going to weigh us down. It is compact and light enough to do this and unlike small blow heaters because the air is coming out from the top it isn't uncomfortable and too hot we had it going in our camper trailer and we didn't feel too hot at all yet my parents had a small blow heater in their caravan which was a larger area and we were feeling overheated. We have consequently leant it to them to use. I am not sure how it would go in a large space though.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great heater with great value

Got this heater a few weeks ago and am more than satisfied- it seems to even time itself to ensure the room is evenly heated, you don't have to worry about it being too much as it heats in (give or take) 5 minute blasts or so. Then it still has a timer to ensure you don't leave it running too long- very easy to use and economical, haven't got the next electricity bill yet but I'm betting it's going to be much cheaper than the last one. Not to mention the heating is also brilliant- even on the lowest settings it easily heats my room, I love it.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Excellent Heater

This heater is excellent. Heated a big, cold room, at the height of winter. The fan doesn't work very well, but the heat seems to spread enough without having the fan turned on. At 2400W it drains quite a bit of power and may blow the circuit in an old house.. worth keeping in mind.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

good except for timer noise

Would be happy with this heater except for one major fault - the constant ticking of the timer, even though the timer isn't switched on. Makes it hard to use in the bedroom on those really cold nights. The timer needs to be redesigned to make it totally silent and then I'd give it 4 stars.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Good Heater

I bought this heater in May 2017 for my newborn. It heats up the room pretty quick. The slim design allows it to fit anywhere.The heater’s three dials manage the thermostat’s 6 power levels, the fan speed, and the 24 hour timer. You can program this timer to only run your heater at the times of day when you’ll be at home.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Just ok

I purchased this heater for 2 main reasons. 1 being the obvious- heat. The 2nd being the timer. Well it's quite good regarding heating up a largish area. However the timer is terrible. I now regret my purchase. Firstly you can barely see what you're doing when trying to set it. It has a rotary knob you'd expect to find 50 years ago on electrical products. And it's excruciating trying to set it. So I won't even be using the main function I bought it for. If you want just heat. Then it's ok. If a timer is an important function I wouldn't even bother with this one.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good for Heating a Room

I bought the Delonghi HSX3324FTS from Harvey Norman for $135 (June 2017). Internet prices vary from $120 - $149. It has a twin, the HSX3320FTS, the only difference being the wattage – the 3320 has 2000 watts and the 3324, 2400 watts. It’s an electric convection heater meaning that it draws air in, heats it and releases it via the main grill at the top of the heater which is at 45 degrees – hot air does not come out of the side - it only comes from the top. It has 3 side knobs and carry handles.

Operation is simple - turn the thermostat to a maximum of 6 and the power knob to either min, med, max or max* (max* turns the fan on). I start with max* to heat the room quickly, then leave it on max or turn it down to med. Only on max* can one hear the fan, otherwise it's quiet. The third knob is a 24 hour timer which I doubt I’ll ever use. It does an efficient and quiet job of heating 1-2 large rooms. It’s actually quite unassuming – before you know it your area is warm but keep in mind the heat comes from the top and is not directed at your feet and legs area – it’s designed to heat a room. If you’re looking for something to warm your feet and legs on a cold night this is probably not for you. I was surprised how small this unit is (68.3cm x 9.0cm x 46.0cm) compared with my old IXL Quasar (which finally packed in after 15 years!), there are however much thinner models on the market. It also comes with 4 brackets and 6 screws with plugs for wall mounting.

As an aside I notice one reviewer commenting about the feet coming off, this may be because they didn't fit a screw into each foot - once this is done, the feet aren’t coming off. It’s light at 5.2kg but the feet are positioned such that it would need a good whack to knock it over or a toddler running at full boar. It would be more inclined to topple on thick pile carpet, which the manual doesn't recommend placing it because it obstructs the air intake underneath but the unit will switch off if it’s accidentally tipped over. It slides easily on floor boards and can be moved with your feet.

My niggles are it could do with a set of wheels and the knobs on the side are a bit low to the ground although easier to adjust if you’re sitting down. To my thinking the 45-degree top is back to front – I prefer the angled top facing me because it gives off more heat in which case I’m looking at the back of the heater and the knobs are facing away. Compared with what I'm used to, the DeLonghi is subtler and not as strong in giving off heat and I'm really missing the heat coming from the side of my old unit and the warmth onto my legs.

If you’re looking to go higher tech with an LCD that shows the temperature, try the Delonghi HCX9124E ($299) which also caught my eye at Harvey Norman’s.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Efficient and does the job

Looking for something to use in our second bedroom, to replace a radiant type heater. This model does fit the bill, several heat settings, several fan settings, timer, and slim model. Heats quickly for our room size, normally just left at a very low heat and fan setting, would be more efficient with the timer set.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very happy with this purchase

I chose this heater based on price point ($129) and I have to say it's surpassed my expectations. I live in an alpine climate where it's regularly below zero in winter and it works great to heat a bedroom. The timer is a nice addition as I can set it to start early morning so I wake up to a nice warm room. On max setting with the fan it heats very quickly...and the other settings with no fan are great for mornings/evenings as it's essentially silent. If your looking for a decent heater to heat a bedroom, that doesn't cost the earth and looks good too, then I'd highly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Outstanding product - allot more effective than expected.

Bought this heater based on recomendations on Whirlpool - from Appliances Online for about $130 with quick delivery and so far it has exceeded our expectations. The heater is silent except for on the MAX setting (low fan hum), however we use it on HIGH and that is sufficient to warm the lower level of our two story townhouse in Sydney (8' last night and it was fine) and take the edge off the upper level. It replaces a SunBeam Electric Standing heater and the difference is significant. The Delonghi is about the same size, cost about the same but is maybe twice as effective. So much so that we were surprised the first time we used it. Also looks modern and can be wall mounted. Highly recommend.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

A bit flimsy

It lightly heats a room, definitely not a powerful heater on maximum; but maybe Ill be grateful when I get the electricity bill.
The little feet fall off easily when moving it around, and require flipping it upside down to reattach, but without firmly clicking into place it's going to happen again soon.
There's a fan option at 'max' which may help disperse warm air around the room.
I dont expect it to last longer than 2 winters

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Questions & Answers

We bought this heater yesterday and the thermostat doesn’t seem to be working We put the heater on , it gets to a certain temperature then turns off but never comes back on again and my daughters room was freezing Is this right ? Or should I return the product Coz it’s faulty
3 answers
It turns itself off when it reaches the temperature needed/starts getting too hot so that could be it? Try turning it on more? Usually it flicks itself on and off, although it doesn’t usually end up freezingIf the room was freezing I'd guess that the thermostat isn't working. Return it, they'll likely just replace it.I would definitely return it. It should turn off when it gets to temperature but come back on when it gets below temperature.

hello there, Is that true this product would save electricity bill? reduce more electricity power? thanks Regards,
1 answer
No. I would guess that its running costs are similar to other 2400W electric panel heaters in the same price range.


Delonghi HSX3324FTS
Price (RRP) $158.99
Heater TypeConvector & Panel, Portable and Wall-Mountable
Colour / Finish White
Dimensions 460 x 683 x 900 mm
FeaturesThermostat and Timer
Additional FeaturesAnti-Frost Function and Tip Over Protection
Power2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 8004399131446
  • MPN: HSX3324FTS

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