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Vuly Play
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Vuly Swing/Play set

Extremely disappointed in this product. We paid $2057 as a Xmas present (2018) for my kids and within 3 weeks all accessories became extremely damaged due to the elements. The tent is faded to a light grey and missing toggles to hold it to the frame so when it rains it fills with water so much it bows to half the size of the tent, the climbing rope has faded so much its starting to tear, the soccer net has torn after being used about 4 times, the sandpit was torn when we opened it and the surfboard has extremely bad weather damage to it also all within the first month of having it and not being played with that much. I contacted Vuly on Xmas day initially about the sand pit and was told they would respond within a week it has taken me nearly 3 months to get any rectification from them. I asked for replacement of the sand pit and then the tent but last things gradually kept wearing and breaking i asked for a full refund. This was denied because they apparently don't offer refunds once its taken out from the box. Im not even sure thats legal. They cant replace the accessories now as they are waiting for new ones to be manufactured and because they won't give me are refund I'm stuck with a faulty unit taking up the majority of my backyard that cant be played with because its too unsafe. They have since offered to replace the faulty parts except for the surfboard as they don't think thats their fault even though every other part is faulty so why would this one not be. It took well over 5 hours to put this unit together and i will basically need to now replace every accessory which means pulling the entire unit apart. I advise them they would need to assist with either compensation or someone to come and pull the unit apart and rebuild it with the new parts but they told me as they are a small business they don't offer this service. If i had of known how bad the quality of this was i certainly wouldnt have wasted my money. There customer service team haven't been very helpful either and you consistently receive the same emails sent to you so the are obviously computer generated. They look good for about 2 weeks then the true quality of the the products start to show.

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Replacement Parts

We bought our Vuly Classic 5 years ago and one of the reasons for choosing this brand was the availability of replacement parts for the future. After 5 years our net and some of the poles needed replacing (5 years being a good run for the net, at least twice as long as the warranty period, and the poles had become bent from our kids swinging off the basketball net despite being told by Vuly and parents not to!). Pleased to report Vuly came through with the half-price parts which were easy to order and arrived without hassle. Our trampoline now has a new lease of life for a fraction of the cost of a new one. The kids are still getting plenty of use from the trampoline. In a world where many toys are designed to be thrown away it is good to see a company who provides this service.

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Extremely Disappointed

We are so disappointed with our Vuly purchase. We got the kids the swing set / cubby house for christmas (less than 2 months ago!) and within one month of it being outside the black fabric has faded to an awful dirty grey colour. The orange climbing rope has also lost it's colour and has started fraying. The straps holding the sandpit broke (1x broke on the first day!).. and this is all within 8 weeks! It's an eyesore in our backyard now and looks nothing like what's pictured on the website. It appears as though it's been out in the elements for years ~ not 8 weeks!
Also, some of the poles arrived damaged and putting it together was a NIGHTMARE because we had to reshape the ends of the poles so they'd fit together. The black paint is also coming off the poles and adds nicely to the deteriorated look.
For the pricetag you would expect a premium product, but this is anything but.
Definitely avoid this brand, and go to bunnings / kmart.

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Hi Catherine, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and we are extremely sorry for all of the issues you have experienced so far with your new playset. We will be more than happy to rectify any issues with your playset. Could you please send your contact details through to ben.k@vulyplay.com? I will have this looked into ASAP for you. Kind regards, Ben @ Vuly.

Our kids love their Vuly Trampoline!

We have been very impressed with everything at Vuly. While you need to assemble the trampoline yourself, the instructional videos make this very easy. Purchasing and pick up was a breeze and everyone was extremely helpful at the store. We are very satisfied with the quality of the trampoline and are looking forward to many years of fun for our kids!

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One star is an involuntary compliment


My wife and I bought a vuly trampoline for our 3 year old’s birthday and while it is a pretty good trampoline it’s no better than the Kmart ones I had growing up and certainly NOT WORTH the massive price difference ($1500) the main reason we spent the money was for the tent set up as we live in Ballarat where it is either raining or stinking hot, the top of the tent shown in the video as deflecting a downpour of water loaded up and tore at the first heavy rain, vuly website fine print illustrates that they are not weather PROOF and so from a legal standpoint there is no false advertising as we discovered, did not expect to have to read the fine print when buying a trampoline, after a dispute with vuly and them trying to tell me it was past it’s warranty period when it was, they begrudgingly replaced it with an upgrade.
I fitted it at a later date and as such there was no point even contacting vuly when I discovered they had sent the wrong size 12ft we have a 14ft. So we lost in the end.
And to add insult to injury the side wall of the tent the part that survived the winter rotted to nothing in the period of one summer, this year round trampoline does not provide protection from the elements at all and it is there big selling point,
Also the replacement for the tent components if you decide to try your luck is hundreds of $$$ and it is the cheapest weakest material with the worst stitching I have ever seen the $20 beach tents at Kmart are a sturdier design I hope anyone reading this saves themselves a lot of money and buys a trampoline from kmart or a similar store.

