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Dulux Super Enamel

Dulux Super Enamel

High Gloss and Semi Gloss
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Use this not aquanamel if you want a beautiful finish in less coats

Tried aquanamel for stained wood trim over both water based and oil based primers. Big fail. Found a tin of super enamel I had for about 6 years but never used it. Opened the tin, gave it a good stir and already after just 1 coat on an oil based primer it’s looking amazing. See my other review on the cruddy finish from Aquanamel and you’ll feel my pain. This is 2 thumbs up. Don’t get paint expert from a dulux rep, he said there were no advantages of oil based over water based enamel. Come to my house buddy and I will show you!

Purchased in April 2012.

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I love Dulux High Gloss and have worked with it extensively over the past few years.
Unfortunately I cant say the same about the Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss.
I found it EXTREMELY runny, creating endless work and slight runs on drying.
Back to the sanding block...!!!
If I wanted thin, I would have bought a cheap brand.
I'm also not happy with the drying texture when using a roller...!!! Grrr..... Back to the sanding block again.
2 Coats later, I've decided to throw it away and purchase a tin of High Gloss.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Disappointed and Saddened

After browsing several options for a suitable high gloss finish online, i chose Dulux for the job. What a mistake.

The paint was used on a 9mm plywood project. I used british paints 4 in 1 primer/sealer/undercoat as the base and i can honestly say british paints has it in spades. It's a beautiful creamy paint that gave a superb finish.

I applied three coats of the 4 in 1, sanded in between, then another coat and sanded by hand. exceptionally smooth surface ready for the topcoat.
I had great expectations for an excellent finish, but was sorely let down by dulux for a number of reasons.

The first, hundreds of tiny bubbles appeared on the surface that did not pop during the drying process. Ok maybe i'm applying it incorrectly. I did some research, oops i need a foam roller according to the sales staff. waited days for the oil to dry, and then sanded. Oops, the heat generated from sanding caused the oil to heat up and melt into an uneven blotchy mess. waited half a day, sanded again and prepared it for another go, this time with a foam roller.

Bubbles remain, the foam roller was pushing air under the paint surface. It looked promising at first, but then bubbles appeared that ruined any chance of a decent finish. Spoke to another fella that suggested against the foam roller. Thanks sales staff, it would be nice if you all could agree unanimously, from experience, how to best apply enamel oil based paint. He recommended a foam brush.

waited ages. sanded. tried again. nope, still bubbles and surface imperfections. I rang dulux to double check whether i could apply paint thinner to help the bubbles settle during the drying process. No! There is no need for paint thinner! All you need is a foam roller, he said. Thanks mate, i tried that already.

tried a microfibre 4mm nap roller - stringy surface imperfections and bubbles.

tried a synthetic soft brush - tiny demonic bubbles remain.

back to bunnings. spoke to a gentleman named [name removed]. he agreed the foam roller and brush are unsuitable. Mohair 5mm nap, he said. however, after rolling with the mohair roller once, use a brush to go over the surface in one direction. a little better this time, but surface imperfections and several bubbles remain. the paint was drying too quickly, causing tiny stringy fiber-looking paint blotches to form at the surface along with bubbles that wouldn't go away. even a non mirror orange peel finish at this point would have been satisfactory in comparison.

out of options, out of money, not to mention the paint is extremely hard to work with. It dries too quickly, cannot be applied to the claimed Dulux standard, and i was not allowed to manipulate the paint with thinners or additives. There is only one or two good things to say about this paint.

1) i saw my reflection in the paint upon opening the paint tin. the paint actually made me appear good-looking.

2) the flow is excellent.

i have now been advised the only way to apply this paint is to use a sprayer. which i refuse to do, because i don't agree the only way to get an acceptable finish is to buy a compressor and airbrush. money i don't have. my project is now on hold until i can afford to buy paint that delivers results.

I would love to say that i still have faith in Dulux oil based products, but the truth is i just don't. Dulux effects Gold paint 500ml is something i buy regularly and i don't have any problems with that water based paint.

I don't even know which other brand i can turn to, to get a great result. All i know is that if i could get a refund or storw credit, it would go a long way to put out the flames of frustration that i've experienced for three weeks.

edit: website not allowing me to upload proof of purchase, i click the button but nothing happens.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Hi David, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback. I'm really sorry to hear the product did not meet your expectations. We would like to know more about your experience. If you could call us on 13 25 25, and quote number 4599990, we will work to resolve your issue. Kind regards, Dulux Australia

The finish to die for

Used Dulux Hi-Gloss on trim and door in a spare bedroom. I took my time doing the job. Two undercoats, sanding in between. Then used a small foam roller, again sanding between the two top coats. For large flat surfaces a roller is a must. You will not achieve the same finish with a brush. The finish I achieved is as close as I am ever going to get to perfection. Achieved an almost mirror finish on the doors. The paint is beautiful to apply and tensions up on drying to give a super flat surface, but you need to do a lot of preparation. However it's worth it. Brilliant paint.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Outstanding oil-based enamel, beautiful finish

