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Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress

Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress

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Superb product and a very easy-to-use, forgiving product unlike Intergrain Ultradeck. Highly recommend!

Applied 2 coats of Dexpress Natural to Merbau Decking. Still a little sticky but understand there is 7 day curing time. It did plenty of research on decking oils after reading so many bad reviews on Ultradeck and Cabots products. Very happy this water based stain has helped retain the natural wood grain.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Haymes Dexpress is Simply the best product on the market for your decks 3 coats however after using there wood cleaner, 2 coats 3 hours apart then the third the next day BRILLIANT

Looks great on pine but wore of spotted gum decking within a few months

I applied two coats to my spotted gum decking. It looked OK for 4 months and then started to wear away. It's about half covered now at 7 months since application. I was expecting better.
The one coat I applied to some pine structural beams on the same deck looks great however.

UVEX Range of Simply Woodcare - Haymes Paint

A genuinely beautiful product, I have used it in my house for past 3 years and never had to look at any Bunnings Products again. We bought it in 2014 and applied twice ever since so it last for long - once applying primer, UVEX finish seals the deck. Take a couple of weeks to dry fully so please don't drag any heavy items over it or else, you will see some marks. By far the best Deck finish I have seen as equivalent as Sikkens. Pricing is lot less then Sikkens.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Very good product

I used cabots natural decking oil for the first two years, i was re coating every 6 months. I changed to Dexpress i found it dry's very quick. I could give a second coat the following day. It has been 8 months now and still looing strong. Should get 2 years before re coating. Very happy with it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Dexpress - brilliant product!

Absolutely love this product. We've used it over several years on different things. Was recommended to us by our local paint store after we had a merbau deck built. The merbau colour is lovely and rich, it's very easy to apply and dries quickly. Looks absolutely fantastic. In fact we like it so much we used it on all our new timber Windows, and our post & rail fencing. Everyone comments on how great it looks - very happy customers here!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Great lasting finish.

I had used Dexpress to seal our decking about 3 years ago and it is still lasting. In this time the decking had received a hammering when we had a new brick retaining wall built beside it and the Dexpress finish still looked great. I am looking forward to resurfacing the decking this summer.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Easy to use,great finish.

Not sure why there are a couple of negative reviews here, this product was easier to use and gave a ten times better finish than any Cabots products I have used in the past. It gave an even coat all over and the color was very natural as opposed to Cabots which gave a dark chocolate finish. Will definitely use again.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Dexpress - A Beginners View

Just thought I would provide my experience being a novice deck stainer. I have a large 50 sq metre east facing deck. The deck had a jarrah stain applied that had faded badly and was in need or rejuvenation. Selected Dexpress Iron Grey. The deck was broomed/scrubbed with warm Napisan in water to get the desired cleaning effect and then gently gerni’d the water off. Don’t blast it though as wood surface may “feather” which is undesirable and damages the surface. Waited about 10 days for a warm day and applied about 10AM one morning on 25 degree day. Being east facing the deck had been directly exposed to sun since sunrise and boards were very warm. As the stain was applied, it was drying quickly. My method of dabbing small amounts along the boards with a lambswool applicator before spreading only worked OK. The stain soaked in quickly to the dabbed locations resulting a darker colour in these spots. Then when it was spread I got a lighter colour on the other patches where the stain had not sat. I think applying in the direct sunlight on a 25 degree day was not ideal.

I then continued the same thing on another part of the deck after lunch in a shaded area and the results were much better. The stain retained its liquid form much better, the wood did not drink up the stain quite so hard and I had time to move it about with greater ease. I applied a second coat a week later on a cool cloudy 19 degree day and the results were better again. Stain was easy to work with, drying was slower so I could work with the applicator to get an even spread of stain, and the blotchiness I achieved after the first application was gone.

It did rain after the first application and the milky white blotches people have commented on did appear. I spread the small water patches out with a broom to aide drying and within 24 hrs the water and white blotches had gone. So my plan next time is to…. 1) Don’t apply in direct sunlight or do on a cool day 2) Brushing achieved a beautiful consistent finish but on large areas was way to slow and hard work 3) White blotchiness can be overcome by spreading the water to let it dry.

Only had the 2nd coat on a few days but the deck looks really good. At this point would be happy to re-use again. Will see how things look in 6 – 12 months and will re-apply a third coat later in the year.