I cannot overstate the poor quality and rediculous price tag do not make our mistake buying one of these trampolines
They do not work as advertised.

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Hello Chris, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and it is really disappointing to hear about the poor experience you have had with Vuly so far. Can you please email your contact details through to ben.k@vulyplay.com ? I will be more than happy to get this looked into further for you. If it is an error from our end, then we will 100% get this rectified for free of charge. Kind regards, Ben.

net didnt last - not happy

Just outside the warranty period and the net broke. Not happy with the purchase at all. Would never recommned this to anyone. For the price - its a thumbs down from me...

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Hi Lisa, I am very sorry to hear that your warranty claim was rejected just outside of the warranty period. I can definitely understand and appreciate how frustrating this would have been for you. Could you please send your contact details through to ben.k@vulyplay.com? I will have you contacted ASAP and get your query looked into by our service team. Kind regards,I have been offered a net at half price.. Im still not happy. I had a cheap Kmart trampoline that lasted longer than your product.

Makes playtime even more fun!

What a game-changer!
My Vuly Playset was a simple process right from ordering, delivery all the way through to installation.
It has transformed the way my children play in our small backyard, even to the point where they will play outside WITHOUT me or my wife even having to be out there with them!
Very easy to put together, very sturdy, it really is such good quality!
I can't recommend my Vuly Playset enough!
Thank you!

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Quick to deliver, great product

Very good product, easy to put up with the instructions. Kids love it and also adults can jump on it easily. The entry is a little hard to get in but still works well

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Vuly Thunder Trampoline

Although my review does enter me into a chance draw with Vuly my review is honest and truthful and I was not required at anytime to write a positive review.

I had a good experience purchasing across the phone, a little nervous because it was a large purchase for me one I had to save up for. Also it was my first Vuly product.
I looked at other Trampoline brands and decided to go with Vuly.

The gentleman they sent to set up the trampoline was one of the nicest tradesman we have ever come across, we had to reschedule three times due to bad weather.
He was prompt, polite and very well versed on putting the trampoline together at lightening speed.
He took the time to talk to the children and he made the end of the purchase a very nice experience.
The trampoline its self has been excellent, however its only a few months since the purchase.
We have had strong winds and its not moved, the kids have no trouble getting up and in.
I think it is a very safe trampoline design and the quality seems excellent.
I am eager to see how it goes in the hot qld summers as our last trampoline of a different brand perished due to the sun at only 2 yrs old.
The bounce of the Thunder is excellent, something I was curious about as this is the first no spring trampoline I have owned.
I can not comment on how Vuly handles problems or issues as thus far I had none and for this reason I would highly recommend the Vuly brand and the Thunder trampoline.

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I had been looking online for a new trampoline for our daughter and came across the VULY brand. The online team were fantastic and the communication was exceptional. Our daughter loves her new tramp and is on it daily!

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More than just a swing set

We found the swing set to be a fantastic and versatile product for all of our family members. The purchase and delivery process was incredibly easy too! Thank you Vuly!

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Love it!

We love the vuly thunder that we got our kids for Christmas. It is sturdy, designed well, looks great and the perfect "babysitter!" I would definitely recommend this product. It took a while to put together, but the video was helpful.

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Wonderful purchase!

Easy to access website, great communication and fast delivery. Our swing set is top quality and we can’t get the kids off it - they love it!! Will purchase from Vuly again!!

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terrible service

DO NOT BUY VULY PRODUCTS OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. We bought a trampoline for our children and got the roof to protect them from the hot summer sun. It didn't even last 12 months. Vuly told me in October 2018 that they do not have replacement roofs in stock but hope to have some in a "couple of months". After 4 months of waiting to see if they'd contact me again about it, I decided to email them in late Jan 2019. They responded by saying they are still working on it and should have some ready in a few months!!!! "A FEW MONTHS"!!!! So now its likely to be at least 8 months without a roof for our trampoline which is pretty much useless during these hot summer months. We purposefully got the trampoline because it had a roof. Its pretty dodgy when a company sells kids outdoor activity equipment that can't be used outdoors because of faulty parts and poor quality workmanship. And to top it all off, their customer care and after sales service is worse than useless. Its such a disappointment for our kids but at least we know now to warn others and already several school families we told are avoiding Vuly and buying other more reputable trampolines from more reliable and responsive companies.

