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Dunlop SP Sport 01

Dunlop SP Sport 01

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115,000 Kms later saying goodbye!!!!!!!!!

Dunlop Sport 01 265/45/R21 = Value for Money
Pity other life requirements & needs aren't so durable.
As they saying goes if its not broken don't change it.
Also the best part is there $100 dollars each cheaper the second time round.
Hope this helps when trying to make a choice

CarInfiniti QX70s Premium 3.0 T

Great value and perfomance,

Did a fantastic job, came with 2013 corolla hatch back, made 92000km. Never heard any tyres making that good Kms. But when I went to replace them at local store, I asked them for exact one but gave me Dunlop sp sport LM704 saying they do the same job not sure about the performance.

CarCorolla ascent sport hatch % door 2013
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Hi Mat, thank you very much for the fantastic review and the five stars. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with Dunlop tyres on your Corolla and that you've chosen us again for your next set. We hope you love the LM704s just as much! Cheers, Team Dunlop

Very Good Lasts more than 60000 Kms

I am very happy with this tyres, using the same model in the 7 years.I have the Dunlop sp sport 01 on my Toyota Corolla. Good all round tyre in dry and wet weather good grip. The best thing I got over 70 000km out of these tyres. They can be hard to find new ones not many tyre dealers have them in stock I am seriously thinking about getting these again as I have never seen tyres lasting that long

CarToyota Corolla Accent Sport
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Hi Abraham, that's so awesome you've been using Dunlops on your Corolla for so long and you're happy with the durability and wet weather grip! Cheers for the five stars too

Great for city drivers

I got these tyres as a replacement for the ones already on my car when I bought it 2 years ago. Price was great (but that's probably more due to finding a competitive garage as I didn't buy them from Dunlop directly). I'm pretty heavy on the right foot when it comes to standing starts and I've noticed a considerable lack of wheelspins even on wet roads and over painted lines. Several months after purchase they still look pretty new so I guess that makes them durable.

I rarely drive out of the city so can't comment on dusty/muddy/off-road conditions, but for the regular commuter I see nothing wrong with these.

Car2009 Ford Focus
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Hi there, we're glad to see that you're enjoying the grip of the Dunlop tyre in the wet and their durability! Cheers for the review :)

Wet or Dry, Clings to the corners like a Gekko

Long life and exceptionally durable, Best road holding for all road cars in wet or dry conditions.
68000Km travelled hard driving at times, I have replaced 2X after screw punctured one tyre of front driving pair, Other 3 Tyres still roadworthy, Replaced 2 as I prefer 2 new tyres to match.

CarToyota Corolla Accent Sports Hatch
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Hey there, we're so glad to hear you're loving the Dunlop tyres on your Corolla. Thanks so much for the five stars too!

77,000km over a period of 6 years

A very high mileage tyre. It lasted me slightly over 77,000km, over a period of 6 years. I am only now due for a replacement. Towards the end of the life, the ride is slightly harsher however it is expected. Otherwise no complaints. Brake is good, handling is good, durability is excellent.

Car2011 Toyota Rukus

Dunlop sport 01

Had these tyres on corolla sports 2013 never had wheel alignment got 87000ks on clock. On special at the moment for $700.00 for 4 fitted. Definitely worth the money. Great tyre in the wet. No noise on the highway. more than happy With the way they handle the round abouts.

CarCorolla sports 2013

Great tyres, wore well

These tyres were great, I still have one on after one after replacing the rest with michellins as I couldn't get the dunlop there and then when I had a puncture and saw that most of them needed replacing due to bad front wheel alignment.
Anyway, the one that I kept on has lasted as long as the michelins, which now need replacing.

I have just order Dunlop LM703s, as the price from tyresales.com.au was too good to miss. I am further amazed that Rick's will fit and align them for free, and I think they are even offering a free car clean. Will review these other businesses when the tyres have been fitted.

CarVolvo XC70

I am surprised to see negative reviews on these tyres

What to say, the car has driven 64000 kms on the same sets came originally with it and I would say would go for another 10000km or more on them.
I am seriously thinking about getting these again as I have never seen tyres lasting that long apart from michlins I had on my other car and michelins are way much expensive than these.
I do wonder though if the factory tyres are superior from after market same brand tyres, if you know what I mean. Please do share any other comments or likings.

