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Dulux Design Gold Effect

Dulux Design Gold Effect

2.7 from 3 reviews

Absolutely great product

Gold effect? Absolutely! I can't understand what the other two reviewers before me did to their painting projects to get such a bad result, maybe they didn't mix the paint properly? Anyway, I can assure anyone reading this that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this gold paint. It appears as true shiny gold. I applied it to my high ceiling trims and it turned out awesome. As good as the gold used on painted surfaces in Versailles palace, and that's saying something big. Yes it had to be thoroughly mixed, to get the gold ingredients through it. Took me an hour to mix using a wooden spoon. But when that was done the paint was immaculate. Three coats over white surfaced trims and the effect was as rich a gold as you'll ever find on any surface. The wow factor was there! All I can say is it passed with flying colours, excuse the pun...

Date PurchasedSep 2018
Hi Steve, It is great to hear about your experience with Gold Effect and it sounds like you completed a great project. Keep up the great DIY work! - The Dulux TeamHi Dulux Team, simply awesome product! All the best.

Waste of money and time :(

At $79.90- from Bunnings, for 500ml ! I'm afraid I found this a complete waste of time and money, most angles it is seen from , particularly if you are doing a straight brush finish, looks orange or yellow, not gold, unless your lucky and the light catches it at the correct angle ! Also very thin ? or the composition is such, that you will need to go over and over and over again to get any kind of solid colour ! you can roller it several times to get a thicker coat, but then you get a rollered texture , beneath any fancy brush or sponge finish over ! I ended up adding a spot of black aqua enamel to improve the colour and doing a cross brush stroke to hide the thin layer of paint . I would have been better off Perhaps, with the Dulux Metallic design tinted paint ? or looking into it more really and purchasing the Porter's Paints version of the Gold perhaps which i assumed would be more expensive ? The Porter's Liquid Vintage Gold Alchemy ! may be a similar composition ? But it's available in store or online, it's a better vintage gold rather than so yellow/orange and would you believe it's Cheaper !! $59.22 for the comparative 500ml !! That's $20.58 Cheaper !! That's dinner ! who'd have thought it ?

Date PurchasedJun 2018

5 coats later...

I wanted an even, luxurious finish that stood above a $5 can of gold spray paint. I should have gone with the spray can. At $80 a pop for 500ml and $130 for a litre, i expected the finish that accentuated the quality of the paint constituents. If only the paint flow was a little better!

No matter what i did, or i how i applied it, it always left a textured and finish. It found it difficult to get a finish whereby i could look at it from different angles, and not notice lighter and darker patches.
If you're looking for an ultra uniform finish, you'll need to look into using a sprayer. Granted, if you're applying this stuff to a wall, slight variations in appearance is actually something you may want. But for wood or craft projects that needs to look well tendered, you may be less than satisfied by how difficult it is to get light to bounce off the finish in a consistent pattern.

The paint is nice and creamy but several coats are required to bring out the deep rich golden colour.

I have to say the paint itself, aside from the difficulties in getting it laid and nicely cured on wood, is superb. You can definitely see the quality of the paint if you roll a bit of the paint on your skin or a4 paper and peer closely at its texture and make up. It glistens marvellously. Of course, the problem is getting a practical finish with it.

The worst thing about this paint is the poor hiding power - i am currently waiting for the 5th coat to dry and i can still see the dark undercoat underneath. It is not very forgiving and your fibre roller is not good enough to apply this paint evenly. Youll need an ample amount of this paint soaked into a foam roller no ifs no buts foam is needed if you're looking to get as close to a uniform finish as possible. For textured finishes microfibre is recommended. It also dries quickly, which is a good thing, but be prepared to be left with brush marks if you're less than a picasso with a brush. Overworking it (which is so tempting given the desire to get an nice even finish) will leave brush marks in the finish.

This paint is no good for wood working projects. In fairness i haven't tried this paint on a wall but i would be expecting far better results when used over large, flat surfaces that are easier to work with than narrow surfaces that are even more narrow than the smallest sized roller.

I have tried three dulux products and i wish i had done a little more research and trial before committing to an expensive purchase. This gold effects paint is the only product that was workable under the right conditions but couldn't put perform a can of spray paint. Maybe solvent based paint has something to do with that (flow?). Some discoveries just can't be made unless you try a sample application first.

happy shopping.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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Design Gold Effect
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