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Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash

Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash

4.1 from 40 reviews

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Silky and good smell

I have been using dove body wash for mant years now. Dove's smell is my favorite smell in all the body wash! And your skin will feel silky and moisture~ you can get a good value from costco~I will keep using this good product.

Purchased in September 2019 for $17.99.

Value for Money

skin feels smoothy and silky for more than 24 hours

I love that it's readily available on all major supermarkets. one small account goes on big lather. What I do is I put this on a loofah, add water to make it bubble and spread it all over my body. I leave it for a few minutes and rinse it.

Purchased in June 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

No good anymore. Made in China

Wow!!!!!!! We thought this was an Australian/ New Zealand product.
Ripped off.
Made in China.
Not as good as before.
We thought like always made in Australia.
Check the label next time.

Purchased in May 2019 for $9.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

My go to in winter

This product does what it says.. it leaves my skin smooth and almost silky. It lathers well; its light weight and has a pleasant floral scent to it, which make it my go to body wash during winter.

As someone who has dry skin, I use this body wash along with a really good body moisturiser and my skin is ready to face the cold weather!

Found this particular cream was not as moist and absorbing as previous ones

Would prefer to look at some other brands to compare the absorption rate before purchasing again.
I remember using Dove cream some years ago with better results and quicker absorption.

Great For Dry Sensitive Skin.

This is the best body wash I have ever used as it is so soft and gentle on your skin and thoroughly moisturises your skin like no other body wash I have ever used, It always leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky smooth and when other people notice the soft, silky smoothness of my skin they simply have to know what I have been using.

The only drawback to this product is the price at $13.70 for the 1 Litre sized pump pack it is the most expensive body wash on the supermarket shelves.

Coles Supermarkets have it on Special for 50% normal retail price on a occasional basis, So I buy as much as my budget will allow and I usually have enough to last until its on Special again.

An excellent bodywash that really does look after sensitive skin & moisturises it thoroughly.

Not As good As Before

I have been using this body wash since 2010, and realised today that it is no longer as rich and "creamy" as before. As the bottle was getting low, the body cream was quite runny. In the old days I had to actually add water to make in run and flow out well. I now feel that the wash is not as concentrated as before or something has changed. This would not surprise me, since the product is often on sale and you can buy it at half price most of the time. Time to look for a better quality body wash for me now.

Smooth and silky feeling

I never doubted the moment I grabbed it in the grocery store. It is super soothing especially its smell that is relaxing. But what I really value is the smooth and silky feeling it leaves on skin after i later it in my rough spots like elbows and knees. I use it almost daily to remove rough spots on my dry skin!

Smells great!

My mother is a big fan of Dove products, and I was surprised how lovely this body wash smelled! Unfortunately the smell isn't very long-lasting. It does have a really nice texture and lathers well. I didn't notice any major moisturising improvement after using this, but it certainly wasn't drying.

Great moisturizing effect

I interchangeably use it with Pamolive and this is the most effective when it comes to smoothing the skin. Howver it sometimes becomes too sticky which is why I switch usage with the other brand every fortnight. I love washing my feet with this wash. I dip both of my feet and wash tem with this wash and in a few weeks results to really soft skin.

Smells lovely.

Bought this on special from Coles as an alternative to my normal body wash, just for a bit of a change. It smells really good and has made my skin quite soft. I didn't really notice how dry my skin actually was until I started using it.

Only issue I have is that the smell doesn't stay on your skin for very long after the shower.

Lathers Well, Smells Good While in the Shower

This body wash smells good and lathers well while you're in the shower. It smells good, but the smell doesn't last all that long. It's incredibly expensive for something that provides a benefit for a short period of time. I'm really waiting for some kind of body wash that smells great, feels great, and they're able to make that feeling last.

Terrible scent

I had read so many good reviews about this product so gave it a go. I can't comment on whether it felt good on my skin or not because i didn't notice because I can't get past how terrible it smells. Very strong floral scents that stick! All morning all I could think was 'oh please get this smell off me!'

One of the best

I've used dove shampoos, bar soaps and deodorants. The shower gel is just as good with a beautiful scent and moisturising properties leaving you feel really clean and fresh in the end. I don't mind purchasing another 1 litre bottle of this product. It lasts forever and works like a charm.

Love it!

Honestly I've never been bothered about product reviews etc, but I'm so impressed by this product,, what a pleasure to use ! The smell is gorgeous, and it feels lovely! I usually use the dove soap bars , but will now use the triple moisture body wash instead,, one if life's simple little pleasures !! : )
The scent, and the effect on the skin .

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If you find this product amazing, I bet you will love this Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body even more :)

Very disappointed with new formulation

I have used this product for 2 years now and loved it. I loved the smell especially and the creamy luxurious formulation. The moisturising effect on my skin was fantastic.

The most recent bottle I bought about 2 months ago was a terrible shock, this product that I loved had been changed. The lovely fresh soapy scent I originally bought the product for had changed into a fake unappealing scent. Also the texture of the product also feels very synthetic and gel- like rather than the rich creamy feel of the original. I am so disappointed!

The positive is that there is still the moisturising benefit but I am probably not going to buy this product again as the best things about this product have gone. The friend who recommended this product to me originally has also moved away from this product since the change.
Good moisturising benefit
New scent and new texture very unappealing compared to the original

Very moisturising

If you suffer from a bit of dry skin you will love this. I tend to chop and change my shower body washes because I like variety, but I am finding lately I need to use a body moisturiser when I wash with anything else. So I have now bought the large pump pack to get me through winter. It smells lovely and you can still smell it on your skin long after you've been out of the shower.
Very moisturising, smells great


Dove is a very well-known brand in variety of skin-care products. This one is very good in quality. My skin is dry so I like to use this one to maintain moist. Its smell is very good, not so strong but enough to make me feel fresh all day long. And even its price is higher than other products, but I just need a small amount each use. It is a very good product.
It is very moist and makes your skin not dry. If you keep using this one for a long time, your skin is just very smooth.
It is not a very good idea for people has moist skin already in the summer.


I used this product for all of winter. It's lasted the whole three months without going runny or losing its scent, and as you only need to use a tiny bit each time, it's very economical (I think that's the right word :)). I will definitely use this again next winter!
Lasts ages, smells wonderful and definitely left my skin feeling soft.


I must say I like Dove, it has a proven record of doing what it is meant to do, and not to be let down this Triple Moisturing Body Wash is just great, itleaves your skin feeling soft but moisturised after use, and it has a nice smell with it, not over powering in any way. It is affordable to buy, and you can obtain it from any supermarkert. I like the fact that a little goes a long way and that way you get savings. Apart from that it is just another great product from Dove's range. I personally wouldnt expect anything less but the best from Dove.
I like Dove as it has a proven record of doing what it is meant to do.

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Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash
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