Just the observations of an amateur.
Dec 2017 Update

I bought the colour Iron Grey. When I opened the can it looked like a paint consistency in the colour of warship grey. Not exactly the shade I expected but I proceeded regardless. I think I ended up painting it on too thick, as the grey is just the base. If you slather it on, you get the base colour I think. If you are less generous you get the stain colour. I think all Dexpress stains have this grey base I have just discovered. So I layered it on and then put a 2nd coat on. It ended up looking like I had painted the deck, not stained it. But it looked fine, was very weather proof and has not deteriorated 1 bit. It has almost no traffic though but has survived a Victorian winter and still looks as good as new. Will how it goes over summer.

The deck was originally stained in Merbau colour so this also may have affected the outcome and stopped the true iron grey colour coming through. Dunno.

I also painted some outside treated pine stairs. Again too thick I think. These stairs are used daily. At the base of the stairs is some gravel leading to a lawn. When people walk up the stairs with gravel stuck in their shoes, the paint has chipped away and needs another coat. Partly my fault for using gravel. Should have used something very fine that wont chip if stuck on a shoe. All in all I am still happy despite my errors.

I am staining some raw gum sleepers at present, and the different colour I selected still has the grey base. But when spread, the real colour comes through and it looks good + plus the wood grain remains evident. I did not get this on my deck so this has been an interesting learning for me. Maybe the Merbeu colour of the deck stopped the gentle grey stain displaying and hence only when I applied it heavy did I get some sort of grey colour?

Overall though, I am happy and will buy more of this product in the future. It has plenty of good reviews, the Haymes team are happy to give advice and it is Australian made and owned I think. Plus even though I may have applied it a bit heavy, it looks like it will last for a good few years (subject to rocks in shoes) which means this will not require yearly re-staining which suits me fine. The less I have to paint / stain the better. Am I am still an amateur.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great Australian Decking oil, one of the best i tried.

I bought 10L of Haymes Decking oil last week at www.outdecoliving.com.au ebay stores. The products are easy to use and dry fairly quickly. I choose the (merbau water base) decking oil because its lasts longer than natural water base. The Colour is dark and rich, Haymes customer help line is very helpfull and technical.

Great product

Very easy product to apply with a brush or applicator. It goes on easy and is touch dry within a few hours, but does take a fe days or so to completely lose that slight tacky feeling. I have used this on a new merbau deck (the Natural stain) and it came up really well. Make sure you get at least 2 but ideally 3 coats on to start with. I have also used the Merbau stain in the same product and this has been great on fences and other outside timber as it holds it colour for a really long time. I would certainly recommend this over the usual decking oils that need to be re-done a lot.

Love it!

I've always used Cabots but thought I'd try the Simply Woodcare range because it's 100% Australian made and family owned. I purchased Dexpress for my decking and Uvex for my windows. Wen I purchased the products it was recommended to me that I recoat it with one coat every 12-18 months to. It has now been 2 years and my deck and windows still look amazing. I always had to recoat the Cabots every 12 months. I am planning on recoating this weekend even though I don't think it needs it, to be sure, to be sure and all of that.
I love the finish of both the dexpress and the Uvex. Very Happy. I will be doing my interior woodwork in a few weeks and intend to use the simply woodcare range again.

Best Quality & most reasonable pricing - Australian Company - Quality Similar to Sikkens Brand.

Pricing and quality of this product is far better than anything else out there in the market. I see other reviews about slippery and all - if it’s wet, it will be slippery - simple as that. Similar to Sikkens I must say.

Highly Recommended Product

Also try their UVEX Range -

Slippery if wet ...dangerous

My husband runs a Painting business and has always used Sikkens however this time for a new deck at home I did some research and convinced him to use Dexpress . The main reason though was as we have two dogs and two cats the logistics of trying to keep the off the deck whilst Sikkens dried was way to hard . The big thing with this product is it is dangerously slippery when wet . Many many times I have walked in a damp lawn in thongs then back onto the deck and nearly gone over we have both decided it's to dangerous as we also have some. Decking close to the pool area which of course is often wet and slippery so have decided to go back to Sikkens , of course we haven't done it ...one of those will get to jobs . Well it's getting done now ASAP as this evening I was walking on the deck must have stepped on a wet patch and as my thongs hit the wet patch they slipped and I went straight down on top of the dog bowls . It hurt as I slipped hard and fast but thankfully no damage probably just bruising to come however it's made me write this to make anyone thinking of using this product to be very aware especially if you have children . As for durability it's ok we have a large Doberman over 55kgs with massive claws and it held up as well as the Sikkens which was on the last deck . The section near the pool in full sun has lasted around 5 months however it gets a lot of sun and high temps BUT I won't use and would certainly not recommend to anyone due to how slippery it gets ...extremely dangerous when wet .

