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Dungeon Crawl

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3.4 from 19 reviews

Pretty good

Order a fair bit of board games and have been happy with the services and prices that they provide. Highly recommend as a seller and really like the website.

Fast deliver and great customer service

Had good experience buying from them and they often have very good deals on. Only wish they have a pick up option. I live close by to their warehouse so it sucks having to pay postage when I know its right there!

Really great purchase experience!

I pre-ordered gloomhaven (after missing the kickstarter) for $156. When I first dungeon crawl an email they replied within minutes, even though it was late at night. The price was much higher elsewhere (>$180) and theirs had gone up to $167 by the time they had stock, but they kept it at $156 even though they hadn't taken a deposit (I thought they'd charge me the new price because they said they'd talk price and payment once they had stock), and they didn't charge any postage. I also ordered the removable stickers for $14, which they sourced for me and they had the best price for this as well. I have just received my order and it arrived within 48hrs and it was very securely packed. I have been so happy with their service (and price) I had to write this review!

Great customer service and delivery

Before placing an order I asked about if/when some of the out of stock items would be restocked. I received a reply within 12 hours, and the email contained exactly what I was after.

I have now received the order, which arrived very quickly. The items were packaged well and in perfect condition.

Always good

I've ordered a few games from dungeon crawl now and they've never dissapointed me yet. Reasonable prices, fast shipping and an excellent range of vita games. I won't hesitate to order from them again in the future!


Dungeon crawl had the games I wanted, cheaper than local and ship fast. I asked questions about a game release date and there contacted to distributor and got back to me, local shop said they couldn't do this. Will use again, will recommend to friends and family

Great place for Board Games

Recently bought Dungeon Petz as it was a ridiculously cheap price. The game was dispatched fast, and arrived super quick and was really well packaged. Great experience, will be back! Thanks guys :) :) :)

What Customer Service?

Sends tracking info and doesn't ship! 5 days later i ask question why tracking isn't showing shipped.That reply that it's showing as shipped now (with a different tracking number). I get games from the UK quicker! Previous owners where very good,

Quick delivery and good price.

Recently bought a board game on sale from the website. The price was significantly lower than any other outlet I'd seen and the delivery came within the next few days, very good experience.

Had what I wanted!

I Discovered Dungeoncrawl while looking for an old hard-to-find game and was surprised they had it in stock. Buying process was relatively stress free and fast postage.

Worst Customer Service Ever!

I bought a game from this company for a very cheap price using some discount codes. Realising that it was very cheap, they say that they broke the game whilst packing it and they couldn't send any game out to me. I sent an email to them regarding this pathetic excuse and was only met with nonsense comments and more poor service. I would not recommended dealing with this business if you want to save your money and time.

Impeccable customer service

I was recommended to check out Dungeon Crawl by a friend when wanting to purchase some games and both my experiences with them so far have been amazing. As I actually never went along with buying any games from them, I cannot comment on anything but their customer service. However, both my requests to change my shipping from standard to express and then to later cancel and have a refund for this order were met in a matter of hours despite my last-minute correspondence and I am extremely happy with the Dungeon Crawl customer service.

Basically Scammers. Warning.

Worst joke of a shop i have ever come across. [name removed] or whomever is in control of your customer service needs to be fired. Been waiting 3 days for a reply after you lost my parcel, payed for express postage.. You then tried sending through toll Couriers.. who then lost my package (if it was sent).
If this is how you treat your customers during peak season then good luck making it in this world.
Also hearing alot of dodgyness from this company aince my purchase relating to them selling pre owned copys at full price. Steam dosnt reconize there games as real. All round horrible company. Horrble people.

Good communication, but poor service

I bought Wii Sports Club for my Wii - good price, thus why I chose Dungeon Crawl (via eBay). Popped the disc in and got error code multiple times. Updated Wii U but same thing - all my other games work fine and never had this error before. I called Nintendo who said it was a disc issue - could be dirty or faulty - explained the disc was brand new and looked flawlessly clean, they advised to get it replaced. Emailed Dungeon Crawl who were happy to accept and refund my postage. It took 4-5 weeks and may emails to get it tested - they responded to my emails promptly, but despite being told they would tell me when it was tested etc., no emails from them that wasn't a reply to my chasing. I was then (finally) told it was fine and they posted it back and refused to refund the second postage.

Poorest customer service I've ever experienced

I've bought Tekken 6 for Xbox 360, on the site it was PAL but it arrived in NTSC version and print quality looked dodgy, I contacted the customer service to return it as I haven't opened it yet but they didn't accept the return. I entered into a lots of emailing and other stuff (took me nearly 1 month and half) until I told them I will complain to authorities and wrote the manger that this is my last notice to you and after this I will do anything to take you down, then they suddenly became friendly and accepted the return and even wanted to give me 50$ voucher which I rejected.
I think all of their products are cheap south east asian copies and I really doubt their authenticity.

Anyway, for me it was really pain in the neck for just a stupid game.
Very poor customer service, dodgy product, my worst online experiment

Not ethical

I have purchased a lot of games off Dungeon Crawl until I bought X Planes 10 which claims to be ultra realistic and advanced but is under developed and disappointing. Even Flight Sim 10 looks better and far less messy!
I advised Dungeon Crawl immediately but they refuse to take it back or even exchange even though all the disks are in brand new sleeves and unmarked. Basic consumer law says the buyer has the right to return or replace if goods are not what they claim to be but this mob wont even respond to consumer affairs when contacted.
No more business from me or my friends.

Expensive piece of underdeveloped software!

Beware of deals posted from outside Australia

Purchased a group Ebay deal for CoD Black Ops II, never arrived (5 weeks) ended up as Paypal claim before seller took interest. Unfortunately Paypal requires you lodge a claim in less than 45 days so this doesn't leave much room for sellers if delivery is late, anyway always check Ebay for a suudden increase in RECENT negative feedback, lesson learned.

Never arrived

Take care when purchasing from Dungeon Crawl

I have purchased a number of games over the years from Dungeon Crawl with no issues - until I purchased Call of Duty MW3 and Black Ops. After installation, I was able to play online for some time before hard drive failed.

After re-installing on replacement drive, Steam refused to recognise as legitimate copies of the program, alleging Dungeon Crawl is not a legitimate reseller and CD Key is licenced to another user. $120+ lost. Most unhappy. Will not be purchasing from Dungeon Crawl again.
Cheap prices, speedy post
Legitimacy of software questioned by Steam. Unable to use. Out of pocket $120+.

Super Fast delivery and great service

I have now bought 10 games from Dungeon Crawl, both from their website and eBay store - they seems to get better each time. I will not buy games anywhere else.
Fast postage, reliable, great prices, great range

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