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Haymes Interior Expressions

Haymes Interior Expressions

Low Sheen, Matt and Semi Gloss
4.5 from 24 reviews

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Like making love to the walls

After reading many, many, reviews online and sampling different colours in a few walls across my house, I’m finally making the change from Dulux (Antique White USA) to Haymes (Minimalist 1) and honestly, I wish I’ve done it before.

From the moment you open the can and you start stirring the paint you know it’s a good product, thick, quality stuff.

I have painted previously with Dulux, Taubmans, etc and trust me...I’m not going back to them.

There’s nothing exciting in painting a wall but when you apply this product is for a lack of a better word...sexy. The photo is the first coat only!

Purchased in July 2019.

Value for Money
Painted SurfacePreviously painted
Finish Quality
Ease of Application

Picture fames

As a professional painter I've used a lot of Haymes low sheen acrylic over the years. The most recent change of formula has seen me go right off this product. It picture frames badly even if the cutting in is left to dry overnight. Doesn't touch up well either. Will be using Resene Spacecote in future as the finish is far superior.

No point mucking around.

2 smallish bedrooms, 2 coats each. Brilliant stuff. Goes on lovely. Doesn't smell that much. Been using Haymes for more art based projects, usually strong primary colours, always very happy with coverage and durability. Still worth going Haymes for interior white. Can't believe I used to waste my time with cheap n crappy brands.

Superior paint

After using Taubmans I was extremely disappointed with the finish. Purchased Haymes after reading these reviews. This product really is the best. The finish is beautiful. I am painting all walls and ceilings throughout the house. Taubmans took 3 coats and looked blotchy but Haymes is only 1 coat for ceiling and 2 for walls. It’s the same price as Taubmans and Dulux but far superior.

Fantastic Quality Paint and Great Service from Haymes

I have now painted two bedrooms and a large, open plan living area with Haymes Interior Expressions low sheen.
The finish and coverage are amazing, great opacity compared to big brands I've bought previously.

In addition the service I've received from the Haymes Experts was fantastic, helping me get a colour perfect - really helpful!

Thanks Haymes - great team and products

Too shiny

I painted my bathroom with Haynes low sheen enamel paint and it is nearly as shiny as the gloss enamel quite annoyed it is so shiny.t I thought being low sheen it would be not so shiny but it is I thought it would be better to stop Mold now I regret using this paint

Recommending this paint

Had a large area of VJ timber walls to paint in 80yrs old house in Queensland.
Only wanted to paint it well and once...
Walls were taken back to bare timber and primed ready for top coat using British Paint 4in1.
Had used other big paint brands for top coats with varying results so was looking for local advice - many people recommended Haymes...
The Haymes Expressions sold me on its coverage and covering qualities and the resulting finish is great.
Just 2 coats applied with a 13mm nap roller have given a deep colour finish with a superb low sheen.
First coat coverage was hardest and using the most paint as all VJ's had to be done but the flow and smooth finish of the paint helped cut the work. Second coat was much faster and flowed easily of the first coat.
You do need to make sure the paint is fully cured (not just dry) properly to see the real value in this wash and wear product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Haymes Interior Expressions....Glides on like butter - love it!!

Haymes Expressions Interior - Low sheen.
I'm renovating & painting my 3 bedroom home. For a comparison.... In prep for built-in wardrobe in main bedroom I used Dulux wash'n'wear. In prep for built-in wardrobe in spare room I used Haymes Expessions Low Sheen.
Haymes won hands down. It felt creamy & luxurious to roll on wall whereas Dulux felt thin & stingy. Could have got away with just one coat coverage with Haymes wheras Dulux needed 3 coats.
As the day was a bit cold, I thought I'd try a little trick I saw/heard somewhere ...... I filled the kitchen sink with hot water & sat my paint tin in it for a while to gently warm the paint a bit. Made the final stir & application sooooo much easier.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Best paint and covers great

Happy with Haynes I would not use any other paint it covers great and drys off perfect. Also when ever I have a problem with my account or any dramas the accounts team are the best so helpful it is a massive help being able to ring them in Australia and they genuinely help it's a throwback to how business was run back in the day. Very honest I'm more then happy

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Save your money.