WARNING BEWARE, worst service ever experienced, destroyed my sons Xmas

Beware of purchasing from this shoddy company. The service and customer relations are the worst I have experienced. I purchased a thunderbolt trampoline and paid upfront for delivery and installation. Six weeks after multiple phone calls (most of which went through to message bank); more than 10 email exchanges... this trampoline is a carcass on my front lawn. Manager has declined to talk to me to try to resolve as he is “too busy”... warning, do not buy from this company.

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Hello Kim, Thank you for the taking the time to provide feedback from your recent experience with Vuly. We do apologise that this issue has taken so long to be rectified. Being a toy company, we do pride ourselves on customer feedback, so we would like to get this sorted out for you so we can restore your faith in Vuly. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Once again, we do apologies greatly for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Denaya

Disgusting customer service!!!

We ordered a playset with cubby for xmas, over $2000 and instead of L & R frame piece theres 2 the same so we cant build. so we contact Vuly only to be told they cant help til after xmas and cant speak to a manager regarding any kind of compensation/refund ect because they only opened recently. so wait half the day for a call back. left a message the night prior for a call back. wait on hold after no call back only to be prompted to leave another message!!! Thanks Vuly!!!

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Hello Carolyn, Thank you for the taking the time to provide feedback from your recent experience with Vuly! We're sorry to hear you received 2 of the same parts upon installing the Swingset. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Once again, we do apologies greatly for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay


My Grandchildren absolutely love their trampoline want to jump on it as soon as they wake up. Cannot believe the amazing quality of this product.
Are 100% satisfied with the quality but also 100% satisfied with the help I received from your team when purchasing the product.

Vuly Thunder Pro great and safe

My 2 year old has no problem getting on and off trampoline safely. Bought the medium size which I was worried would be too small, but it's a good fit for my 2 and 7 year old. I was glad it came with the trampoline tent. Very good shade for summer. The roof is invaluable for keeping the birds off from perching and pooping all over the trampoline. I did not want to pay for the installation fee. My husband and I took 6 hours to set it up, it's very physically demanding. Not as easy as it looks on videos! Make sure you buy at least two wheels to move the trampoline for mowing. Grass seems to grow 4x faster under the trampoline wheels make moving easier. Trampoline copes with our slightly sloped yard.

Terrible service from Vuly and no delivery before Xmas as PROMISED! Many lies fed to us.

Don't buy for kids for xmas! Vuly lie about delivery dates! and it seems I'm not the only one who has experienced this. We were advised that our trampoline would arrive by the 19th of December, in time for xmas. It was a promise they made. On the 18th we contacted them to track the delivery. Got the run around from Vuly, so contacted the freight company. They advised that they had received the con note but no trampoline. We then contacted Vuly again, who did not reply to two emails. We phoned and got through to a lady who said that it would arrive by the 23 or 24th and that it had been dispatched. We contacted them again and they said that they would change the freight company (blaming freight company) NOTE; if its already been dispatched to the freight company, then how is it possible to then change the freight company? It would take twice as long to receive the delivery back to the warehouse and then re-dispatch. It was just more excuses to delay the delivery as I believe they did not have the stock at all to sell. It is now the 3rd of January 2019 and still no trampoline! We have phoned probably 6 times and no reply to messages left to call us back. We have emailed multiple times, only to be fed more lies about the delivery date. We were promised free stuff over the phone in compensation, but when asked about this on email, they avoided answering the question. Clearly another lie! Its not worth the stress of having your kids not having a present for xmas. Do not buy at xmas time for your kids. Go with another company! I'm sure next year will be the same.

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Hello Kate, Hello Kim, Thank you for the taking the time to provide feedback from your recent experience with Vuly! We do apologise that your order has taken so long to be delivered. Being a toy company, we do pride ourselves on customer feedback, so we would like to get this sorted out for you so we can restore your faith in Vuly. I've sent you a PM regarding this, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to reply back with your details so we can get in contact with you. Once again, we do apologies greatly for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to hearing from you! :) Kind Regards, Denaya @VulyPlay

Absolutely fantastic

Would highly recommend, very good quality. Kids love it and especially love the cover that goes on top.
Even the baby loves it.

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Can you fit the basketball hoop set to a different brand trampoline? What do we need to do this. Thanks in advance.
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