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DeLonghi Primadonna XS ETAM36365M

DeLonghi Primadonna XS ETAM36365M

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Toni G

Toni GKilmore

Amazing! Great coffee and hot chocolate.


Coffee tastes great. Also makes hot chocolate. Easy to froth milk separately if you wish. Many many coffee options to suit everyone. Very easy to use and clean. Looks great. Easy touch screen. Can set profile so it remembers just how you like your beverage. Also can do hot water for tea drinkers. Every home should have one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Compact and Great Coffee!


Once you get to know how to operate it, it makes great coffee every time. Spent some considerable time trying to find the right coffee beans, and experimenting with the strength of the brew, but again, once you work it out, you need never have to drink instant again!! Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


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Love coffee aroma


I had this machine for a couple of months now and tt works great every time. I like the coffee counter and I can see how much money I saved by not buying my regular latte outside. I agree that the machine is not cheap but I think it is worth having one at home and would recommend it to serious coffee lovers!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very pricy but coffee is cold


Just purchased this 2 days before but very disappointed after spending 5276 AED as coffee isn't hot on highest setting so again have to warm in microwave

Date PurchasedJul 2017



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Broken 2 in 12 months


When it works it's great. Makes lovely coffee.
But the water pump broke at 6 months and again at 12monrhs. Then you have to find a big box pack it up and mail it to Sydney to be repaired.
It takes a few weeks. Wouldn't buy another one as it's a big outlay for all the trouble.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Absolutely love this machine ,keep close by or you will miss it severely


Great allrounder machine but so much hassle getting it back after a repair ,great products but poor organisation within your repair centre .although I think the spout design could be improved,
I would give product designe and functionality ,and easy to use full stars but the couriers that the service centre use very poor reliability

Date PurchasedFeb 2017



The spout on milk froffer extends


Like the taste, I like it strong so go a two cup strong setting cup then press capuccino, it is amazing.
had the same issue with milk going everywhere and then I realised the spout extends and now no issues.
Well designed but needs a womans touch or to read the manuals to find such features, as i am a bloke I failed.
Impressed so far with the machine, it is only 2 weeks though. Only negative is the small Water tank capacity and used coffee ground container fills up fast. Buy the big one if you drink a lot of coffee. But other than that it is great

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Great machine only negative is very small water tank. Water runs out fast as does the empty grounds container if you like a multi shot coffee. Other than that great machine



Delonghi Primadonna Stopped working only after 2 WEEKS!!!


Recently purchased a Delonghi Prima Donna coffee machine and only after 2 weeks the machine gave me an error "General alarm". Since then I haven't been able to use it. Because it was purchased in Australia and took it overseas you don't have any sort of warranty (which I wasn't aware of). It does not say anywhere on the website that the warranty is not valid only in Australia (if purchased in Australia)!

Very disappointed with the brand and their policy!

Don't recommend anyone to purchase their products, especially if you want to take them overseas.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Sadly I wasted my money


Coffee was ok and easy to use, milk spout never made the cup, design fault. But after 18 months the machine failed to keep steam and heat milk. For the price I will definitely never purchase another there is no value for money.
It now is a very expensive coffee grinder.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
Mic O

Mic OSilverdale

Worst machine we have ever had


Coffee is not hot at the highest setting, have to heat my milk in the microwave as the machine milk dispenser doesn't work correctly, milk is flat and not hot.

Descaled the machine today what a lengthy process, after 4.5ltr of water it was still asking for more water to keep descaling so turned it off.

We had a Krups auto machine and this was perfect compared to this piece of crap.

one word, rubbish



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Compact, yes but practical, no

Date PurchasedAug 2016



Coffee had a funny taste to it.. i even bought some very expensive beans from a local coffee house and still found it to taste odd.
doing a simple clean didn't help., ran a full clean and checked every option in the manual. but still no joy.
after the cleaning repeatedly I found that rinsed water coming out was dirty. machine started to not eject the used beans cleanly and i was left with a soggy mess inside the unit. just over a year old and its ready for the trash pile. after what i have spent.. going to the local coffee house would have been far cheaper.
never buying another DeLonghi again.



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De Longhi Prima Donna XS De Luxe Works Perfectly


After the disaster of my previous De Longhi coffee maker and several months keeping on trying to get it replaced, the company eventually caved and replaced the dud (different and deleted model) with the updated model, the Prima Donna XS De Luxe. Absolutely super, no glitches and it's used daily to make good coffee. Love it.