This paint like the complete range has poor coverage lacks soothness of top brands. For the price haymes does not come close to major brands. Upon drying it’s clear that Haymes finish is lacking in all areas. Consideri carefully before using this paint as one will certainly need to paint sooner than expected

Date PurchasedJun 2018

the best

I have just finished painting my ceilings with haymes ceiling white. Thick creamy and covers superbly as well as being easy to apply. I have just been to artarmon to buy a 15 litre drum of semi matt for the walls. Highly recommended and I wouldn't consider using any of the test pots from 2 of the big manufacturers following their thin and unimpressive performance a few weeks ago. UPDATE...just finished the walls yesterday with a 15 litre drum. Looks fantastic. Haymes is simply a superb product and I would never use any other paint...I'm even looking forward to starting the bedrooms which I wasn't going to do.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Best paint ever

The paint gives great coverage it's easy to use with great range of colours to choose from did my whole house using this paint and would highly recommend it is good value for the purchace price as you only need one coat to get very good coverage but if you want an even better look go for two coats highly recommend

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good paint - low odour & very smooth finish

My partner & I are first time DIY painter for our new house (4Bed house over 150m2), with over 350m2 of wall & 65 m2 ceiling to paint. Based on many research, we decided to go with Haymes paint (Trade price from our builder was good, only $2/Litre more expensive than Solver & $2/Litre cheaper than Dulux). Coverage was great that 1 coat primer + 2 coat color was perfect. 1 coat is okay too (if no dramatic change of color) Textile was smooth and quite stretchable that we now excess paint to store away. Paint shops says Haymes is the premium product, even within the premium paint line across all brand. I am happy with Haymes and will recommend to anyone. Don't go past this Australian product.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Will use Haymes Paint from now on.

After several research and see reviews from other. I decide to try Haymes paint ,and this brand haymes is the best. Covers better with a perfect finish .I only need one coat application is almost sufficient, easy to apply.I'll only use Haymes from now on.
Highly recommend.Wouldn't waste my time to use any other brand .

Date PurchasedAug 2017


completed an interior repaint, using the Haymes expressions low sheen was a dream to work with.
Brushing and rolling the paint was effortless, so nice and creamy.
the owner of the property was amazed that there was NO paint smell lingering in the house!
the finish on the wall is a nice silky sheen.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Don't go past this one

I have no doubt that his is the best paint I have ever used. Rich colour, nice viscosity, easy to apply and good coverage. Low odour. Nice colour palette and sample pots available. Will never go back to the others. Only slight negative is limited availability but definitely worth the effort to locate.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Simply the best.

This is by far the BEST interior low sheen I've ever used , flows beautifully,low odour and a simply fantastic finish, bravo Haymes its brilliant, I'm so pleased to use your products it's making my jobs so much easier.Billy MacDonald, painting contractor Coffs Harbour. Ps I cannot praise this product highly enough it is 1st class.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Best paint ever

I have used all the other brands haymes is miles in front.
I paint for a living & never had a single complaint
With the end product
Covers better with a perfect finish and all australian made .
Wouldn't wast my time to use any other brand very happy with haymes

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Painting interior of old house badly in need.
Tried Haymes after looking at this site.
Beautiful, thick, creamy, vivid with good coverage, no splatter and easy to apply.
I won't even bother considering other brands for the rest of the house and in the future.
A pity it's not more widely stocked as I'm sure if it was it would take more market share off some of the 'big boys'.
Good to see a Australian Company apparently still focussing on quality and excellence of their product rather than being driven by other factors.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

An artists impression

Ive used Dulux and its very,very good, yet a touch watery for its price. So, I switched to Haymes and I found it gorgeous to work with. Thick penetrating pigment, yet silky smooth to apply. The paint wont splatter. One coat application is almost sufficient, but im extra fussy. This paint is so great, it makes a novice look like a professional. Its gravy for your walls !!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2016

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Questions & Answers

Hi, we have a 2 year old and want to paint the whole inside of our house. Is your paint for us? If so what do you recommend
No answers

Can you use Haymes expressions low sheen to freshen up a set of drawers?
1 answer
If the drawers are a larger size then Low sheen will be ok but not as hard wearing or good looking as enamel.... Haymes has great flowing water based enamel that is proving durable on my sun exposed window sills...easy to clean & looks great! Would make your drawers sparkle...

In hall way, foyer,stairs down one side, walls 5 Mtrs high and large window over front door. Having trouble with low sheen showing roller marks and cutting in marks. How do I avoid this. The stair wall be able to wash dirty marks off. The paint I used was not Haynes.
1 answer
Tricky job as the light will show any surface imperfections. Usually roller overlaps are due to different paint coat thickness. Use a good quality roller & make sure the paint is laid evenly. Do at least two coats. Don’t rush. Get the paint drying between coats and allow 3 full days to cure. Once done it’s easy to keep clean...we have new kid marks every week...most come off with warm damp cloth. Good luck - hope this helps!


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