CarToyota corolla

Noisy tire

This is a very very Very noisy tire.. it is also a hard tire... it is not suitable for regular city cars. You would think that the wheel bearings are damaged due to noise coming from tires.... tire is rock hard. There is uneven ribs on the sides that causes noise

CarHonda civic 2010 1.8 fd


These are a great tyre for my Honda Accord Euro. Very grippy in the wet and excellent in the dry also. They are also predictable when pushing them. The Dunlop SP Sport 01's are a great all-round tyre that won't let you down. I would recommend them for their performance.

CarHonda Accord Euro

Good grip, good wear.....that's all you need !

Tyres were fitted as OEM on our Skoda.
Now done 30,000ks and very happy with the amount of wear.
Given the car is a turbo, it gets booted every now and then and the tyres behave themselves; even in the wet.
Have recommended the tyres to friends and would buy again.

Car2014 Skoda

70,000 km and still going strong.

Have these tyres on my 3 year old Toyota Corolla. They are still going strong after 70,000 km and have about 40-50% tread. Fantastic. Used with a mixture of city and highway driving. Will be looking at buying some new ones soon and will not even consider any other brand.

CarToyota Corolla

Best all round tyre

I had the Dunlop sp sport 01 on a new Toyota Corolla. Good all round tyre in dry and wet weather good grip. The best thing I got over 70 000km out of these tyres. They can be hard to find new ones not many tyre dealers have them in stock


Great grip in all conditions.Although only done 9,000 in my corolla conquest i find wear rate quite good driving in a large regional town,some dodgy country roads and open highway
Grip in wet weather
Yes, Tyre noise,sometimes with windows down at cetain speeds,sounds like u have a flat tyre


Highly recommended, wet grip is particularly imperssive and i would buy these again specifically for that reason, the noise is only on smooth roads at slow speeds, not a problem on the highway.
excellent grip, wet or dry, very good wear 55,000km on the front of a Corolla conquest, and definately not a conservtive driver
and be noisy at times (sounds a bit like a front wheel bearing) not as easy to source as I would like


A very good product but really expensive. There are 2 versions W and V, V being higher priced. The RRP for W is around 300 and V is around 345 but on an average you can find them for around $240 and $265 if you are buying 4 of these. The money you invest in these pay you off by giving you longer life, depending on your driving style. If you feel that you are loosing the tyre too fast get the alignment checked. I made a mistake and had to get them replaced recently as the outer side lost its grip. It came out to be .3 difference in the alignment.
- Great road grip even in wet conditions
- Great Mileage (I clocked over 50K on my Corolla Sedan)
- Really expensive

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65 000kms on my Skoda. I had them filled with Nitrogen on day one thou.


These tyres came on my 2009 VW Tiguan, I've done 60,000 and still have about another 5,000 left in them.
I cannot complain about the tyre at all and will replace them again even though they are much more expensive than most other brands.
One tip I have is that I have run them on nitrogen and rotated the tyres every 15,000km
Great handling in dry & wet conditions plus the noise level is very good.
Not much at all, but they are a bit expensive compared to what else is on the market.

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On my Skoda i have got 94,000 kms


Mine were OE on a 2006 VW Turbo Jetta - I am a conservative driver, mostly city stuff and don't thrash the tyres - but they wore down on the inside tread pattern after only 25,000kms - very poor!!
Good and grippy and great in corners
Noisy and poor wear - only 25000kms!!


Not an appropriate tyre for the Australian market. If it takes seven to eight days for a replacement tyre in a capital, what is it going to be like in a regional town while traveling on holidays.
Grips very well
Wearing quickly, sidewall split too easily on a pot hole, seven to eight days wait for a replacement tyre in a capital city.

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What size, is it that you have an unusual size? (22.3.12) Nothing heard as at 28.2.17

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I have the SP Sport 01 on my Corolla and am wondering why the inner water-dispersing tread can face either way. The inner >> pattern can face backwards which means the water will be captured and directed inwards rather than dispersed outwards. Also the outside grooves can point forward which would have same effect. All 4 tyres are fitted correctly with “outside” showing but two have different tread direction to to other two. Am I missing something? Many thanks, Bill
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Hi Bill, I’m afraid I don’t really know enough about the tyres to offer advice. I would check with the place where you got your tyres fitted or any decent garage they’ll be able to offer advice. Cheers, Steve

Is it noisy on the road?
1 answer
Hi mate, not noticeably no. If I drive over any imperfections/bumps in the road I can feel them but I guess you get that with any tyres. Hope this helps.


Dunlop SP Sport 01
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