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Feeling good

Been struggling with my weight for the last 7 years tried everything to loose it but no luck so thought I would give durimine a go. I'm on day 4 on the 30mg already lost 1.5 kilos only side affects I have had so far was no sleep for two days finally got some sleep last night. It definitely slows down ur hunger very pleased so far

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User IntentWeight Loss

love it, love it, love it!

Great at suppressing appetite, gives you loads of energy (and a bit of speed). It is great if you start having balances meals while using Duromine. start eating correctly while on the tablets so when you stop you are in control of what you eat.

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User IntentWeight Loss

6kgs down in 3 weeks on 15mg

I have just started duromine 15mg and have lost 6kgs in 3 weeks. No exercise beside the odd house cleaning and working as a carer. I cut down on all sugary drinks and alcohol, stopped eating white bread, cut my portion size down and haven't touched an energy drink since. My doctor recommended I start of with the lowest dose for the first month and start 30mg on the second month. So far so good. The side affects are sleep apnea, but not that bad. My energy levels could be better but not much difference since i started. I suffered from heart burn and bloating and now it has all gone away since changing my diet. I only experienced dry mouth on the first day then after that it wasn't a problem. Starting weight was 127kgs current weight 121kgs.

Great kick start

I started this 2 weeks ago I had lost 3.3kg in the first week probably some fluid loss there . I have had no side effects except hard to go to sleep.
My appetite has decreased I feel so much better I'm not bloated and full. It a great start to decrease your food intake. Some days I find it hard to eat so I may have a shake but always make sure I have dinner and that has cut down to over half of my usual serving
I have so much more energy and looking forward to some good results.
My doctor prescribed these along with seeing a dietitian

Perfect product it's the best

Perfect product it's the best, I have lost 18 kgs so far and High energy more than ever. no side effect here.

Side Effects were too bad

I tried these tablets after my doctor recommended them. I took 1 dose and spent the day in bed feeling so ill. I was really disappointed that i was unable to continue as I really needed to lose the weight.

Perfect for kick starting a diet

Within the two months I’ve used, i dropped 10kgs. of course it doesn’t work just by itself which is why many people are disappointed. You need to have a healthy diet and try to exercise.
The diet is the reason you lose weight, the pills are only to support the diet and make u lose a bit more.

Duromine 15mg

I am 49 needing to loose 12kgs to get back to a healthy weight range. Over the last 6 years have tried the 30mg and 40mg. I took the 30mg only for 3 weeks due to awful side effects and the 40mg only for s couple of days due to even worse side effects so I didn’t get to fully see the weight loss effects. I decided to try the 15mg and am loving loosing a couple of kilos a week. appetite has reduced no cravings for junk food and sweets. This dose is definitely sufficient if you need Help to curb your poor diet and kick start new eating habits. Hint take at around 5am and drinks as much water as you can during the day. You MUST eat still. You may not feel hungry but you need to eat healthy and get enough nutrition and calories each day or you will feel sick, dizzy and faint, just like you would without taking the table and eating nothing. Side effects. Dry mouth sometimes fixed with water. If you need a bit of help then definitely try this product at the lower dose.

You do realize that Duromine is just speed don't you ?

Yes you will lose weight quickly on duromine. It WILL suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism. You may find it difficult to sleep when you first start taking them. The problem is when you stop - you are very, very likely to put the weight straight back on.

Doesn't work

Doctor gave me duromine to loose weight. Very excited gave me motivation to put down my bad food habits, no side effects or anything which is good but the hype about loosing heaps of weight is false. My doctor told me I would lost close to 5kg a week and I'm about to start my last week (4 in total and I've lost 7kg) and the only reason why ive lost that is because after week 1 nothing happened but my will power stopped me from sugary drinks etc and i got back into fitness. Its ment to make you not hungry but I found my self starving to the point where I would feel sick, doesn't work waisted my money

Unbeliveable results! 30 kg in 1 month.

Duromine has been very beneficial in my aid towards losing fat. I have lost 28 kgs so far and have more energy than ever and have an excellent advantage at the gym. I'm very fortunate to have no side effects and would gladly recommend this product.

Done it’s job-not a magic pill

So, struggled with weight my hole life, being tall at 6ft 2 an just over 103kg started duromine over 2 months ago (30mg) as wanted to change my life style I’m 26 an ate pretty unhealthy most of that time, it done it’s job, had no real side effects maybe dry month hear an there an couple nights we’re hard to sleep but nothing crazy, it boosted my mood an gave me more energy through out the day! it’s a great way to start your journey, eating healthier and working out/exercise is a must! Helps Gets your food portions right an make it easy! Not a magic pill wil need to exercise an eat better as stated earlier but had a great experience on losing around 10kg In 2 months (I didn’t take it on weekends but seems to stay in my system anyway over the weekend) i would highly recommend for somone looking to start there weight loss!

Lost 10 Kilos in a month

I started using duromine in August, i started on the 30MG, The first day i didn't eat at all, i had to force myself to eat. I suffered from the side effects of sleep, there were some night were id be up until 3-4AM, that was if i took the tablet later then usual, when i mean late i mean 30 mins different. I experienced hardcore depression on this MG but that could have been because i had't grieved about the loss of my mum, so after that one breakdown i stopped taking the tablet and started again 2 weeks later.

