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Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30

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Out of this world

I stumbled across this product as I was purchasing other dermalogica products and the skin perfect primer came as a gift sample size of course. I have the most oily skin imaginable this product is a life saver for me, to the point where I would rather starve just to have the money to be able to continue to buy this product. I can't live without it!! I forgot to mention I have very terrible skin scared and very oily. It is finally a relief to know that a product delivers what is advertised, well this product delivers heaps more. Truly out of this world product!! Thank you Dermalogica and to the cosmetic scientists that put this product together.


I've only ever used one other primer because there are so many out there & I have sensitive skin which makes it hard to know which products to use.This was recommended to me by my skin specialist so I decided to try it & Absolutely love it..definitely recommend it for any age or skin type
Makes makeup look sooooo much better

Questions & Answers

I have oily skin with pimples. And I am 30 yrs old, soo wondered whether I can use this product?
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Hello Smitha, Skinperfect primer would be perfect for your skin condition as I have had same skin problem all my life and I'm a lot older than you. This product is really worth the investment, having said that though it really isn't that expensive compared to other products our there that don't deliver a thing. Good luck and you can't go wrong with this wonderful product. best wishes VickiHi Smitha, I wouldnt recommend any dermalogica products, theyre ok at the start but after a couple of months my face went out of control.DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND I WOULDNT USE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS EVEN IF THEY WERE CHEAPER OR FREE. I am now sing QV fash wash/cleanser which is something like $15 for a litre and its amazing, so gentle and natural, perfect for acne prone skin :) my skin has improved so much since i stopped using all dermalogica products Good luck, Tina


Skinperfect Primer SPF30
Release dateAug 2012
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