The moral of the story, if the product's not working according to specifications, get on to the company before the warranty expires. Don't take "no" for an excuse. Keep pestering gently and regularly until you're heard. After all my contact with the company and the machine eventually was replaced, I rang again to thank the man with whom I'd had most contact.

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson

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Utterly flawed


xnikxNorth Queensland, QLD

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Really happy!


Update, all still good but o-rings on milk spout were finally breaking and brittle. Rang Delonghi and was sent new ones for free. Very happy :)


Questions & Answers

Valerie Hay

Valerie Hayasked

I have had a few deLonghi machines including an ECAM 23.450 and Prima Donna ESAM 6600, but the Prima Donna XS seems badly designed.

The room for the cup, on the tray next to the milk frother, is small, and the extension to the milk frothing tube is shorter than on other machines, making it difficult to adjust the angle by which the milk falls into the cup. I end up putting the cup in one position for the milk, then moving it back for the coffee to drip in. However, the biggest problem is the rinse cycle: When I clean the machine after use, the rinsing water splatters all over the tray, as well as the bench top and makes a real mess. I can't see any way to adjust this. Have other had this problem, and if so how did you adjust it please?

3 answers

join the club! at least youre awake to the bad design faults haha. The Delonghi bosses dont like hearing the truth ;) Yes the milk frothing extension is a pain so you have to buy wide top mugs or I do as you do...forward and back with the mug! Argh. When starting the machine and it rinses and then rinsing the milk jug simply use an other mug. I have a bomby one for this reason that basically sits permanently on the drip tray. I never let the machine rinse into the drip tray. Do you have the black spongey rubber adjustable bit on the end of the milk just spout? I have that at max entension. Mine doesnt look like the pictures shown on the website. If you need a picture yell and I will take one and show you. Just had the front water spout split and bad buzzing crunching noise fixed. Even though I was careful pushing the milk jug on and taking it off the plastic that the milk jug connects to split and spat steam at me and then wouldnt pump milk. Also the disgusting crunching electronic sound was MY fault as well as youre supposed to grease the infuser piston once in a while. I believe if you go to Jaycar you can get food grade grease there. Use it around the milk spout o-rings and when you take your infuser out to clean it pull one of the handles downward near the cogs so the piston goes down and grease the walls in there ;). Mind you I was abused over this BUT NOWHERE is it mentioned in the manual NOR is there any grease for sale on their website. Its an absolute joke! My last machine was the 6700 and I got caught up in the Espresso Doctor saga. Machine was treated badly, wasnt fixed properly and spent 2 months at the shop getting fixed. Finally got it home and a few weeks later it blew sparks and died. the owner of the Espresso Doctor...handed over to new managers and everything went to crap... apparently delonghi customers by the hundreds had a lot of trouble. He is now back though and things may be better but I yelled at a delonghi supervisor and he told me that he was asked by Bravo if they could try them out as a repairer and would I like to give them a try. You have to give them your email address and print out a form to fill in plus a postage bit and take it to your nearest Auspost. It is returned to your door though. Delonghi manager did ask for a fast turn around and we were only 2 1/2 weeks without a machine so was very happy with that and they did a great job. If you have a machine break under warranty ask for them to send you to Bravo ;) http://bravorepairs.com.au/ Like I said in the review though...designs still arent perfect with this machine and you know theres going to be a hell of a lot of milk spouts broken lol. Any more questions or dramas just yell. Ive had 10 years of delonghis crap. Still love the machines though hahahaha.

Valerie Hay
Valerie Hay

Thanks for your sympathy and advice. I have sold the Prima Donna XS and today bought a new Prima Donna 6900 with all the bells and whistles, so I hope the issue with splattering is resolved. Your advice re greasing is great and I will definitely use Bravo if I have any more problems.


I did have a similar issue with the milk funnel's being too short even when extended as far as possible. This is a design fault and I've had to wipe milk from the floor when I've not positioned the device properly over my cup. It's been trial and error with various cups to find one that sits properly under both the milk and coffee nozzles. The cup I use has a wide mouth so I catch both liquids. This issue is a nuisance as the machine works well and I make sure I keep the O rings clean. Hope you enojy your 6900 machine.

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CategoryFully Automatic Coffee Machines
Price (RRP) $2349
Input Power1450w
Pump Pressure15bar
Coffee Bean Capacity170g

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