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How much?
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Just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a weight limit to the overdrive 29?
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I had a look on the warranty info that I have which is their standard info package........... no guarantees but I could not find anything in the warranty wording re any weight limits of the rider that may apply............. common sense I think needs to prevail ;)

Im not an experimented biker and I need it to commute to my jobs ( 6 kilometers for one, 14 for the other ones - considering the full commute) Will this do the job? I dont ride too fast and I mostly use the sidewalks. Thanks for the help
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Alex, I cant see why not........It hasn't let me down once in over a year......... remember you do get what you pay for, but, I cant go past it for the dinero....... you can spend a lot more but my thinking is, for what I use it for,..... if a part fails I'll just replace it as needed and I'll still be in front. I think you'll like the 21 speed-commuting- even though its not top of the line Shimano, it is adequate....... and the big wheels, sturdy frame are all bonuses ;) good luck

Would like to replace brakes, gears and crank. Where can I get this gear from at a good price?
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Brakes - http://ebay.us/LI1p4l All other items will be on eBay...On Ebay also Cell BicyclesThanks guys Good Job

Does this bike have quick release front wheel??
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YesYes it does

Does the new blue and white diamondback 29er have a threadless head stem as the bike on display does but have heard the one in the box doesn't
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I'd have to have a look. I'm not sure.

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