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Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System

Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System

2.3 from 24 reviews

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Absolutely appalling. The battery cover defies all efforts to open it and as I have no wish to amputate my finger the dispenser has been binned. The first model had no such problem, why did some genius fiddle and make it impossible to use?

Purchased in September 2019.

Value for Money

Badly made product

Bought this new beaut dispenser form Coles about 3 months ago tried to change the battery, but unable to open the compartment to do so it is completely stuck, will not buy another a complete waste of money, absolute junk, back to the normal hand wash dispenser

Purchased in December 2018 at Coles Supermarkets.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

shockingly bad from the beginning, no stars from me; just one because it was required

Bought newly designed sytem 12. Feb 2019 at local Coles to replace old, original one which lasted several years. Instructions start with: 1) Remove battery compartment...
It won't budge and seems permanently attached to unit. Customer Service Reckitt Benckiser in Sydney doesn't answer phones but brushes you off with "record a message." They can't be bothered with defective units, or so it seems.
Will return item to Coles ASAP, and do without one.
Advice: Try opening the battery compartment before leaving any store; if it is fused to the body, do not waste your money and time.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $12.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Waste of money

First one lasted 3 months then died, thought I would give another a try, bad mistake, lasted 2 days, there won’t be a third. Will try another brand, hopefully better luck.


Worked for a few days after purchase then died. Strated to question the Everready battery as the point of failure. But proved that wrong. We have normal human hands, nothing alien seriously! And this little gizmo from the sweat shops in Asia is yet another example of junk. What a waste for landfill. Happy feet and hands

Mine worked but keep it dry! Here’s an uncanny tip for saving money...

Bought two. No leakage with the first and second refill....then I decided to stop buying the expensive refills and take the refill lid apart with a hammer so I could refill it with another liquid soap in bulk!

I have found the Palmolive 2H defence soap in bulk to be working fine for several years. The viscosity is similar to the Dettol refills and leakage is rare when proper cleaning is done.

The only issue I have with these units is the battery compartment. It is not well sealed so moisture can seep into the area even without direct wetting (condensation, minor sink splashes, etc). This means I would not put those precious Enerloops I have carefully hoarded from Ozbargain sales at risk and instead use disposable batteries. Disposable batteries last about 6 months which is decent. By the time I take the batteries out for changing, some rust has formed and will require cleaning.

Given up!

I have three of these soap dispensers. I thought great to start with,but then for no reason they just started emptying the soap by just keep running. Would I bother buying another one? Definitely not.

Getting worse with each model. . .

I've owned 3 each of the 3 models released, 9 total, not including warranty replacements.

The first model took 4 AA cells and pumped too much soap out per stroke which became very expensive due to the extortionate refill prices charged.

The second model took 3 AA cells and suffered from faulty on/off switches, a sensor that was positioned to clag up with soap and ultimately cause it to either not work or pump out the entire container while you weren't looking.

The latest version uses only 2 AA cells to do the same job (don't get me started on the impossible battery cover) and even with new batteries it struggles, sounding like they're always flat. The outlet is also ridiculously low, barely off the bench so it feels unnatural to place your hand under. With all this cost cutting to make a flimsy, minimalistic and poor quality product with expensive refills, I think we are lucky the price has only gone up by $3 since the last effort. This will be last Dettol unit we buy. . .

Dettol no touch hand wash dispenser review

just got a second dispenser for the bathroom to replace the missing one and the one I was using was playing up so got a replacement and it works with two aa battery's

Good idea bad reality

I had the same experience when I replaced the batteries I think good idea also but rubbish quality control as it just doesn't work so not happy as I am tired of products not living up to their advertisements


The first version was ok but the latest shorter version is made for geniuses. Cannot open the battery hatch! If it's meant to have a screwdriver why isn't one provided? Taking it back to Coles for refund!

Loved it until

Loved it until it started wasting the very expensive soap, pouring out without anyone. Changed batteries but it made no difference.
If they cannot fix it we may need to go back to manual pumps.