Curing Time

After purchasing Dexpress and applying two coats to my deck, Haymes told me it would take 5 weeks to cure and don't put anything heavy on it. I wish this was stated on the tin. But if they did no one would Buy it. The family Christmas on the deck is 3 weeks away

Life made easier

I have found dexpress the best product of all .I tried several other brands and types and have massive decks all around our house. It's an amazing product

Use of haymes deckspress

Applied in the correct manner haymes deckspress is an excellent product..Here are a few must do's..When using merbau decking make sure the nails are punched well below the timber line. Let the timber weather for a couple of weeks with frequent hosing down to bleach the tanon from timber. Only apply in warm weather with at least three days of warm dry weather after application, apply no less than three coats initially..Then one coat every two years from then on..I have applied this product to my deck seven years ago and my deck looks as good as the day i applied my first application..I suggest you use deckspress natural , other colours become too dark after some time and lose that merbau look..Don't be tempted to walk on deck until fully cured or at least two days,although this product dries super fast eg, one hour dry,.It does still need to cure for best results
looks great..ease of application...quick dry..very servicable finish.

Rubbish, doesn't dry properly

I have used this product a number of times with the same problem. it doesn't dry. last application decking cleaned and coated in October. it's now mid February, hot hot summer no rain during this period. just five mm of rain boards have turned soft and milky. nopoint contacting haymes as they will pretend to test the product and say it's fine. and yes i'm speaking from experience. i havehad other issues with haymes paint. do yourself a favour...use another brand.

Doesn't dry! still goes soft and cloudy from moisture after four months curing in summer with no rain


After using the oxalic acid (woodclean) sold to me, I did a water bead test, with this showing the water was being absorbed the guys at Bristol Erina sold me dexspress merbau for my merbau deck.
They told me I would get 1 or 2 years out of this product 3 years later in half undercover half exposed to the weather I have put a coat of natural back over the whole deck for maintenance as I was happy with the darkness of the original coats.
more expensive but coating less often
Could only do 2 boards the whole length of deck at one time

A very good quality deck protecting product and well priced.

I've been using this product for six years and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the market to paint/seal/stain a new timber deck (mine is merbau). It needs to be re-coated every 2-3 years if in direct sunlight. If the area is totally undercover you could probably stretch it out to 4 years providing the original preparation and application are as directed by manufacturer.
Cost effective and plenty of advice from retailer.
You should not apply this product unless you have a good three to four days of decent weather during and after application as moisture or cooler weather causes the fresh coating to become cloudy in appearance.

Questions & Answers

I see this is used to stain and seal weathered bamboo. Will it work on dried bamboo purchased from a supplier? I hear you can sand off the waxy layer, but, I''ve done a good deal of sanding with no luck with conventional wood stains
2 answers
Hello Tom, Rustoleum make a product called Bamboo Oil specifically for Bamboo surfaces, it comes in Natural or Black 4Lt or 10LtOK, Thanks for the reply. Sounds like it will work. I'm in the USA though. I can find it on the Australian Zinsser Rustoleum website, but, not the US one. I've written them we'll see. Not a lot of bamboo used for fences and such where I am in the US, but, there are areas it grows and is common. I've sent them a note to see how to get some.

Where do I get it in Coffs harbour?
No answers

We have used your Dexpress product on our deck (previously used Sikkens). Why, after 5 weeks, it is STILL sticky and leaves footprints everywhere whether wearing shoes, bare feet or socks.
2 answers
It Shouldn’t be. 5 weeks to dry is never heard of before. Have you followed all the application procedures?Deck has been in place for 9 years and previously coated (and maintained) with oil-based Sikkens Deck product. Deck timber is Iron Bark. Majority of the deck is under cover. Before application of your product the deck surface was professionally sanded and prepared. 2 coats of Dexpress applied using a mohair roller.


Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress
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