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Estée Lauder Youth-Dew

Estée Lauder Youth-Dew

3.8 from 23 reviews

Long lasting

Estee Lauder Youth Dew is a perfume that has stood the test of time. It is quite strong so a little goes a long way. It is immediately identifiable as a fragrance and is loved by many.

Smells terrible

I have never smelled anything so Putrid in all my life this was obviously designed for old people that wet themselves to defer the smell of urine
It’s probably ideal for pest repellent to Only buy if your not far off from going to a nursing home in the near Distant future or if you have smelly private parts will Definitely defer the smell.

Why have they changed it

Youth dew has a big following of people that have worn it for years I am in my 60's was always my favourite, I can hardly smell it now. I worked with blind children and they knew my youth dew. I am going to have to find a new perfume now such a shame. Unless they change it back.

Youth Dew has changed

I have found the fragrance of Youth Dew seems weaker over the last few years. I love the fragrance, but I am disappointed in it as it seems watered down. I have worn it for at least thirty years and my dear departed aunt used it all the time. that was her fragrance, and now it is mine. But...I am thinking of changing. She would be over one hundred years old now. Has Estee Lauder changed the formula? You know how your perfume clings to a sweater or coat after you've worn it? Doesn't happen any more. Is it me?

It is too overpowering.

This was given to me as a gift and unfortunately on the few times I have worn it, I have found the smell way too overpowering. It's almost at the point of being migraine inducing. Sorry Estee Lauder. I love most of your perfumes but not Youth Dew.

My most favourite

Estee Lauder Youth Dew would have to be the most adorable perfume ever. It has a very subtle aroma, and lasts extremely well. I always feel special when I wear it. Not overly expensive, but worth every cent you pay.

I have never in 40 + years found anything that holds a candle to Youth Dew

I am asked time and time again, what is that beautiful perfume that you are wearing. And it lasts day and night. Beautiful. I will never change my perfume, so I hope Estée Lauder never give up this perfume


This is an age old perfume, that when worn people will notice and comment on, a lovely warm smell suitable for all ages and a gift worth giving, have worn this since the early 70's.

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Have written a review on this product why hasn't it count towards my gift card ? Sissy

Worn for 40 plus uears

Like a lot of reviews I am constantly being told you smell lovely I will stick with what I know works. Perhaps people's skin changes with age and although 66 I have never had a problem.

Estee Lauder Youth Dew change

Defusing of a perfect product is so disheartening. After over fifty years I am in search of another fragrance. IT is like buring a spouse after fifty beautiful years.I thought over the years something was not right. Youth Bath oil no longer rich, thick and sexy.

Always loved it

Have worn oil for 40yrs,was a great advocate,I always applied to a cotton ball and it lasted eternally,the colour was almost black,now is transparent and perfume does not last long

I LOVE this perfume!

I love this fragrance. My mother had worn it forever, and as well as being evocative of my childhood, as a woman in my 40's I wear it as my everyday staple, and get comments constantly. A long lasting classic that I love for SO many reasons.

One of the classics

Been a fan of Youth Dew for many years The oil does last longer although reg perfume lingers for a long time I don't think the perfume has changed over the years Maye peoples skin does

Youth Dew Bath Oil is the answer........

I have been wearing Esteé Lauder Youth Dew for many years and I love it. The trick is to buy the Youth Dew Bath Oil and use it as a perfume. It lasts a lot longer than the perfume, is more concentrated and you only need a little bit to have you smelling 'oh so nice'.

Very Disappointed no stars

I have been using youth dew for 40 years untill they changed the fragrance it smells horrible now after all those years i cant believe what has been done to it. It was the only perfume people ever asked me what i was wearing so very unhappy. Sad to say i will never buy it again.
Nothing not like it was
Does not smell like it use to

I totally agree, it's like a cheap copy!I must admit that it certainly isn't the same. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it's horrible or stinks but I am not the fan I have been for the past 30 years or so. On the flip side I found Very Estée in Singapore last year and that is really a great scent. Will purchase that when I go back next month as I can't seem to source it here.

What have they done to Youth Dew?

I am so angry, I purchased a 67ml bottle of Youth Dew and it stinks! I have worn this perfume for 40 years and this is not the Youth Dew I have always worn I will not buy anymore! Do you think we should get a petition together and send it in to Estee Lauder?

use it every day and can't go with out it

Every time I wear youth dew I have coments all the time especially from men. they ask me what perfume am I wearing and that it smells so nice that they could eat me. most men also ask me to write down the name and where to buy it so they can get it for there wife.It makes me feel so special when men & women coment all the time on my perfume. I feel very sure about myself when I go out that I will always smell nice and youth dew will never let me down. Only have to spray once a day and it lasts all day.
love it have a large one at home at all times.
Reliable only need a little to get through the day


This perfume has been with me for 50 years and the reason for this is an allergy to all others. I have to avoid perfume centres in shopping centres like the plague but Youth Dew has no adverse reactions so I use it as part of my everyday routine. I sincerely trust that Estee Lauder will never take this one off the market, but I guess it really is like the flagship of their range.
Always the same and has been my perfume for 50 years
Can't think of one thing really maybe the price now I am on a limited income.


I have been using Youth Dew for over 20 years. It has a rich, exotic fragrance that stays on your skin all day. It seems very strong when first applied, but it is never overpowering. Some perfumes that last all day give you a headache because they are too strong, but when you are wearing Youth Dew, after a while you can't even smell it yourself, you just know it's still working because people compliment you on your perfume.
Simply the best perfume. The fragrance stays on your skin all day. It has been around since 1953, so what more is there to say ..... timeless, elegant and enduring.


I have to say Estee lauder's Youth Dew would have to be my number one fragrance. It has been around for a while and its still going strong. it is strong when you first put it on but it settles down after a while. The good thing about the smell being strong to start of with is that you dont need to re spray therefore saving your gorgeous perfume for tomorrow. This is for all ages, although i would say if you can pull it off wear it even if your a bit younger, I can wear this and people cant beleive it s youth dew, havent heard of that for ages...I amsure they go out and buy a bottle, one smell and your hooked.Ten out of Ten for this one Highest recommendation.
If i could only choose one perfume for life this would be it, it is strong therefore no need for a re spray and the scent you will smell the spicyiness to it and it almost smells of oils of sandlewood it is just the best.
Nothing at all.

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