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Does its job

I have tried the 10mg dose for about 2 weeks now. First couple of days I got really sick, not sure it was due to the pill but It did really suppress my appetite I felt I could go all day with just a coffee and some fruit. You need to have it as soon as you wake up and drink plenty of water during the day. I work out 3-4 days a week as well, so far have lost 2kg.

Purchased in June 2019 for $110.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Weightlifting
User IntentWeight Loss

Working for me so far with minor issues only

I am Female, 52, with around 40kg to lose. I have used Duromine before, it was around 3.5 years ago and I had good results then so was keen to have another go as I hadn't maintained good diet habits after I stopped taking it. I had started to consume larger meal portions and to also eat unhealthy snacks in between meals. I have also never been a breakfast consumer. Other than weigh loss, my main purpose is to alter my eating habits into a healthier sustainable pattern.
As before, I have no trouble sleeping, not even after day 1. I usually take mine any time between 6am & 7.30am. I am on the 30mg dose and have been taking it for 5 days.
While I don't believe that the first week's weight loss is a good indicator of future weight loss, I am encouraged by the 3kg that I have lost so far.
I have always drunk lots of water and dry mouth was an issue for the first couple of days but after that, I have experienced it to a lesser bearable degree. I am still eating lunch and dinner while only consuming minimal carbs and increasing my salad portions. I have completely cut out any snacking and have a yoghurt, smoothie or small mid-morning meal in lieu of the breakfast that I never have. Yesterday I had forgotten to eat and by late morning I was experiencing an uncomfortable stomach sensation that went away after I ate so please make sure you eat or you may find yourself experiencing stomach discomfort and issues going to the toilet (or should I say NOT going).
My GP prescribed taking Duromine on alternate weeks and gave me a couple of repeats so I should get around 6 months out of this - plenty of time to reach a much healthier weight. With some concern that I would not be able to maintain good eating habits on the off-week, what I plan to do instead is to take one every second day and I started doing that today at day 6. It is now 10.30am and I am not hungry at all so far and on any other day pre-Duromine I would be hungry by now.
My experience so far is that I have more energy, I feel lighter, I sleep all night long as per normal and I have experienced good weight loss after only 5 days. I don't feel any different mood-wise and I am already thinking differently about food :)
Note that you can claim a portion of the cost on some private health insurance policies. With my policy, I received a little over $38

Purchased in June 2019 for $116.99.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

duromine now for 2weeks straight 30's

no side effects and haven't had any weight loss yet sleeping fine why isn't it working?? Is there something that I should be doing different? If so please let me know

Purchased in May 2019 for $120.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
User IntentWeight Loss

Works Wonders!

I have been on Duromine 15mg for 2 wks and I have lost 5.8kg (12.7lbs). Its a great boost to starting a health diet as it completely suppress ones appetite. So far am very happy with my results!
Am using Duromine to support my intermediate fasting 18:8 and once a week OMAD. So far it's working great with only minimal exercise 3 times per week and only experienced lack of sleep in the first week.
My goal is to lose 15kg (33lbs) by August. So will update my monthly progress....

Purchased in May 2019 for $30.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

It’s good for weight loss but it has side effects

I was on 30mg for several weeks. It was hard to find a doctor who would prescribe it.

The following is from my personal experience:

Fairly fast weight loss with minimal effort.
Massive increase in energy. I was always buzzing.

Increased anxiety, Insomnia for the first few days no matter what time I took the dose (I would finally fall asleep well after midnight and then be awake within 2-3 hours feeling ready to get up for the day) Intermittent memory fuzziness, Mood swings (Moments of unusual agitation where as I’m usually a fairly chilled person, Feeling really high as in invincible and then crashing down again and feeling low and questioning my self worth-(I am normally mentally healthy) Difficulty switching off as in I would feel like my mind was constantly racing with thoughts it was hard to keep up, Sometimes I could feel my heart beating faster than usual, Hand tremors, Pins and needles, Hot flushes, Increased thirst, Dry mouth, Not being able to keep still- I would be sitting down and tapping my feet without even realising.

Purchased in January 2019 at Terry White Chemists for $135.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

Happy so far

27 year old was 150kg and got to 140kg before starting duromine. I than hit a wall with my weight loss for months I just couldn't seem to lose any. So my GP got me on this. Iv Been on the 30mg for 9 days now. Have lost 4.5kg so far! Been going gym 4 to 5 times a week like normal. 1st day was intence on this stuff. I had so much energy and got so much stuff done. Since than I havnt felt as charged up but still feel like I have lots of energy. I didn't really sleep at all the first 5 nights but have been fine now. It really does stop me from wanting to eat as much or snack. I feel like I'm stopping and thinking if I'm actually hungry, where as before I just ate when I though about food. I get a dry mouth like everyone else but just means I drink more water.
Please watch your heart rate when working out. Before duromine I could only get to 165bpm when running. I found on this I was able to run harder and longer and got it up to 185ish. And you sweat alot.