I was scared to put the weight back on that i loss so i finished the 30MG prescription and when i went back to my GP i asked for the 15Mg, That way i had more control of my hunger and making sure i was still obtaining a healthy diet. I havent been on Duromine for a month now and i have not put on any weight, i still go to the gym and still eat healthy, but i feel that it is a quick fix and if you want it to stay off go back to your GP and go from 40MG to 30MG to 15MG. That way your training your body not to over eat :)

Great so far!

I have only been using duromine for 4 days (30mg) and I noticed a difference in the first day. I haven't weighed myself as yet HOWEVER my energy has soared from the first day, my eating pattern has changed immediately - I no longer feel the need to snack and my meal portions are alot smaller. I am aware of some terrible side effect people suffer from using duromine however so far I am really lucky as the only negative or side effect that I am experiencing is dry eyes and mouth...not excessive but noticeable. I will weigh myself at the end of week two and provide an update.

Absolutely perfect for weight loss

Im currently taking duromine been on it for about a month now and it’s been so amazing ! I wasn’t a “huge” person but I did struggle with fat on my hips and stomach that would make me depressed. I tried duromine yes the first couple days it gave me a headache and kept me up at night but after that I’ve had so much energy during day it’s stop my cravings for sugar completely and “junk food” I’ve lost 6 kilos in 1 month!!! How amazing is that! I’ve been smashing it at the gym and I defiantly recommend exercising for Better results ! The first 2 weeks I didn’t exercise I still lost weight but not a huge amount . Soon as I started exercising it melted off like butter was so amazing I’ve never seen weight drop off so fast in my life! I totally recommend for anyone wanting to lose weight! Just make sure you add exercise and you’ll feel great!

Balanced diet + Duromine = 21kg loss in 1 month

Most impressed with Duromine as an aid in stripping the weight down. I am a large guy at 6 foot 4 and carry my weight well, though over the last 5 years the kg's have piled on. After injuring my knee it was decided with my GP to trial Duromine along with some healthy changes to my diet, the results are amazing in the first month, I have not been able to exercise though have lost 21kg, even my GP was amazed with the turn around. My aim is to loose a further 30kg. I have taken the Duromine 40mg one a day for a month and have now had a one week break from it, started my second prescription today for another 30 days. I have changed my diet by removing alcohol, sugars & carbs, I am enjoying the change and eating big meals of steaks/chicken/fish with lots of veg & salads.

Not sure yet.

I am on day 7 (having started on 1st November 2018). Side effects are minimum. Slight headache and lethargy on day 5 but nothing too concerned about and have been fine since. My problem is that although it is now 7 days I have not lost any weight at all. Not nearly as hungry as I used to be and don't have any cravings as such. Am trying to have about 4 small meals a day, sometimes less and, yes, I am doing a little exercise. I am 71 years of age and weigh 74.3 kgs. I do have a little wine at night. What am I doing wrong? Could it be the wine? Thought I read somewhere that we need to have fatty foods as well. Is that correct?

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Sorry to say that after under a month on 15 mg then doubled to 30 mg, not a single ounce lost. Saw my GP who told me I should not have been prescribed Duromine as I was on anti depression medication which, apparently is a no no. Have now had blood test to check out my thyroid. If all is well my new GP will prescribe another weight loss medication which will have to be injected via a pen type injection daily. I am seeing him early next week and will happily report back on the results or otherwise of the new medication. Ompy replied on Dec 01, 2018

Found it great had no side affects

So I have been on Duromine for 3 and a half weeks now I cut my eating down a lot and only ate dinner which was tuna avocado and red onion every night but in those weeks I had 3 cheat meals and I have lost 12.5 kg which is amazing I am a carpenter so didn’t need to gym and still got amazing results

Not sure if its worth a try, but better than spending $20k on surgery?

was all prepared to have weight loss surgery, did all the due diligence etc etc....cant shift below 91kg even though I do eat healthy, no take aways, do love my bread and butter though!...off to Dr to get referral, he laughed at me!!!...suggested I try Duromine for 2 months before thinking of surgery. Need to loose 17kgs...I am 66 years old, struggled all of my life with weight, tried everything, except pills...so here I go, day one...all good so far!.....still thinking of surgery, but will take GP advice and try it for 2 months...watch this space!...ps, I am also trying to give up Ciggs at the same time...ARGH...not sure which will be worse!

day 5 review

I wanted to be positive . Read lots of reviews and after consideration desided to start my jorney with hope in my heart
I have slow metebolism and even I watch what I am eating I still cant loose weight , so my GP prescribed this pills
Quite expencive for pack of 30 $120
My experience at end of day 5
All 5 nights almost no sleep -feeling exhausted , dizzy , tired, dizzy .........exhausted

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Product review didn't post in full my review - wanted to add missing part I have no reduced appetite , often feel hungry between usually small serves of meals NO WEIGHT LOSS- AT ALL Having rush on my face- never used to have before ( no food/medication allergies) Didn't take pill last night as all I just wanted it sleep Still have to go to work somehow as cant afford take time off Will try for few days see how will go , otherwise my hard earning $120 will go to the bin ps- happy if it works for somebody ...my concerns became sad reality May be some people will damage their own healh just to achive desired appearance but myself will stick to healthy food then to unhealthy drug ps presume manufacturer should reimburce cost if drug not comparable and used less then a week

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My vision is blurry after 2 doses. Is this a normal side effect and will it go away as my body gets used to the pills?
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What to do? cant sleep can I take my supplement with it.
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Can I buy Duromine 30 mg for less than $100 Australian anywhere?
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Ask for them compressed when you next see your doctor, that’s what I got told at the prescription desk.

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