Thought I had a ghost! Lol

Loved this for a couple of months, then it started going off at the weirest times. Middle of the night, when you walked out of the room...changed the batteries & cleaned it but still it happened. Wasted 2 full containers of soap trying to work out I was not insane (might need more than soap for that!)..& thanks to this page I know my Dad (deceased) isn't playing tricks on me!! ;) Will be going back to the (cheaper) pump action soaps!!

great idea. But fails.

I love this machine. I have my 3rd one. BUT, they only work for about 3 months then fail. The reason I buy them again as they are a great idea, and means the soap is not gluggy and wet and it is a hygienic system. I have the newer model which is smaller, the first one did not work so took it back, the second one is intermittent, so again it has problems. The first model seem to last about six month then fail. So it is a great idea, and no competition. But it really fails often and can never get a tick till the designer fixes the problems with the pump. Other comments back me up.
The other problems is refills are three times the price of the same hand wash in a normal pump, so they have the market cornered as there are no generic refills. So not recommended as it will fail. But it is a great idea waiting to be perfected.

Worked great for a short while

Used batteries like you wouldn't believe, I ended up getting rechargeable batteries however the dispenser stopped working only a few months after purchase. If it had kept working it was a great product except for the fact that it doesn't take long for the batteries to die. I wouldn't recommend this product due to the fact it just doesn't last and judging by many of the reviews of this dispenser, it seems that it doesn't work and breaks more often than it works.

Good but not long lasting

Whilst it was working it was excellent!....... After five weeks it's stopped dispensing soap. You can hear the mechanism trying to dispense the soap, I've checked its not clogged. I've emailed the company but after reading the reviews on here I don't expect much. Disappointing and very frustrating. I won't be buying another or recommending this product because of this.

No good

I work in a school canteen and thought no touch would be great. Wrong. Only got a few months use out or it. Would be good if it continued to work. Back to normal pump dispense now

Only worked for a few weeks

After only a few weeks of a new dispenser (and I've had to replace many of these due to them stopping working) I finally thought I'm going to ring dettol and complain about my unit (and the previous 5 that I have owned that only ever lasted a few months). They guy wanted me to post it back to them for testing and then they would get back to me with the results. This would potentially take a week if you count postage time. I said to him what a waste of time I'm better off going and buying another one as I use it everyday. The customer service guy didn't care and just fobbed me off. I won't be buying any more dettol dispensers, back to the hand pump bottles.

Was good for a while

I have had two of these dispensers in my house for around 2 years and just recently they have started being set off once the light in the room has been switched off. On occasion they run continuously until the soap container is empty making quite an expensive mess if you don't realise it's happening. Have tried replacing the batteries but it hasn't helped. Back to the old DIY pump soaps I think.

Green tea & giner is best

I am happy with this product and have three of them, at kitchen and bathrooms.

Tried variety of flavours, and I feel "green tea & giner" best despite naming was not attractive at all to me. Aroma lasts long than the others. It would be nice if any light blinking to tell battery nearly flat before suddenly dead.

Guests visitng my place often confused how to use, and pressed here and there. I like to request the maker, it might be kind if simple instruction 'hoover you hand here' would be helpful?

One caution, my pet cat accidentally passed through under and got the liquid on her hip. I washed it off, but it seemed that she licked small amount before I detected. Naturally she got sick and I had to bring her vet. So be careful with your pet.

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Questions & Answers

I have been buying these for years and never had a problem of getting the back off, this time I have tried fingers first and then a knife and no luck ?I can’t use.
No answers

Where can I buy one without paying postage in the Bankstown area I have been using them for years now I can't get one in my area.
No answers

how do you change the battery?
2 answers
I have one of the original ones, so I can only describe the battery compartment for that one. It is on the bottom of the base unit. Turn the switch in the back to OFF, so the soap doesn't start leaking. Take the soap container out, turn the base unit upside down and open the flap. It should be marked with a little battery sign on the flap outside which can be opened where batteries can be replaced. I did not keep the latest model and did not even check if it had replaceable batteries or not. If your despenser is all sealed on the bottom, maybe they changed the design and it does not come with repleaceable batteries anymore.They have the old ones you could get the battery out the new ones are impossible to get the bottom off.


Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System
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