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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

4.8 from 20 reviews

Been using it for years & can't find anything better!

Love this scent! Nothing compares, tried to buy something different as I have been wearing it for years but this is the best! It is not too strong and not too light, and fresh. Will continue to be that girl that always smells like Light Blue

Fragrance for life

I got introduced to this perfume by my boyfriend and before he could buy it for me, I could already tell that it smells amazing by the way he described it. When I finally got to smell it I fell inlove with it and I'm planning to use it for the longest time. It smells fresh and lasts all day.

nothing quite like it

I've never loved a scent as much as i loved this. This has been my staple the past 9 years- no joke! I never get tired of it. It's sweet and fresh but not nauseating or artificial smelling, not too musky. I can just smell it all day everyday and still fall in love with it over and over.

I'm so hooked!

I have been using this scent since college after my friend made me realize that it is the best scent to compliment my lifestyle. I am so busy and I move a lot, but the scent never fade! So until now, when in doubt, wherever and whatever occasion I'm off to, I wear this reliable perfume by D&G :)

A gorgeous scent!

I absolutely love this fragrance! It's suitable for all ages and lasts all day! I've been using the fragrance for over ten years and still adore it. Highly recommend it!

Amazing Scent

I bought this scent after along wait and I finally decided to take the plunge. I never sniffed the scent before and so I was bit nervous wondering what if it is one of those scents that got the hype for no particular reason. But thankfully it is worth every penny. I love it. The scent is very woody and a hint of floral but not completely floral. The scent begins with a heavy note of gardenia or like a wild flower smell but then turns into more mellow scent with time. Silage is amazing. I was able to sniff it every once in a while when breeze flew by. I will say that I can see this being not liked by some. It is a scent that you will either love or hate. Best I can explain in 2 words is luxury and tropical beach.

Light, Cool Scent You Can Wear Everyday

Just recently purchased a bottle of D&G Light Blue, as recommended by a friend. With the first spray, I didn’t really get too impressed. But throughout the day, I noticed the lighter scent was coming out and it actually lasts longer than most other fragrances I’ve used. Also because the scent isn’t too strong, I never get tired wearing it almost every day.

Fresh and Summery

This is a lovely, crisp fragrance that never fails to elicit compliments whenever I wear it. It is not overpowering, yet is strong enough to smell with just a small squirt. I have had this for 3 years now, and I will continue to purchase a new bottle with each one finishing.
Smells amazing
After a year or so with the same bottle, the lid is difficult to open

Lovely scent!

I absolutely love this perfume! I noticed someone else wearing it and got myself a 100ml bottle. It is a really nice, fruity and light fragrance which is not too overpowering. However it lasts really well throughout the day compared to other fragrances. I always get compliments from others about it
Smells delicious


Only discovered this scent last year whilst on a cruise ship - where I purchased my first 100ml bottle. Just finishing my second bottle and hoping for another when my Birthday comes around next month! When I wear it, people remark on the lovely smell, and that can't be bad. Will continue to wear this scent for as long as it is available.
I love Light Blue's lively but delicate scent. Although considered a 'light' perfume,it lasts really well throughout the day.
There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this scent.


I have a few favourites and this is one of them. I really love, and a lot of people like it too. I don't think it is one of my boyfriend's favourites - he doesn't hate it, but he likes others more than this. I still wear it a lot because I love the smell myself.
I love this perfume - another floral favourite of mine!
Nothing bad about it.


I have to say I really like this perfume from the packaging upwards It is fresh, airy, sensual and fun loving, but wih this one I am always tuned into the smell of musk, it has a slight musk smell, not everyone notices it, but when you smell it it will stay with you. When i have worn this one i havent had to respray at all. If i have re sprayed I hve felt over powered by the smell. This is gorgeous for all ages and one you can ely on as a gift or just to plain spoil yourself.
A lovely fresh smell, that can be worn day or night, any season relly.


this is a great summer fragrance or for those that dont like to wear heavy perfumes. on the downside as this is a lighter fragrance and an eau de toilet it is not long lasting and you will need to reapply several times if you want to smell like it all day. this one can be found at alot of discount chemists and the like and the online fragrance shops. i have also seem it in some great gift packs. to sum up this is a great frangrance that can be found at a great price. i wouldnt be dissapointed if i received this as a gift.
great summer scent
doesnt last


Light Blue is a great fragrance for any woman of any age. i think the scent is very fresh and lovely. this perfume can be worn in the day or in the night time.
it has a very fresh smelling scent to it.
nothing. it is a very nice fragrance.


It is really well priced and one of the best perfumes. I have not met anyone who doesn't suit this fragrance. I got it for Christmas one year from my husband. We went to his families house for lunch and as I walked past his younger brother he breathed in and said "D&G Light Blue?" I said yeah. He said it is the best female frangrance ever. And hes not the only one to have said that when I wore it. Highly recommended.
I LOVE this perfume. It is nice and light. The perfect day time perfume. Every guy I know loves it on a girl


i got this as a christmas present a few years ago from my sister. it is so beautiful and fresh, i used to wear it everyday to work as it was so nice and calming, and didn't overpower everyone at work. i think it can be worn by women of all ages, very fresh smelling. although it was bought as a gift, i have checked out the price and it looks very affordable. i would recommend to everyone!
very affordable, a great gift for any woman, subtle and not overpowering, able to be worn at night and in the day.
none at all


One of the more unusual perfumes that I have tried. It has a very refreshing and invigorating sort of scent. It definitely reminds me of water, the ocean or a natural spring, which is what I think of everytime I smell it for some reason. It is not my first choice for special occassions simply because it isn't as feminine - flowery and romantic seeming to me as other perfumes are. Not at all overwhelming and very long lasting.
Very uplifting, a great perfume for daily use. Really is quite unique.
I would like it to be in a prettier bottle.


I'm a big fan of D&G Light Blue - last Christmas I received the gift pack as a present (perfume, shower gel and body lotion) - it was fantastic!! I loved the smell of the body lotion in particular - just like the perfume, it made me smell good, feel good - appropriate to use in all occasions!
Its scent is just beautiful: not too strong, not too light, it's just right! This perfume turns heads and attracts a lot of attention (from both males and females!) I have been using D&G Light Blue for the past 5 years and I'm still getting compliments from friends and strangers, they all wanted to know what perfume I've got on!
Not that I could think of...


I have just finished my bottle of Light Blue after having used it as my everyday fragrance (bottle lasted ages). To me, it was like putting on my crispest white linen shirt - I really loved the fresh aroma and was always happy wearing it. It's certainly a great everyday fragrance, however would work equally well in the evening if you don't want a strong or overpowering fragrance. It is now quite a reasonably priced fragrance too, so do yourself a favour and try it.
Subtle fragrance with a very fresh smell, lovely frosted bottle.
Nothing really, but I did need to reapply at times.


just like its name. light. can use by men or women, because its scent is fresh. not girly. not masculine. just smell good.
light. fresh. unisex. the bottle shape and color is nice.
nothing. just love it! but sometimes I feel it doesn't stay long on my skin. but I can re-spray it if I need.

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