Elated by the finish with this paint. Consistently excellent. I have used it both externally and internally for years, but I just finished repainting a chest of drawers with the leftovers of what I used on my garage door and finish is so great I had to review it.
There are no shortcuts though. you have to be prepared to put down a good undercoat and two top coats, follow the drying time and sand lightly between coats. Also you have to work in a clean environment. dust, sand flies, lint really detract from it, so my tip is keep your surroundings clean and wipe down with good lint-free turps-soaked rag (like an old cotton shirt).
Not sure about the negative reviews but I have a suspicion. Dulux's undercoat/ primers are really bad. They dry too fast and don't self-level. Fair enough with a water-based primer where everyone wants fast results. But the Dulux oil-based 3-in-1 primer is really, really bad. It will ruin your topcoats unless you spend ages sanding and lay it down twice. My tip is use British Paints 4-in-1 undercoat... an excellent undercoat that the Dulux Super Enamel flows beautifully over.
Also, if you can't be arsed doing the job properly (in terms of prep, sanding, good brush, follow instructions), then forget it- it is unforgiving. But if you want an excellent result, inside or out, and are prepared to put the time in, Dulux Super Enamel over British Paints undercoat is the best finish you can get.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Thin and does not go on well.....

I have been using Dulux paint for years but it had been a while since I had used it. Purchased recently on the basis of past experience and was immediately disappointed. Thin and messy to work with, leaves a lot of ugly marks with a paintbrush and dries too quickly making it hard to go back and try to fix up streaks in paintwork (as much as that is possible).

Won't be using again.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Sean, thank you for your review. We would like to get some more details regarding the tools you used and weather conditions at the time of application so an appropriate solution can be provided. Could you please contact our Customer Service team on 13 25 25 Option 2 and quote number 4442280. Our team will be able to ask you some more questions to help determine what has caused the issue you have with the product. Thank youI've been painting for 30+ years mate. Switched to another brand and everything is fine. Care to comment on that?

Oil Based Semi Gloss Enamel

I am a signwriter by trade so I've used lots of different oil based enamel paint over the years. I have renovated a couple of houses and have always used Dulux paint. I consider Dulux to be a good quality product for interior and exterior use however after using Super Enamel Semi Gloss (I have used this for windows, architraves & skirtings) I would have to say this is not a good product to paint with when using a brush. It covers well, it is white (not slightly cream like others) but it has poor reflow. That means it gets lots of brush marks and drags on the brush. Even when slightly thinned you need to work really fast laying it off to get a smooth finish. Perhaps you could use an additive like Penetrol but I wanted to avoid anything that might make the white 'yellow' over time. I have managed a fair result with this product but with considerable effort and only after lightly sanding between coats.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi Sutho, Thank you for your review. We would like to get some more details from you so an appropriate solution can be provided. Could you please contact our Customer Service team on 13 25 25 Option 2 and quote number 4442280. Our team will be able to ask you some more questions to help determine what has caused the issue you have with the product. Thank you.

Questions & Answers

I have used Zinnser as an undercoat over old cleaned paint( Light Rice) on a door. I have just applied the 2nd coat of your paint (Light Rice) again - using the correct roller but the paint is not drying with a high gloss. Have I done something wrong?. I have allowed more than 16 hours between each coat, This week I used the same paint on several door frames using both a roller and a paintbrush and the gloss is OK. I am hesitant to paint any of the other doors if I get the same result - shiny frames and matt door!!!
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Hi Elly We are disappointed that you have experienced this issue with our product Dulux High Gloss enamel. We are here to help you if you can reach out to us and contact our Help & Advice team on 132525. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm, Saturday 8:30am to 3:00pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm AEST. Please quote your ticket number 185666. The Dulux TeamThis morning I painted the other side of the door using a wide paint brush and it has a nice gloss on it. I shall do the 2nd coat tomorrow with a brush. In fact all the doors I still have to do will be done with a brushHi Elly, this is great news ! If there is anything we can assist you with please do not hesitate in contact our Help & Advice team on 132525. The Dulux Team

Treated pine with high gloss paint, how many coats exteria ?
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Hi David, we are happy to assist you with your project and would like the opportunity to provide you with the best solution if you can please contact us on 13 25 25.

Hi, I’m repainting a bedroom & the old oil trims are not cracked or flaking. If I were to lightly sand back the existing paint would I need to prime before applying Dulux Super enamel?
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no, you don't need to re-prime. you can use oil based paint over waterbased if the surface is prepared properly to a 400-600 grit, but you can't use waterbased paint over an enamel surface. it should come up good. I recommend haymes trim enamel for outstanding results.Hi Chris, it never hurts to use a coat of primer but I believe you should be fine without it. All the best with your DIY.Thank you.

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