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Difflam Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

Difflam Anti-inflammatory Throat Spray

2.2 from 51 reviews

Amazing product worked in 2 minutes

I had tonsillitis for 3 days and was very sick, dehydrated and weak as I hadn’t eaten in 3 days as the pain swallowing was so bad. Nothing I tried reached the area or numbed it (salt gargle, Medicare’s gargle, lozenges, Panadol syrup) THEN my husband found this and wow within 2 minutes it had numbed the exact area enough for me to drink and eat. The numbing effect dulled from about 30 minutes and pain returned in about 60 minutes later but it was long enough for me to eat and drink and at other times to fall asleep. It is currently 30 hours after my first use and I’m so glad to have discovered it! I googled it to see what other products there are in the range and was really surprised to see so many as reviews. I guess it depends on your symptoms and other things going on in your body. But for me, well, thanks to the difflam spray I got to spend quality time with my children today for the first time in 4 days and I feel a lot more human than I did yesterday!

I recommend this product

Purchased in May 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
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*medicated gargle

Still taste chemicals in throat a week later

It was effective in treating my sore throat, but a week later I can still taste the chemicals in the back of my throat and am spitting up chemicals. I would never have used it had I known about the long lasting effects.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Side Effects Short-term physical illness
Symptom ReliefModerate Improvement

Horrible Spray. Does nothing

Was given this spray by pharmacists as "Best for the sore throat" - Every time getting it and hoping it will help, however it never does anything to my throat... :( Doesnt help me at all....

Purchased in April 2019 for $8.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefNo Effect

BE realistic ...it’s an over the counter throat spray!

It’s time people realised there isn’t anything magic a doctor can give you for a simple cold & sore throat . . Be realistic..Gargle salt water if you want cheap , gargle this if you like chemist stuff...same throat cleaning effect but this also numbs to give some relief from pain. BUT NOTE you’ll still have to Be brave and last the few days of discomfort...get a grip!

Purchased in March 2019 at chemist for $7.99.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefModerate Improvement

Useless spray

Didn’t affect at all even after 4-5 uses. Infact I found my situation worsening after use. I resorted back to home remedies. Don’t waste money on this. Not recommended at all .

Purchased in February 2019 for $10.00.


this 2 minutes cure for a sore throat and it’s amazingmit WORKS

I just tried this 2 minutes cure for a sore throat and it’s amazing it WORKS!!!

Try it now and see for yourself. This dr knows what he's talking about.

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This product has saved my sore throat and inflamed gums from wisdom teeth pain. Not sure why so many bad reviews on here. It’s worried for me for the past few days

Does nothing

It kind of relieve the pain for a while but it actually doesn’t help your throat to get better. Also, I hate the numbness feeling leaves in your tongue... Is not worth the money at all (pretty expensive).

Cause palpitation

When I used the spray the palpitation come to my heart, usually I use tablet every day to stop palputation, I don't want to use it again specially I dont feel well in my throat.


The spray does nothing- nothing good, anyway. Over duration of use I noticed my throat get more and more sore after every application. This is an awful product, avoid at all costs.

God send!

Ive just got home from hospital after having a tonsillectomy to improve my obstructive sleep Apnoea. This product numbs the back of my throat nicely to be able to eat and drink! Highly recommend. I'd be very poorly without it


Used on day 4 of tonsillitis. Had no effect whatsoever nor did it ease my daughters sore throat. Waste of my money At £8 . Save yourself any disappointment.

Didn’t work

Think they changed the formula of this. Used to work wonders on me but since a couple years back, doesnt have any effect on me. Wouldn’t recomment it to anyone.

Cause hoarse voice

Dr recommended me to use the spray type two years ago when I had soar throats. After I used I lost my voice completely instead of getting better. But I didn’t think about causing from spray. But I used long time after I lost my voice again. Since then I stopped. But yesterday I had lollies type as I didn’t pay attention when I bought it. It was diflam Lollies. I lost my voice again!! They should warn some ppl might have allergic reaction from the medicine and make it worse and cause hoarse voice.

Shocking product

Was recommended by the pharmacist to use this spray for a sore throat due to a cold paid nearly £7 for it and it's actually made it worst if anything!

Gives amazing relief to sore throat

I had a sore throat for over a week. I started using this spray on day 3 of my cold and it worked wonders. It numbs the pain. I wish I'd known about it earlier!

Does not help sore throat

Pharmacist advised me to use this spray for a long lasting sore throat and it’s not giving relief. If anything using this product has actually made the sore throat worse

Waste of time & money!!!

Told by my Doctor to get this from Pharmacist for a severe sore throat, the Doctor told me they were Not allowed to provide this from the Surgery that I visited.
Purchased from Pharmacist as directed and paid £6.89 expecting it to sooth my throat and have some sort of effect, but this product has done nothing after 3 days use, what a waste of time & money!!!
Can probably see why the Doctors are Not allowed to sell it now but Why tell me to buy it from a Pharmacist???
Will now try salt water as other reviews have mentioned.

Doesn't work at all

Purchased this as pharmacist suggested strongest one. Absolute waste of money. Hardly feel any improvement (used other brands in a past which worked immediately you can tell rightway), this has hardly anything in it apart from purified sweetened water. Rubbish!


The product was used 3 times before it leaked in my bag, no item to use and ruined my contents in my bag. Great addition to my 2 weeks of feeling sick

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Can use salt water after the difl spray?
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Can u still use paracetamol with it if in pain.
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?I have and lived, talk to your pharmacist they should know

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