Purchased in May 2019 for $120.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
User IntentWeight Loss

Bad news..not a longterm solution

OMG people stay away from this medication. It is banned in Europe and UK because it can cause heart valve problems. Im now 66 and took it when I was 16. Its virtually the same as speed, hence the hyperactivity and not sleeping. I found I was talking at a hundred miles an hour as well. 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension which is terminal. The first question Drs asked me was had I even taken appetite suppressants. I told them yes, Duromine, and they said at the time, "mmm the jurys out on that one at the moment". They are more inclined now to believe it is connected. This is not a longterm weightloss solution. I ended up losing the weight myself and have kept it off. It upsets me no end to hear of young people taking this. Girls, if you contract Pulmonary Hypertension, there will be no babies for you, as the medication for it causes birth defects. You cannot go off the meds to carry a child as your heart wont cope. Does everyone who takes Duromine develop PH, no, but why would you play Russian Roulette with your life, with a drug that isnt a longterm solution. If you have a lot of weight to lose, think of it in 5kg bites, dont say to yourself "I have 40kgs to lose" its too much to contemplate and seems unachievable. Try light n easy, weight watchers or more drastic, gastric sleeve. You didnt put the weight on in 3 months, so its not logical to expect it to come off in 2 months. My daughter had gastric sleeve and lost 40kgs and has kept it off for 2 years. That worked for her. Weightloss journeys are individual, but there are many options before you need to gamble with your future.

Purchased in April 1995 for $50.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

30mg in 4 months = 24kg loss

I have been on Duromine for almost 4 months now. I've lost 23.9kg so far. Wow! I havetried for years to lose weight! My main issue was always wanting to eat unhealthy foods. My doc provided me 30mg. My points I want to mention are:
1. Dry mouth is good. It's made me significantly up my water intake
2. I di get a weird feeling of phlem in my throat a lot
3. I sweat loads more. But again, that is a good thing
4. My brain doesnt constantly beg for unhealthy food! This is what made my weight loss!
5. I have become an extremely picky eater. I see it as a plus though, I now only want food to sustain me, so I always pick healthy foods.
6. Take it as soon as you wake up. Do not wait to take it as you WILL NOT SLEEP lol
7. Be very careful when you come off duromine. I had a week off in between & was always craving! It was really hard! I stuck to it though
8. I did not experience any mental side effects like some others do.

If you're struggling on whether or not to get this because of the side effects, remember this: that excess body fat you have is way more damaging to your body than this tablet is!
I still get told all the time how great I look, this was actually quite life changing for me :)

Purchased in December 2018 for $199.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
User IntentWeight Loss

Wonderful to support intermittant fasting

I have not used Duromine in the way directed, due to the significant side effects. Rather, I take a 30mg tablet twice a week, with two or three days between doses. I find the effect actually works for two days (I start getting hungry towards the end of the second day), but side effects of sleep distruption, constipation etc. are minimised. Also may help to miminise risk of addiction and withdrawal. I am basically using Duromine to support 5/2 fasting, which is medically proven to work. I have lost weight at a sensible rate (7 kilos in 8 weeks) which I believe is far more sustainable (and arguably healthier!) than more rapid losses. Very happy with this product - and am never hungry on my dose days. Another benefit of this approach is that a month’s supply lasts for ages! Minimal side effects other than thirst, sleeplessness and trouble concentrating on focussed work (like writing).

Purchased in January 2019 for $100.00.

User IntentWeight Loss

Need sleep

In one week lost 5 kgs straight away the week after it got harder to most the weight as fast but still had good results only thing that I don’t like about it is that I don’t end up sleeping till 5 am than get up st 7 am! It does give me a headache as well you sweat a lot !! If you don’t exercise and still eat junk food etc while on this you won’t see much result it does make you appetite go but you have to force your self to gave small amount off food/during the day or else you rate just gonna starve your self!

Purchased in February 2019 at Cincotta Chemist for $240.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio
User IntentWeight Loss

Should have gotten onto this ages ago!

I wish that I was given this 10 years ago! I’ve lost 37kg and dropped down 2 dress sizes! I actually don’t feel hungry but it does make me extremely thirsty and I was finding it hard to fall asleep the first 2 weeks but I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds!

