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Dulux Design Chalkboard

Dulux Design Chalkboard

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Amazing stuff!! Love it!

Painted on brand new wall and it has worked perfectly - also made another wall the same for a calendar/planner wall in the kitchen.

Tips for cleaning - don't use water - dampen a cloth with Coke and it will bring your blackboard back to new!! Our wall has been painted for nearly 3 years with a now 4 year old and it's still amazing!

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Hi Ange, We love this tip, thank you for sharing! Great work with your chalkboard projects. - The Dulux Team

Utterly disappointed and so are my three kids!

We followed directions, had professional painters paint our new home. We finally got to move in, and the main exciting thing for the kids was their chalkboard walls (1 per room). The chalk does NOT come off.. even with a wet cloth, you are left with swirls of chalk everywhere. My kids are upset and I am mad we wasted the money on this paint. It is nothing like a chalkboard (and we have black plus two of the other colours). Really, really not what it is marketed to be.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
Hi Ness, thanks for reaching out and we're sorry you're not happy with the performance of Dulux Design Chalkboard. Once the second coat is dry, the chalkboard needs to be conditioned following the instructions on the can (covering the board with the side of a piece of chalk both horizontally and vertically, then dusting off). This primes the chalkboard ready for use, so when chalk is applied it will dust off. You could try to do this now to the chalkboards and see if that helps remove the chalk marks. If not, clean off the chalkboard with a damp cloth to remove any chalk residue and re-coat, then condition when dry. If you would like more advice, please contact our Help & Advice Team on 13 25 25 and quote your personal CARE number 4559420. Dulux Australia.I have tried the conditioning. It doesn't work. I spent ages wiping down last night again properly. I'm sure not going to re-paint and try again!

Horrible now stuck with green door

Followed the instructions... even Googled!
Chalk won't come off.
Now I need to sand back and relax paint in a normal paint.
Waste of time, money and honestly I think it's disgusting they're still selling this. I don't even know if I'll be able to get it back to the original door. Might as well buy a new one!

Now have an ugly green door in my kitchen.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Hi Tamara, thanks for reaching out. We're sorry about your experience with Dulux Design Chalkboard, and want to help. Please give our Help & Advice Team a call on 13 25 25 and quote your personal CARE number 4538810 so we can ask you a few questions and find a solution for you. Dulux

Absolutely rubbish

Painted a small wall in my kitchen.. after 2 coats and 3 days of drying I rubbed my hand across the area only to find a black dust substance was coming off, then the writing stays even after priming with chalk and to get it off you need to wipe with damp cloth only then to find the paint comes off onto the cloth


I recently restored an old desk for my room, and because I'm a student and a writer I thought it'd be cool to be able to just write my plans down as I'm working so I decided to paint the top of my desk with chalkboard paint. I followed the instructions, and because of school commitments I wasn't able to actually get my desk into my room until tonight, so it's been sitting for about a month. I brought my desk into my room and I've been working on a book so I decided to try out my new blackboard and it's worked perfectly! I found this website and freaked out a little because of the negative reviews so I decided to try and rub off the chalk, expecting the worst. To my delight, the chalk came straight off and there wasn't a hint of paint on my cloth! 100% would use again and recommend!

Hard to clean, paint rubs off with damp cloth

I followed the directions exactly as per the tin, and waited over three days before writing on the surface. All was fine until it came to dusting off - the chalk wouldn't budge. With the area becoming unusable, I used a very slightly damp cloth to try and clean it, and the paint rubbed off. I've since found, from internet searching and a review here, that painted chalkboard surfaces should be primed with a total covering of chalk, but there was nothing on the tin regarding use following application. I'll be using a different, solvent-based paint to paint over it.

Doesn't work as a blackboard

I bought this blackboard paint over the weekend, followed the instructions to a T, including letting it dry for 72 hours, to turn my kitchen door into a huge blackbird.
Chalked the whole thing once it was dry and then wiped it off, as per instructions on the can, with a damp cloth.
Now my kitchen door is a mix of blackboard paint and white chalk, swirled together and the chalk won't come off. The damp cloth removed the paint at the same time as the chalk, so the two mixed together as the paint was re-activated when wet.

Who makes a blackboard paint, that is to be cleaned with a damp cloth, water based??? That's just stupid.
Also, doesn't cover the area it says it will. My kitchen door is 2 metres squared, I've used over 3/4 of the tin on 2 coats.

Save $5.10 and buy the White knight version. It might be solvent based, but at least it bloody works.

I returned my 3/4 used tin for a refund.

Product is fine if you follow recommendations.

I have created a large blackboard by painting over a dated print. I used the water based paint and did three coats. Make sure you use a short pile roller.
The secret is to prime your chalkboard before you use it. Rub a stick of white chalk placed on its side over the entire surface, completely cover the surface. The paint is porus so you need to fill this with chalk first. (If you don't your design or writing will stay there permanently.) Then get a rag and rub the chalk into the surface, and leave for an hour or so.
Rub in again then dust off using a dry rag.
The board is ready to use.
If you ever clear off using water on your rag you must prime again using the same method.

Waste of time

I had the same problem as Darcy did. I have used it on two different types of surfaces now and find it completely useless. I was making blackboard signs for a wedding. I sure do hope the bride decides to keep the design as is as never try to wash it off. She will be disappointed if she did. I noticed whenever I tried to clean my word edges that the black comes straight off.


Bought this paint to do a feature wall in my kitchen, prepped area as directed, took extra care to do everything right, after 1 use the colour is rubbing off on my cloth even though i let it cure for 4 days, chaulk only comes off with water, and has scratches already. I do not reccomend this product to anyone. Waste of money time and niw i have a big ugly black square in my kitchen with no purpose. I still have some left so im going to reapply 2 more coats if it is still bad i will be taking it back to the shop.
The idea
Didnt do as promised

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Ill add that I did apply 4 more coats of this paint, let it cure for 2 weeks and now I have a usable surface, some chips I had to touch up over the past year but, otherwise, its good, still horrible though as I had to apply 6or more coats of this product

Instant chalkboard? No. It's just black paint.

We bought this for our sons room. The first problem was, it doesn't cover nearly as much surface area as it claims to. We only had a small area (just under 4 square metres) and the 1L tin said it would cover 8sqm. We bought the 1L tin expecting to get 2 coats but we only just got one coat. So we had to buy another tin. If we had bought a 2L tin in the first place we would have saved $10.
Then when we actually attempted to use it as a chalkboard, we were very disappointed. Yes, you can draw on it with chalk, but it doesn't come off. It's no different to any other wall surface except that it is black. A complete rip off.

It's just black paint, doesn't make an 'instant chalkboard' as advertised.

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I bought black blackboard paint. Carefully sanded the old green chalk board. Undercoated them two coats of black blackboard paint. Prepared it by putting chalk over it I now have an ugly green Board. It's not black Please help as I was asked to paint a black blackboard!!!!!!!
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Hi Ally, We'd like to get some more information from you so we can help with a solution. Please give our Help & Advice Team a call on 13 25 25 and quote your personal CARE number 4573730 so we can assist you further. Dulux Australia

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