Purchased in April 2018.


Have been taking duromine now for five days I am taking it every second day not having great night sleeps but I’m getting more of an upset stomach, Energy levels do increase on the day of taking duromine - I believe it has reduced my appetite for food which I’m trying to monitor as well. I am trying to shift around 120 kg just seeking assistance as I have a slow metabolism don’t want to give these up for the moment but got to admit I’m struggling with the dry mouth & upset stomach is a slight concern. I’m not Weighing myself so just going from how clothes fit really want to give this a redhot crack just hope the symptoms dissipate - if anyone has any secrets please feel free to share them. I like one review who says they have it at 3 am might give that a try.

Purchased in February 2019.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

Feeling good

Been struggling with my weight for the last 7 years tried everything to loose it but no luck so thought I would give durimine a go. I'm on day 4 on the 30mg already lost 1.5 kilos only side affects I have had so far was no sleep for two days finally got some sleep last night. It definitely slows down ur hunger very pleased so far

Purchased in February 2019 for $120.00.

User IntentWeight Loss

love it, love it, love it!

Great at suppressing appetite, gives you loads of energy (and a bit of speed). It is great if you start having balances meals while using Duromine. start eating correctly while on the tablets so when you stop you are in control of what you eat.

Purchased in January 2019 for $112.00.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

6kgs down in 3 weeks on 15mg

I have just started duromine 15mg and have lost 6kgs in 3 weeks. No exercise beside the odd house cleaning and working as a carer. I cut down on all sugary drinks and alcohol, stopped eating white bread, cut my portion size down and haven't touched an energy drink since. My doctor recommended I start of with the lowest dose for the first month and start 30mg on the second month. So far so good. The side affects are sleep apnea, but not that bad. My energy levels could be better but not much difference since i started. I suffered from heart burn and bloating and now it has all gone away since changing my diet. I only experienced dry mouth on the first day then after that it wasn't a problem. Starting weight was 127kgs current weight 121kgs.

Great kick start

I started this 2 weeks ago I had lost 3.3kg in the first week probably some fluid loss there . I have had no side effects except hard to go to sleep.
My appetite has decreased I feel so much better I'm not bloated and full. It a great start to decrease your food intake. Some days I find it hard to eat so I may have a shake but always make sure I have dinner and that has cut down to over half of my usual serving
I have so much more energy and looking forward to some good results.
My doctor prescribed these along with seeing a dietitian

Perfect product it's the best

Perfect product it's the best, I have lost 18 kgs so far and High energy more than ever. no side effect here.

Side Effects were too bad

I tried these tablets after my doctor recommended them. I took 1 dose and spent the day in bed feeling so ill. I was really disappointed that i was unable to continue as I really needed to lose the weight.

Perfect for kick starting a diet

Within the two months I’ve used, i dropped 10kgs. of course it doesn’t work just by itself which is why many people are disappointed. You need to have a healthy diet and try to exercise.
The diet is the reason you lose weight, the pills are only to support the diet and make u lose a bit more.

Duromine 15mg

I am 49 needing to loose 12kgs to get back to a healthy weight range. Over the last 6 years have tried the 30mg and 40mg. I took the 30mg only for 3 weeks due to awful side effects and the 40mg only for s couple of days due to even worse side effects so I didn’t get to fully see the weight loss effects. I decided to try the 15mg and am loving loosing a couple of kilos a week. appetite has reduced no cravings for junk food and sweets. This dose is definitely sufficient if you need Help to curb your poor diet and kick start new eating habits. Hint take at around 5am and drinks as much water as you can during the day. You MUST eat still. You may not feel hungry but you need to eat healthy and get enough nutrition and calories each day or you will feel sick, dizzy and faint, just like you would without taking the table and eating nothing. Side effects. Dry mouth sometimes fixed with water. If you need a bit of help then definitely try this product at the lower dose.

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Questions & Answers

how can i order this pills
2 answers
You can only get them with a Doctor's prescription.I have a drs prescription but can't find them anywhere

Can you get Duramine without prescription?
2 answers
No, it has to be prescribed by a doctor and they will usually check your weight first.Thank you for your response, Donna

hello :) I am a 20 year old female, weighing 58kg’s & 1.7m tall. my ideal weight is at least 50kg’s. Would it be sensible to use Duromine 15mg? I tried losing weight by having smaller portions but that was no help. I am also a university student, so I do not always have the time to gym. I also have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) for which I am being treated. My gynecologist prescribed Utrogestan to me which I take for 12 days every month. Would it be possible to use Utrogestan (200 mg) and Duromine (15mg) at the same time?
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